Gary Cantrell sent this in:

MMA fighter Bobby Lashley recently made his return to The Shoot radio show which airs each and every Thursday night at 8pm on the BlogTalkRadio network. Bobby was welcomed back by show host Gary Cantrell and the two caught up on his previous two fights. When asked about taking the fight with Sapp, Bobby said “In MMA you’ve gotta test yourself in each and every one of your fights.” He went on to mention that the critics have stated in the past that he’s never been challenged, he’s taken on smaller guys and needed to take on someone he couldn’t just throw around. “Bob Sapp is definitely a person that I can’t throw around. He has a big strong punch, so if that punch takes off and lands you know its gonna test my chin and we’ll see what kind of chin i have.” When asked about Kimbo Slice joining the Ultimate Fighter show, “I think one thing is, He’s stepped up to the plate. I’ll give him at least that much credit.” He also went on to say that he thinks one of the ways for Kimbo to win and survive the house is to intimidate the other fighters. Shortly thereafter the conversation switched to talking about TNA. When asked about how it all came about he said, “When she (Dixie Carter) proposed an offer to me, she basically said she wanted me to continue to fight and she wanted me to do some stuff with her program and she would help promote the fights and help build me and my fight career.” He said also said now he’s got the best of both worlds, he can do both Wrestling and MMA and not have to worry about his bills. Gary then asked him if a TNA return was in the works for the summer. “How do i say it, do I plead the 5th?” He went on to plug his site ( and encourage everyone to stay tuned to it for all the latest details. Gary then asked if he was under a contract with TNA at the current time. “Do i plead the 5th again? I’ll say this, I have a contract sitting at the table. Has it been signed yet? No.”

During the 20 minute interview he also discussed who he’d like to wrestle in TNA, Brown/Faber 2, his own UFC aspirations and more! You can listen to the interview at this link: