Hulk Hogan

Netflix has released a trailer for the new documentary “Nobody Speak” where WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan and his lawsuit against Gawker Media regarding the release of a sex tape is the focus with the involvement of billionaire Peter Thiel.

The official description reads as follows.

“Journalists are trained to look for stories behind the stories. The reporters investigating the Hulk Hogan sex tape and the sale of the Las Vegas Journal-Review, however, found something unprecedented: billionaires covertly using their fortunes to silence the media. Nobody Speak explores what Peter Thiel’s financial support of the lawsuit against Gawker and Sheldon Adelson’s shadowy purchase of Nevada’s largest newspaper mean for future of journalism, the First Amendment, and the power of the ultra wealthy.”

The documentary premieres on June 23. You can check out the full trailer below.


  1. Because if it wasn’t for Hulk Hogan you would not even be looking at a wrestling web site. Before Hogan 75% of wrestling show were in BING halls and High school gyms. He is the biggest star the business has ever seen. Plus what gives you the right to say he is a egomaniac when you have never spoke to the man and only go by what you have read. Now get off of your Mom’s laptop it’s probably just about your nap time.

  2. he is still a HAS BEEN, and always will be a EGO MANIAC..i didnt say he didnt do shit for wrestling…stop acting like a biatch putting words in my mouth before i put my piece in yours !

  3. We are not here to discuss your sexual orientation or your lack of spelling ability. Hogan is past his time in the ring but he is the most famous wrestler of all time around the entire world, therefore he is still relevant. Hulk Hogan transients Pro Wrestling or what you kiddies today call Sports Entertainment.

  4. Oh God, there’s a documentary on it now?? XP Why can’t this whole story just run its course & die.

  5. Actually before Hogan, pro wrestling was already in all the biggest arenas of the time. It was just that the spectators were all older men smoking cigars, like in the audiences of old time boxing matches, rather than families. Smaller crowds in gyms & bingo halls is a relatively modern thing.

  6. Go jack off to Hulk’s porn movies. Unlike you im not american, english is not my first language so yeah…its not 100% ( im sorry for you if you do not understand my english )
    Mas no meu caso eu ja sei falar diferente idomas, pois sou bem mais intelligente que vc, så når du skal gå å legge deg i kveld så be din mor om å gi deg en avsugning først…. 🙂
    Your lack of accepting and understanding an difference of opionions is your fall, not mine as i am entitled to my opinion as you are of yours…
    Though you can’t argue without trying to offend me…you can try but you will always fail.
    Wrestlemania 1 was my first mania live so before you start insulting my age make sure you know my age!

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