Hector Guerrero on wrestling evolving and Guerrero family

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Today Meowbox.com presents The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling as they take their second trip into the world of one of the most celebrated wrestling families, The Guerrero’s with the great Hector Guerrero. From stories about growing up talking wrestling at the breakfast table to his run as the unique and charismatic character Lazertron, there isn’t a territory or promotion Hector hasn’t worked for and a legendary wrestler he hasn’t worked with. John and Chad also get a very inside and in depth look behind wrestling’s most infamous costumed character, The Gobbledy Gooker and how the WWF may have pulled the plug too early on what could have been an entertaining attraction.

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Hector Guerrero On The Gobbledy Gooker: I Did My Best, WWE Dropped The Ball:

Still giving back to the wrestling business:

“I’ve been giving back to it all the time and all my life my friend. That’s what wrestling is all about. You say how do I give back? I’ve given it all I’ve got. My body, my thoughts, my mind and every time I wrestled, I wrestled with my heart. I gave it all. I was reading a blog from Kurt Angle and it was about how when he was ready to give up and went home for three months and he said he was going to give it all he had and the rest was history. He won a gold medal and then he came back and got into professional wrestling and look at what he’s done in professional wrestling. It’s kind of like the way my Dad taught all The Guerreros. When we went out to the ring we gave it all we had. If it wasn’t good enough for the people or wasn’t good enough for the promoter or good enough for myself I still would have that satisfaction that I gave it all I had. That has been the main thing that I think all of the Guerreros have had. Everyone of us, Gory who taught us to Chavo Jr. who is holding the name up right now.”

The business evolving:

“Wrestling has changed but it always evolves. But it always comes back. It’s like a circle. It says on the marquee wrestling. It doesn’t say circus or it doesn’t say Soap Opera or it doesn’t say football game. It says wrestling. It’s always had it’s own following and it’s a big following here in the United States and a big following in Japan and a big following in many other places too. Europe has always been big on wrestling but I didn’t think it would evolve to this situation but it will cycle again. Evertime it was always go to wrestling again.”

How his family legitimately lived the wrestling business and how there is so much information available about professional wrestling:

“There is always going to be people out there who think they know everything about the business. That includes me too. We don’t always know everything but me, I started when I was a kid learning how to fall in a backyard ring. We learned how to do all the Lucha drills when we were 5,6,7,8 years old and that is including Eddie. He was doing arm-drags and head-scissor takeovers with us when he was a baby. So it’s something we grew up in. It all depends on the circumstances of how life evolves. With us, it evolved because we took it as something we loved. We lived it and we would mastermind the shows around our dinner table at dinner. That was just the way my Dad had us. Even my Mother would give her input and even Eddie I remember giving his input as a little baby. Everybody was laughing but Dad had always said he was right.”

Just how special all of the Guerrero family was while in the ring:

“Gory Guerrero was a brand name in Mexico. He was known as “The Phoenix Bird”. The reason they called him that was because he created riots. My Dad was not afraid. I’ve heard stories that my Dad would back down crowds of people that were coming at him and just wave his fists and they would back off. My Dad had such a respect of him in Mexico that you would have no idea but what you saw, you saw Eddie. Eddie has a lot of big moments but all of us had our big moments. I’ve heard about myself that I couldn’t have a bad match. My Dad taught us to wrestle like if we were wrestling with brooms. If we could wrestle with a broom, you could have a match. I’ve seen my oldest brother Chavo (Chavo Classic) move the Olympic Auditorium in ecstasy in a match with him vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper. I’ve seen matches where my brother Mondo would wrestle and be in matches with Victor Rivera. I had great matches with John Tolos at fifty years old and I was in my youth and he would keep up toe to toe with me. Unfortunately my brother left us too soon. That is why there has been such an impact. If it was an impact on you, can you imagine the impact on us?”

Hector also discusses his run as Lazertron in the NWA, being approached to play the Gobbledy Gooker, performing at WrestleMania 17, his years in TNA and his wrestling consulting business.

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