Graham Cawthon of sent this in:

Before there was WCW, there was Jim Crockett Promotions.

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, JCP dominated the Mid Atlantic wrestling scene and was a showcase for dozens of legendary stars over the span of more than 50 years – from Johnny Weaver and Wahoo McDaniel to the Horsemen and the Road Warriors.

The History of is proud to announce a new addition to the website – set to debut in July – which will focus on the in-ring action from the Crockett era.

According to webmaster and editor Graham Cawthon, expanding the site to include JCP came as a natural progression.

“Taking on a new territory is not an easy task,” Cawthon said. “It’s time consuming enough to provide in-depth results for the most recent week of WWE programming. But, having lived in the Carolinas for the better part of four years, the timing is finally right to focus on the Mid Atlantic territory. And since so many wrestling fans associate July 4th with the Great American Bash, launching it next month seemed the perfect choice.”

The JCP addition will focus on all the in-ring action of the territory dating back to 1983, the year of the initial Starrcade. NWA World Title defenses in other territories will also be documented in detail as part of the project.

For Cawthon, the project is designed to do for JCP what has already been done for WWE, WCW, and ECW: become a hub for casual fans and historians alike and keep wrestling history alive.

“I can’t tell you how much help I’ve had researching shows and ring results over the past seven years,” he said. “It’s all been greatly appreciated and I’ll gladly take all the help I can get on this latest project.”

Look for the JCP addition at over the July 4th weekend.

About The History of WWE:

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