The war of words between Ric Flair and Bret Hart is once again continuing. During a recent interview with “Live Audio Wrestling”, Flair was on to promote his recent ROH appearances in Toronto and spoke at length about Hart.

Flair added, “He is a pissant in the history of wrestling. He has the nerve to compare himself to me. Let’s get realistic. If you put Bret Hart in your left hand and me in your right hand, compare the careers. Who is he? I wrestled everybody in the business, for an hour each night, Harley Race, Dory Funk, Jack and Jerry Brisco. Who is Bret Hart? He is a legend in his own mind. He lives in his own little world. He screws his own family around. Who is Bret Hart? In my world, he is a nobody. I don?t think much of him at all. He was a mid-card performer until he was 40 years old.”

In response to Flair’s comment, many Hart supporters were quick to point out that Hart was 34 when he won his first WWF/WWE Intercontinental Championship and was 35 when he won his first WWF/WWE Championship (which ironically was against Ric Flair). Either way, most of the bickering between the two is quite irrelevant. Hart is largely considered to be the first person to get things going in regards to a war of words as he was quite outspoken against Flair in a column he had in the Calgary Sun. Hart took offense to people calling Flair the best wrestler in the world still way back then and Hart felt he had surpassed him. Flair was also outspoken against Hart in his most recent book calling Hart a good wrestler, but that he was never a great champion.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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