Wrestlers comment on Misawa passing

Various pro wrestlers and wrestling personalities have issued comments today regarding the passing of Mitsuharu Misawa. Here are highlights from a few:

* Chris Hero has a blog up at this link who was actually at the event when the incident took place. “The fans chanted Misawa, Misawa, Misawa. They wanted their Hero to get up so fu*king bad. Just get up. Come on! You’re too tough for this. Too strong. I grabbed his boots and held onto them til they took him away.”

* Matt Hardy (via Twitter): “Just read that Mitsuharu Misawa passed away while performing in Japan on Saturday night.. A very sad thing to hear.”

* Gregory Helms (via Twitter): “Just read about Misawa. This is very sad!”

* TNA’s Jeremy Borash (via Twitter): “Shocked to hear of the passing of Mitsuharu Misawa. Was lucky enough to meet him at last years Tokyo Dome show. What a sad tragedy. R.I.P.”

* Ring of Honor on HDNet (via Twitter): “Saddened to hear of the passing of Mitsuhau Misawa. Send our thoughts, prayers, and condolences to his family, friends and fans.”

* Chris Jericho (via Twitter): “Misawa was a true warrior and one of my all time favorite performers. His fighting spirit and superb psychology will be remembered.”