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Wrestlers Rescue & DragonGate This Week!

For Immediate Release.

Saturday, July 25, 2009 is the date launched several weeks ago as the debut of ?DragonGateUSA? (http://www.dgusa.tv), an international subsidiary of the Japanese company, DragonGate, for its ?Open the Historic Gate? event in the legendary ECW Arena, in Philadelphia, PA, at 8pm EST.

Not only has the staff at DragonGateUSA been working vigorously to culminate an event that promises to offer high-flying, hard-hitting action, but the highly renowned company has decided to support the causes of Wrestlers Rescue (http://www.wrestlersrescue.org). Wrestlers Rescue and Dawn Marie will be appearing at ?Open the Historic Gate? this Saturday night, to meet the many fans and supporters of our efforts in assisting wrestlers and wrestling personalities acquire medical assistance in their time of need, and to offer you a chance to buy raffle tickets to win a signed Jim ?J.R.? Ross signed ?Resistol? cowboy hat. To kick it off, DragonGate and their talent has charitably donated these items as a display of their full support in Wrestlers Rescue’s present and future goals and endeavors:

BxB Hulk – As a member of the stable, WORLD-1, and five time one-third holder of ?Open the Triangle Gate? championship, BxB Hulk has donated his entire wrestling attire seen in the picture below. The former ?Black Hulk? is one of the brightest stars in DragonGate, and the bidding on this item will start at .

Naruki Doi – Doi is the leader of the WORLD-1 stable and is the current ?Open the Dream Gate? champion. This signed t-shirt is donated by one of the highlights of any DragonGate card, former student of Japanese legend, Ultimo Dragon, and the bidding will start at .

Masato Yoshino – Another holder of the ?Open the Triangle Gate? title (last being British wrestler PAC), this noted speedster is the personification of precision in the ring. The WORLD-1’s member’s signed t-shirt will begin bidding at .

CIMA – The leader of the WARRIOR-5 stable is the ?Open the Brave Gate? title holder. Having travelled around the world, CIMA is considered one of the Ultimo Dragon’s Toryumon Dojo’s biggest stars. The bidding for his signed t-shirt will begin at .

Dragon Kid – The shrouded grappler has been known as ?Little Dragon? in the USA, and is a stable member of KAMIKAZE. This innovative high flyer has donated one of his masks to our cause, and the bidding for this collectible item will begin at , and has been sought out worldwide.

These items will be auctioned individual, and, of course, will be joined by the Wrestlers rescue Official Seal of Authenticity. Let the (flood) gates open!

For tickets, merchandise, and information about DragonGateUSA and ?Open the Historic Gate?, please visit http://www.dgusa.tv.

For further information about Wrestlers Rescue, please visit http://www.wrestlersrescue.org.

To see what you can do to assist in our goals, including volunteering and joining the mailing list, please email wrestlersrescue@aol.com.

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