Chair Shot Reality sent this in. as an exclusive interview up with Jeff Jarrett.

Jarrett talks about a number of topics and does some name associations. The following is a sample:

Q. The current wrestling landscape has many options for the fans to consume with WWE, TNA, Lucha Underground and ROH all holding Television contracts. Where does GFW fit in to that market place and how will they differentiate themselves from everyone else?

Jarrett: Everyone has his or her niche. When we go to Las Vegas in July and start producing content, you will see ours. Everyone has a different vibe and different feel. I can’t wait for the world to see Global Force Wrestling.

Q. When I look out at the wrestling landscape right now there is one guy that may not sell tickets but his name does have some mainstream appeal. Is Jim Ross going to be calling the action for GFW?

Jarrett: STAY TUNED MY FRIEND STAY TUNED! He is without question the greatest wrestling announcer of all time. He has no peers. It spoke for itself on Wrestle Kingdom 9 when he took that event to another level in my opinion. He and I both have gone on record that we are interested. Stay Tuned and you’ll see what happens.


Sting- “Great Guy, I love him to death. I’ve had a lot of intense battles with him on a professional level. On a personal, level he is a standup guy. It’s hard to find his kind of integrity in this business.”

Vince Russo- “Very creative mind. That could be his best asset and maybe his worst asset at the same time.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin- “He defined the era in which professional wrestling was the hottest it’s ever been”

Jarrett has an interesting answer for Dixie Carter as well as comments on Vince McMahon, CM Punk and how much NJPW stars he’s planning to use on his roster.