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On Sunday Night, June 14th, Former WWE & ECW Champion Rob Van Dam took time out of his schedule to step in to the ring with the Evolution of Online Sports Entertainment,Wrestle Talk Radio, to discuss his current projects, RVD TV & RVD Radio, to his future plans & to talk about his past in ECW and WWE. you can catch the interview in it’s entirety at http://www.wildtalkradio.com.

On conforming to the WWE Style:
“I’m not a fan of it, I knew WWE wasn’t going to be my favorite style going in and i resisted for a quite a while before calling Paul Heyman and saying I’ll talk to them. When you argue with vince over some of the stuff, you are arguing with a guy who knows what it is like to build a global brand. I found this out when arguing over ECW, about the way when he was destroying by making it lame like RAW & Smackdown, instead of letting it go for its individuality, its what the fans loved about it.”

On Shane McMahon doing RVD’s Van Terminator:
“You really don’t put a patten on an action and I am surprised more wrestlers don’t steal some of my moves. Most wrestlers don’t try to be original, they just take other wrestlers moves. Sabu taught me back in the day, to not take any one elses position, but to create mine own position. Its a bummer that most people saw the Coast to Coast before they saw my Van Terminator, as it was seen on WWE’s Huge Stage, Wrestlemania. Alot of people don’t know is, Paul Heyman gave him the move, as he showed him tapes of me doing it and said ‘Can You Do this?’, so if there is any feelings of betrayal, it would be on Paul Heyman.” The entire interview is now posted at http://www.wildtalkradio.com, and on our wild Talk Radio UStream page, complete with video.

On coming in to the WWE & his instant popularity:
“I came in to the WWE and I got over. The other guys in the Alliance didn’t really get over that much, I was the guy the crowds took to and the WWE didn’t understand that and the WWE didn’t know what to do with me. I told them at the first ppv when I wrestled Hardy, you would see tons of RVD Signs and the crowd would be cheering for me, I was already a Superstar before they did anything with me and I told them that.”

Other subjects RVD talked about were his thoughts on holding every WWE Title, being stripped of the WWE & ECW Championships, Comic Books, Megan Fox, Marijuana and the key to mastering the world of Twitter.

Check out the complete interview with Rob Van Dam by checking out the Wrestle Talk Radio Archive Section over at www.wildtalkradio.com. You can check out more about RVD TV & RVD Radio at www.robvandam.com.

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