Alberto Del Rio on not being happy in WWE, talks interest about making appearances for ROH and TNA is featuring an interview with former WWE star Alberto Del Rio (Alberto Rodríguez) where he talks about not being happy with his recent run with WWE and showing interesting in making appearances for both Ring of Honor and TNA.

On his frustration with his latest run in WWE:

“I am always going to be grateful with those guys for giving me a name, for putting me out there so I can show my talent to the world. But I am also not happy with what they were doing with me and what they were not doing with me at the end of my days with that company. Lucky for me, I have the opportunity to change it. It was my decision. I chose to be in bed with WWE. It’s just that I decided not to stay there anymore because I was unhappy with the situation.”

On his interest to make appearances for ROH and TNA:

“I already talked to my friends from Ring of Honor, and I’m a big fan of that company and their talent. I had a blast a few years ago, and I’m going to have fun with all those guys again pretty soon, as well as doing something with my friends in TNA, especially because my friend Drew McIntyre (Galloway) works for them. I have other friends like Damien (Sandow, a.k.a Aron Rex) and Cody Rhodes. I’m just looking forward to doing an appearance with them pretty soon.”