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Tully Blanchard Interview Download Now Available
Jim Crockett Promotions Database Opens this Weekend

A second generation star, Tully Blanchard was one of the hottest commodities to ever appear in Jim Crockett Promotions.

Over his run in the Carolinas, Blanchard helped set the standard for the now legendary Four Horsemen and was the perennial champion defending against the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA, and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express.

The History of is proud to announce an exclusive 36-minute interview with Blanchard in which he gives his candid thoughts on the booking style of the NWA versus that of the WWF, feuding with the boss inside the ring, the ups and downs of his WWF career, and the several planned returns to WCW that never came to fruition.

Blanchard also discusses his first title win in the Carolinas – a title change that little information is known about – as well as appearing this summer as part of the NWA Legends Fanfest in Charlotte.

The interview – which is available free to download – kicks off a big week at The History of as a new section is set to open this weekend focusing on ring results from the Crockett era.

The JCP addition will take a look at all the in-ring action of the territory dating back to 1983, the year of the initial Starrcade. NWA World Title defenses in other territories will also be documented in detail as part of the project.

Download the audio interview at and look for the JCP addition over the July 4th weekend.

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