Mike Mooneyham of The Post and Courier has an interview up with Ric Flair where Flair addresses rumors that he intends to come out of retirement and wrestle overseas.

Flair added, “I don?t think anyone could begrudge me for throwing my gear on (overseas). If Brett Favre can come back once in a while, I certainly can. If I did wrestle, it would be overseas, it wouldn?t be here.” He also discussed his new status with WWE describing it as a goodwill ambassador position that he had held previously with the company and that he would still be available to make appearances.

In regards to being pulled from Ring of Honor by WWE this past Friday, Flair added, “I just can?t work for two people. It doesn?t make sense. The people received it very well. I just said goodbye, thanked them for all their respect, and told them that my loyalties and my family was with WWE. It worked out fine. It would be hypocritical if I tried to do both. I just told the truth. You can?t go wrong telling the truth. My loyalty is with WWE, and that’s where I?m at.”

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