Lucha Underground on El Rey Results
March 25, 2015
Boyle Heights, California
Commentators: Matt Striker, Vampiro
Recap by: Jason Namako of

Video highlighting the big feuds in Lucha Underground and the matches taking place on this week’s show. Commentary welcomes us to the show inside the Temple and we go to the opening match.

Son of Havoc w/”The Huntress” Ivelisse vs. Angelico

Havoc with a Spear early that sends Angelico outside. Havoc feigns a dive, causing Ivelisse to yell at him. Back in, rabbit lariat by Havoc, followed by a curb stomp for 2. Angelico came back with a series of kicks, a leg sweep and a Capoiera Kick for 2. Angelico runs into a back elbow, but knocks Havoc off the turnbuckles with a Pele Kick. Angelico with a head of steam, FLIP DIVE OVER THE CORNER POST WIPES OUT HAVOC!!! Back in, high knee by Angelico gets 2. Havoc comes back with a backbreaker and a Standing Shooting Star for 2. Ivelisse gets frustrated with Havoc, grabbing at his beard. They argue when Ivelisse goes onto the apron, but Havoc moves her out of the way when Angelico charges in. Double stomp and a standing moonsault by Havoc for a close 2. Angelico avoids a corner charge, but Havoc counters a Crucifix Buckle Bomb with a rana. Havoc heads up top, but Angelico stops him. Angelico heads up with Havoc, but Havoc blocks a superplex and crotches Angelico. Havoc goes to leap off, but as Ivelisse is yelling at him to do so, Havoc grabs a mic.

Havoc: “I know now why I’ve been losing all of my matches, its because of YOU (looking at Ivelisse) holding me back. Ivelisse, you…..are…..DUMPED!!”

Havoc then hits the Shooting Star on Angelico and gets his first win in Lucha Underground.

Winner: Son of Havoc by pinfall (Shooting Star Press)

Havoc celebrates his win afterward with the crowd as Ivelisse cannot believe that Havoc dumped her. Angelico gives Ivelisse a look, but Ivelisse then superkicks him and walks off in disgust as we go to commercial.

THOUGHTS: Solid match, with a unique ending in having Havoc dump Ivelisse prior to picking up his first win. My only problem with it is made Angelico look like a dweeb by just laying there for a straight minute while Havoc cut the promo and then still got beat. Other than that, good way to start the show.


Back from commercial, we go to Dario Cueto’s office where he is talking with someone. Cueto says he has signed a new luchador. I’ve been impressed with your work in the past and intrigued as to what you can do on your own. You won’t be held back by being in a tag team. You were highly touted by Konnan, and Konnan convinced me to put a lot of money in the contract. We pan the camera and we see its former TNA wrestler, Hernandez. Hernandez says he won’t disappoint Cueto. Cueto says Hernandez has a seat at tonight’s main event. Cueto extends his hand, but Hernandez slaps it and fist bumps Cueto before walking off.

THOUGHTS: Interesting to see how Hernandez will fare in Lucha Underground. Big Ryck and Cage have seen success with facing smaller talent that makes them look dominant, so this would be seen as a positive sign for Hernandez, who is just as agile as both Cage & Ryck.


Back from commercial, we go to our next match.

Texas Bullrope Match for the AAA Mega Title: Texano Jr. vs. Alberto El Patron (c)

They slug it out early. Texano gets advantage with bullrope shots. Basement dropkick by Alberto gets 2. Texano with a rana that sends Alberto outside. Back in, Alberto regains advantage, heads up top, but Texano crotches him. Texano grabs a chair and hits a series of shots to Alberto. Texano wedges the chair in the corner and goes to send Alberto into it, but Alberto blocks it and hits a DDT. Texano comes back with a dropkick, then heads up top, but Alberto stops him with a cowbell shot to the head. Alberto heads up with Texano, hits a superplex. Alberto with a series of clotheslines using the bullrope, followed by a backstabber. Alberto grabs Texano’s rope and whips him with it. Texano comes back with a Codebreaker for 2. They head up top again, Reverse Superplex by Alberto for a close 2. Texano avoids the cross armbreaker and sends Alberto into the wedged chair! Texano gets a close 2. Texano brings in a table, but as he comes back in, Alberto with the double knee armbreaker, followed by the basement superkick. Alberto heads up top, but Texano stops him. Texano heads up with Alberto, TOP ROPE POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!!! 1-2…..ALBERTO KICKS OUT!! They head back up top, Texano with cowbell shots to Alberto.

