William Hatfield sent this in:

Tampa, Florida-
W. Dwight Hatfield of www.myvirtualbc.com

Dirty Dick Slater, former champion and superstar professional wrestler continues his slide into depravity. As most wrestling fans are aware of Slater’s sordid past and legal trouble, a series of bizarre events and behavior recently took place during his stay in a Tampa area hospital.

According to a source within the hospital who wishes to remain anonymous, “Dirty” Dick had been admitted after a back surgery and rehab stint. Mr. Slater was said to be “uncontrollable and disgusting”. He had harassed the nursing staff by “exposing himself, defecating in his bed multiple times, and constantly urinating himself”. The source also stated that Mr. Slater “stood up in his bed and pissed right on the floor several times, he seemed amused that we had to clean up after him”.

After several attempts at getting Mr. Slater to “act right”, the nursing staff instituted a rule that anyone entering Mr. Slater’s room had to be accompanied by at least one other person.

The attitude of Mr. Slater can only be speculated upon but the source believes his outburst to be due to their not wanting to give him IV pain medication, which the source says Mr. Slater is addicted to.

Several of the hospital staff, whom are longtime caregivers say that the experience of having Dick Slater in their care was “the worst patient we’ve ever had”.

It is truly a sad story that one of the great stars of wrestling has fallen so low.

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