6/3 to 6/9 Upcoming Pro Wrestling Live Events: NXT TakeOver: The End, WWE and NXT TV tapings, final leg of NJPW tour, ROH

Upcoming pro wrestling live events from June 3 to June 9, 2016.


* 6/3 NXT live event in Nashville, Tennessee

* 6/3 live event in Odessa, Texas

* 6/4 NXT live event in Atlanta, Georgia

* 6/4 live event in Lubbock, Texas

* 6/4 live event in Tulsa, Oklahoma

* 6/5 live event in Amarillo, Texas

* 6/5 live event in Lawton, Oklahoma

* 6/6 RAW TV tapings in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

* 6/7 Smackdown/Main Event TV tapings in Wichita, Kansas

* 6/8 NXT TakeOver: The End live special in Winter Park, Florida

* 6/9 NXT TV Tapings in Winter Park, Florida

New Japan

* 6/5 Best of the Super Juniors Day 12 iPPV in Gunma, Japan

* 6/6 Best of the Super Juniors Day 13 iPPV in Miyagi, Japan

* 6/7 Best of the Super Juniors Finals iPPV in Miyagi, Japan


* 6/3 live event in Collinsville, Illinois

* 6/4 live event in Indianapolis, Indiana

* 6/5 live event in Columbus, Ohio

Attending any of these live events over the next week? Send us a live report to either AdamMartin@wrestleview.com or Jason@wrestleview.com.