CM Punk

Former WWE star CM Punk (Phil Brooks) will make his long awaited mixed martial arts debut at UFC 203 on September 10 in Cleveland, Ohio against 2-0 newcomer Mickey Gall according to an announcement over on early Thursday morning.

Punk will be fighting at welterweight (170 pounds) in his MMA debut after spending over a year training under Duke Roufus in Milwaukee. He had announced his signing with UFC back in December 2014 and had been plagued with injuries ever since, including undergoing back surgery to repair a herniated disc back in February.


  1. Wow 2-0, your a real man there Punk, Brock fought former champs and top stars when he came in and won them all

  2. I do not like punk but considering he is 0-0 that not a tomato can. Also you can’t compare to brock he was a amature state champ among other things so was a “shooter” from the start.

  3. And had a background as a legitimately world class wrestler which is a significant skillset in MMA that Punk doesn’t have, comparing apples to oranges just doesn’t work I’m afraid.

  4. It should be very interesting how he does. MMA fans always underestimate former WWE stars going into MMA. They did it with Lashley & Lesnar and were proven wrong.
    I hope that Punk at least lasts a rounds

  5. Well at least we now have a set date for his first fight. That’s more than we’ve gotten out of Jeff Jarrett for the “TV debut” of GFW.
    Good luck, Punk.

  6. Oh Mickey you’re so fine, kick his ass, it’s clobberin’ time, Oh Mickey, Oh Mickey…

  7. No, he lost the title to Cain Velasquez then his last fight to Alistair Overeem too. But in all fairness he did have a better run then CM Punk will probably have.

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