SPOILERS: Impact tapings for 8/27

The following took place on Tuesday in Orlando, FL.

Roy Sutherland sent this in:

TNA Impact Tapings for August 27:

Prior to the intro, Daniels joins Mike Tenay and Taz on commentary. It is announced tonight will be the start of a Knockouts Tag Team Tournament.

The Impact intro plays and the pyros go off. Referee Earl Hebner politely told our correspondent, Tim Capture, not to look directly into the pyro.

TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe vs. Suicide in a non-title match is ruled a non contest when Pope D?Angelo Dinero comes out and starts brawling with Suicide then Joe. Daniels comes off commentary to get in the melee. It is ruled that Joe will team with Pop to take on Suicide & Daniels later tonight.

World Elite comes out for a promo. Eric Young says Sheik Abdul Bashir wants to talk. Bashir tries to speak but a loud USA chant interrupts him. Bashir talks propaganda about the Iraq war and George W. Bush. I?m told he gets a lot of heat live but it may not translate well on TV. Young gets back on the mic and says he wants to talk about Hernandez. Hernandez’s music plays and he comes to the ring. Hernandez and Young go back and forth with smack talk. Young says he respects Hernandez for knowing who he is and being like World Elite, guys who will never be respected in America. Young tells Hernandez he needs him to join World Elite. Hernandez says hell no puta, these people here are my familia to end the segment.

Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed b. Traci Brooks & Sharmell when Saeed gets the pin after tagging herself in after a Kong splash. Kong gets mad about Saeed tagging herself in.

Jesse Neal b. Rhino. Rhino was originally ruled the winner after a spinebuster but the referee reversed the decision when Rhino hit Gore on Jesse after the bout. Rhino beats down Jesse more when Brother Devon runs out and makes the save.

Abyss b. The Motor City Machineguns w/Dr. Stevie. It looks like Stevie ?paid? the Guns to take the match. Stevie tries to distract Abyss but he catches Chris Sabin on a springboard and turns it into the Black Hole Slam for the win. Abyss gets a chair and comes back but Kevin Nash comes out before he can use it. Stevie is mad and pushes Alex Shelley and Sabin. They beat him up and leave. Nash gets on the mic and says if Richards has $50,000 for Abyss? head then he’s in because Abyss already stuck his nose in his business.

Hamada b. Daffney in a no-disqualification bout in her debut match. Hamada moonsaulted off the top rope onto Daffney through a table on the outside then got the win with a Juvi Driver.

Suicide & Daniels b. Pope D?Angelo Dinero & TNA X Division Champion Samoa Joe win Suicide pins Pope after a slingshot Oklahoma Roll.

Sting, Hernandez & AJ Styles b. Matt Morgan, Scott Steiner & Booker T after AJ gets the pin after a springboard cross-body. Morgan got knocked into a chair Steiner was holding before that, leading the the cross-body. Morgan argued with Steiner and Booker afterwards and ended up punching both of them out.

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