Chris Kelly sent this in:

Lilian Garcia has responded to some fans’ questions in a blog post on her MySpace page. She answers questions regarding her three favorite musicians, her best and worst subject in school, her initial reaction to her first action figure, what she would do if she was granted three wishes, and much more.

Considering she’s played a babyface throughout her entire tenure in WWE, Lilian was asked if she’s ever had interest in playing a heel.

“I think it would definitely be fun to play a heel,” Lilian wrote. “I have taken lots of acting classes in my life so I would have to concentrate and apply my acting lessons to the role because in real life I love to be happy and friendly.”

You can read her responses to numerous questions at

Jared Morris sent this in:

Apparently a wrestling news site has cited an anonomous source saying that former WWE diva and current TNA Knockout, Victoria (now known as Tera) was Benoit’s mistress at the time of his murder/suicide. She posted a blog about it on her myspace