Casey Carnage sent this in:

After a week off, Carnage Crew is back to confirm that the WWE, TNA, Donald Trump, Gillette Razors, or Kentucky Fried Chicken have not purchased the show, and it will go on as planned, tonight (June 23, 2009) at 9pm EST, and

Returning for the third time as the guest on the show is original ECW alumni C.W. Anderson. As a great (and very candid) storyteller, C.W. always promises to bring his ?A? game in complete ?no-holds-barred? fashion concerning his life in and around the squared circle.

Max Capacity is the original ?World’s Largest Athlete?, weighing in a total of 650 lbs. (!), and a genuinely great guy outside of the ring. He will join us tonight to talk about his career, his love of baseball, his wager with Steve Corino, and what ever else he has on his mind!

Lastly, we will be discussing our predictions for WWE’s ?The Bash? (joined by Jeff Jackson, co-host of, the fallout from TNA’s ?Slammiversary?, ?Norine’s News & Notes?, ?Rick’s Future Endeavors?, and much, much more.