Cody Rhodes

Global Force Wrestling tweeted out the following photo revealing that former WWE star Cody Rhodes is now the promotions new NEX*GEN Champion.

Rhodes won the title as part of the WrestleCade events in Winston-Salem this weekend.


  1. He isn’t exclusively signed to one company – he is independent and books date by date with companies (unlike most of TNA’s talent)

  2. Actually, due to its lack of a touring schedule, TNA now allows its wrestlers to accept bookings in certain other promotions so they can get more of an income instead of losing more big name stars to WWE/NXT. Drew Galloway in particular had 6 different titles in 6 different companies before he went down to injury. And you see TNA names in various different indie league events every now & then.

  3. Oh didn’t know any of that. I guess watching WWE kind of get used to talent being exclusively signed to the one company.

    Makes sense them doing it. Their talent needs an income

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