UFC’s Anthony Pettis says CM Punk’s attitude surprised him

Steven Muehlhausen of SportingNews.com passed this along.

I talked to UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis ahead of his UFC 185 title defense against Rafael Dos Anjos. Pettis trains with CM Punk at Roufussport in Milwaukee and discusses why Punk’s attitude has surprised him so far.

Pettis on Punk attitude surprising him:

“Yes for sure. I just didn’t know what to expect. You see him on TV. I met him a couple times. You really don’t know what to expect from anybody. He came into the gym, you come into the practice room and you have two world champions on the floor, you have CM Punk, you have one of the most Olympic level wrestlers and everybodies is just training together. Everybody blends in and there’s no superstar. There’s no one person who gets more attention. Its just a team full of guys that all want to get better.”

Pettis also discusses his experience with Punk with so far in the gym, his fight with Dos Anjos more.