Handsome Genius Club sent this in:

Another big day on The Handsome Genius Club Radio Show, kids! Today’s special guest is former ECW and WWE World champion ROB VAN DAM! The man who calls himself “The Whole F’n Show” joins host ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES to discuss his new “Best of RVD TV” dvd, his website, his acting career, why he left the WWE, what happened to the comic book store he owned, what his favorite comic books are and why he supports the legalization of marijuana. Plus, a ton of NERD NEWS, NOAH PANICO’s reviews of “The Hangover” and “Year One”, TJ HABIBI tlks about replacing his jail-broken iPhone and KINGDOM yells at him for being a crazy hippie who “needs to conform to society’s rules!”

Listen to the show now in streaming audio or download the show as an mp3 at www.HandsomeGeniusClub.com. The show is NSFW due to adult language and topics. It’s HGC Radio: The Reason Al Gore Invented The Internet!