Texano charges, but Alberto catches him in the Cross Armbreaker in the ropes, Texano taps.

Winner and STILL AAA Mega Champion: Alberto El Patron by submission (Cross Armbreaker)

Alberto celebrates his title retention as we go to commercial.

THOUGHTS: Very simplistic, but fun blow-off to the Texano/Alberto feud in Lucha Underground. With having another big match on this show, it didn’t go long as one would think for their blow-off, but the shorter length in time actually helped them to have a nice sprint of a weapons brawl. Texano still needs to show more in Lucha Underground to get a clear read on him, but he worked well with Alberto, who put on his best performance in my eyes since his WWE departure. Good stuff.


Back from commercial, we go to Prince Puma training for the main event tonight, with Konnan giving advice. Hernandez walks in and Konnan talks him up to Puma. Hernandez says he is a fan of Puma’s and extends his hand for a fist bump. Puma obliges and Hernandez walks off. Konnan gives more advice to Puma as we go to commercial.

THOUGHTS: Nice call-back to the prior partnership between Konnan and Hernandez and an interesting seed planted involving Puma that brings about a number of storyline directions they can go with the three of them going forward. Well-done segment.


Back from commercial, Dario Cueto comes out to ringside, brandishing a brand-new Lucha Underground Title belt for the main event.

Main Event in a Boyle Heights Street Fight: “The Machine” Cage vs. “The Future of Flight” Prince Puma w/Konnan

Cage comes out with the old Lucha Underground title belt he ripped up. Dropkick and a Pele by Puma early. Puma sent onto the apron, but Cage TURNS HIM INSIDE OUT WITH A CLOTHESLINE, sending Puma crashing down to the outside. Puma comes back, going for a rana, but Cage blocks it and POWERBOMBS PUMA INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!!! Back in, Cage has a chair, but Puma comes back, kicking the chair back in Cage’s face! Puma grabs a trash can lid and hits a series of shots on Cage. Puma places the lid on top of Cage, STANDING SHOOTING STAR ONTO THE LID BY PUMA!! Puma sets up a table outside, but Cage hits him with the lid. Puma avoids another lid shot, but Cage locks him in a Torture Rack, then switches into a gutbuster for 2. They head up top, but Puma blocks a superplex and sends Cage outside, then wipes him out with a dive! Puma places Cage on the table and gets back in the ring. SPRINGBOARD 450 BY PUMA THROUGH THE TABLE!!! We see Hernandez at ringside, liking what he is seeing from Puma. Back in, Puma gets 2. Puma heads up top, but Cage stops him and knocks Puma to the outside. Cage places a chair around Puma’s neck and neckties him into the ringpost! Cage then grabs Konnan and sends him into the barricade! Back in, Cage has another chair, but Puma avoids a chairshot. Puma with a chairshot to Cage, followed by a suplex for 2. Puma goes for the 630, but Cage moves out of the way! Discus Clothesline by Cage, but Puma kicks out! Cage lifts up Puma, WEAPON X!!! Cage lifts Puma back up and hits a series of powerbombs! Cage doesn’t go for the cover, though, and sees Hernandez at ringside. The two exchange words as Hernandez goes onto the apron. All of a sudden, Konnan comes in and nails Cage with his cane!

Puma heads up top, 630!!! 1-2-3!

Winner and STILL Lucha Underground Champion: “The Future of Flight” Prince Puma by pinfall (630)

Puma & Konnan celebrate his title retention with the new Lucha Underground Title belt, while Hernandez smiles and nods in approval as the show closes.


THOUGHTS: Really great blow-off to the Cage/Puma & Konnan feud as they had a very good weapons match. The best thing is that everything they set out to achieve from a storyline standpoint was done in an effective manner. Konnan gets his revenge on Cage, Puma finally slays the big, powerful monster, but at the same time, Cage loses nothing because his downfall started when he decided to taunt Hernandez at ringside, so that sets up a future match between the young monster and the veteran monster. Great match, storylines were concluded and started all at the same time, it all made sense, big-time thumbs up for this.

Overall, a fantastic hour of good wrestling and very good storyline development, Lucha Underground hit a long home run with this show.

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