During a recent interview with BE! Magazine, former ECW and WWE star Rob Van Dam discussed a variety of topics including Paul Heyman, his transition from ECW to WWE, the new ECW, being busted for marijuana possession and more. Here are some highlights.

On Paul Heyman:
“Paul was the best wrestling promoter to work for, if you cared about freedom of expression. As an artist, working under Paul’s tutelage helped old me into the non-conforming superstar I became, but made it challenging to be compatible with WWE’s style.”

On his frustrations with working in WWE:
“I was so frustrated by the adjustment to WWE style and politics that I?d often phone my wife, so she could talk me into staying. I?ve never felt like I needed a job or had to stay somewhere I wasn?t happy.”

On how the new ECW changed into something he didn’t like:
“Just like everyone else, I was very disappointed to learn that Vince used a bait-and- switch tactic to get started and then turned his back on the original ECW to try to create something new.”

On being sent home after his marijuana bust as the WWE and ECW Champion:
“Considering how burnt out I was from the travel, I welcomed the time at home. I even asked for more time off when they wanted me to come back. Although I wasn?t happy that I had fu*ked up the plans for the ECW and the WWE, I have always felt proud to draw attention to the great injustice of marijuana prohibition. I?ve never given a public apology, because I?m not sorry when truth is exposed.”

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter