KJ Parker sent this in:

The Whole F’n Show, Rob Van Dam comes to The Brutal Truth!

One of the most outspoken and legendary figures in the wrestling business, RVD comes to TBT and breezes through the 20 questions as only RVD can. In this HOUR long interview, host KJ Parker rips through the standard questions quickly as to discuss something that only RVD can speak on, the legalization of marijuana and it’s benefits to society. Hear both sides give viable arguments on how ridiculous it is to classify marijuana as a drug, and discuss the social and medicinal advantages that hemp has to offer mankind.

Also hear Rob gives us great insight in his life, gives us a harmless rib story and explains why he feels wrestling just isn’t in the cards right now. We also have fun as we ask 10 questions dealing with smoking his favorite herb, such as does he prefer joints or blunts? Where did 420 come from, and more silliness.

Also find out which organizations Rob endorses besides NORML (Such as www.mpp.org) and be surprised when he reveals who his favorite wrestler was while growing up.

Check it all out at www.brutaltruthradio.com

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