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The ongoing legal situation between Anthem/Impact Wrestling with The Hardy’s has not slowed down after Anthem reportedly sent a new legal proposal to the Hardy family.

Reby Hardy, not one to hold back as she has displayed in the last few weeks, took to Twitter calling the latest legal proposal “laughable” and again attacking Anthem and Impact regarding trademark, usage and ownership of anything involving the “Broken” Hardy’s.

You can check out all of Reby’s tweets below, with one tweet even noting that Anthem was quite hurt the family releasing a “F*ck That Owl” t-shirt.


  1. This whole TNA reboot is off to a horrid start. Not only does their wrestling show still suck, but they look like a bunch of assholes with what they’re doing to the Hardys. REALLY bad PR right now, and now there’s this whole “boycott TNA” thing going around because of this. Doing this does nothing good for the company. All they’ve succeeded in doing is pissing off wrestling fans & moreso the wrestling industry. Looking forward to yet another “reboot” 3 months from now.

  2. I wonder if the 60 fans who showed up to the TV taping were aware of any of this? Also, I wonder how much time they gave up to accept the free tickets to the show?

  3. She’s burying them by letting the world know that their former employers have been a pack of shady hyenas that are trying to claim ownership of something which might not be theirs?

  4. Sounds to me like Reby Hardy is the person in charge. She has taken all the steps to controlling everything about the Broken Hardy’s empire. Which shows good business sense. I have a feeling that the Hardy’s will come out of this squabble better than before.

  5. Reby is full of fun facts…and a Futurama fan. Neat.
    Seriously though, if what everything she’s saying is correct, Anthem is looking less & less to be on sturdy legal grounds.

  6. Stupid how? She makes a number of valid points that, if proven to be true, has taken apart Anthem’s case against her family. Anthem are the stupid ones claiming, among other things, they have the rights to her father’s & son’s likenesses after they never signed a contract with them. Unless Anthem is claiming that little Maxel, who I doubt can yet even write out the complete alphabet in crayon, signed a TNA contract.

  7. Exactly. She just tore their case apart. And for a barely literate woman, she just owned IMPACT.

  8. I do feel the need to point out that in this day and age you don’t need a signed document to form a contract and in fact there are many situations in which the existence of a contract can be implied through a verbal agreement. That said I’m merely playing devil’s advocate and actually find Reby to be believable.

    However, I still think she needs to tone it down because she’s coming across as being quite toxic and may be poisoning the Hardy’s by association, particularly given that neither has a particularly clean history all told.

  9. burying maybe the wrong word but considering she cant seem to keep her mouth shut for 2 seconds and is so aggressive with her comments it will clearly come back to haunt the hardys at some point. She has made some valid points but seriously needs stop airing every grievance she has for everyone to see

  10. the way she acting like a juvenile. by ranting and saying stupid shit like . that owl and typing like some teenage girl on a rant. there ar better ways to get your point across then to act like this.

  11. It’ll haunt the Hardys only if this case goes to civil court and ends up in front of a jury sympathetic to the scumbaggery & shady dealings of corporate bullies.

  12. She may come across as acerbic but so would probably anyone defending her family from corporate bullies. The attitude she’s putting forth doesn’t diminish the valid points she’s making which derails Anthem’s case, if true. These tweets may put her in a bad light with some but also seem to be winning over public opinion in the Hardys’ favor with many others. #.ThatOwl is heavily trending on Twitter & even got fans chanting that at an appearance Matt made at a SXSW wrestling event.
    Don’t get me wrong, I DESPISED the whole Broken Hardy bullsh*t on Impact. I hated that the Kooky Brothers were given free creative reign to turn what was once my favorite wrestling company into something that was a cross between a Troma Entertainment movie and the Bugs Bunny/RoadRunner Show. I don’t care if it did temporarily spike the ratings, I hated the whole thing and I especially hate Reby Sky for what she did to Awesome Kong. But Anthem is again acting like corporate scumbags like they did with Billy Corgan and if Reby’s angry tweets expose them as overbearing, shady, immoral thugs, then that should get more attention than how she comes across emotionally.

  13. i’m just saying there are ways to get your point across without acting like a juvenile in which she was acting like one on tweeter. you wouldnt see some one like steph mcmahon go off on some tirade rant on tweeter with an issue the wwe is having with another company. yeah and a lot of shit trends on twitter, doesnt mean it’s mature or professional. i have no issue about her frustratation, the issue i have is the way she came across on her frustraiton. she could have conducted it in a well laid out letter which would have came across professional and would have made anthlem look like the ones that acted totally unprofessional, but instead it made her look like a juvenile with her cussing, tirade rants, while anthem took the high road to her rants which made them look alot better. i think she let her emotions do the writing for her instead of her mind and it wasnt the right way to go if you wanted to get your point acrossed.

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