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WIGirlsKissing updated their interview with Shelly Martinez, Since this was mentioned before I’ll post the new stuff.

“….but when we asked her which company she?d prefer to work for she said. ?I prefer TNA. I will never forget that WWE allowed me to live my dream of being a wrestler, go to Wrestlemania and have an action figure but I was still learning about the business and what was what. By the time I joined TNA I had figured out how wrestling fit in my life and how the lifestyle did and didn’t fit certain parts of my life. This allowed me to have fun at TNA. To be able to go to work in Orlando bi weekly, get paid for hanging out with my friends and making new friends ? If she does return she has a lot of catching up to do as she told us she currently doesn?t watch either companies programming.

When asked which womens division she thought was better she answered. ?TNA for sure. They have a diverse group of women which I feel is key to a successful women’s division. ? Let’s hope TNA keeps it that way

We also asked her about a question many people were wondering when she did the ?adult? video with Jewel. Why there was no interaction between them? ?Why would we? I have never marketed myself as bi sexual or anything. I actually did the Jewel video when I was going through a lot of darkness. It was one of the most negative and poor decisions I have ever made. I can’t say it was a mistake because I learned so much from that part of my life I know I wouldn’t be who I am right now if I didn’t experience that day. It changed my life in a positive way. It forced me to take a raw look at myself and the way I was portraying myself and quite frankly it made me want to puke! After leaving that shoot I felt dirty and it lingered for about a month. I hope one day I will not be asked my feelings on the Jewel video. I hope it becomes such a small part of my life that people forget about it.?

It seems that for now Shelly has put wrestling aside ?I have been working on some independent films, music videos, modeling and my passion is working on my website. I have some new projects in the works that I cannot talk about right now but they are fun!?

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