UFC 203 Live Results: Mickey Gall chokes out CM Punk in the first round at UFC 203 in Cleveland on Saturday

CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall is up next at UFC 203 in Cleveland.

Gall came out to “Hey Mickey.” UFC President Dana White had tried to veto that.

Punk walks out to “Cult of Personality.”

CM Punk (0-0) vs. Mickey Gall (2-0 MMA, 1-0 UFC)

Round 1: Punk misses a right and Gall shoots on Punk right away. Gall with the takedown. Gall with big shots on Punk. Gall in side control. Gall takes the back of Punk. Punk is holding the gloves of Gall to slow it down. Gall with more bombs. Gall is looking for a rear naked choke. Gall has the back of Punk and is throwing huge shots. Gall has the rear naked choke locked in. Punk is defending well. Gall going for it again. Gall gets the choke. Punk taps.

Winner: Mickey Gall (first round, submission)

Post fight, CM Punk has a long talk with Mickey Gall and congratulates him.

Gall said tonight was a great opportunity for him adding, “I’m not going f*cking anywhere.”

Joe Rogan says CM Punk is a brave man and took a big chance tonight. Punk said in life you go big or go home. He said it doesn’t mean he’s going to stop and give up. “I will be back believe it or not,” added Punk. Punk called tonight the time of his life.