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Anderson & Stull on 5/19 TTRS

Last week we had on George “The Animal” Steele. Check him out in the archives.

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Andrew Anderson

He was in the Movie “The Wrestler” and has been in the Indy scene for a long time. Since his role in the movie he has seen a bit of interest from the \mainstream entertainment world. This week we will explore the new opportunities that has come his way..

Tina Stull

She is a Full Time Racer in the NHRA. She is ranked 42 in the world and 10th in her division. Her major sponsor is Interstate Batteries and this week we will learn more about the Racing Industry. She may be the fastest woman alive at 182 MPH.


Honky Tonk Man
Chad Szeliga – Breaking Benjamin (Drummer)
Ronnie Paige – Fuel (Bass)
Dara “Like Dat” Boyd – Flavor of Love/Flavor of Love Charm School
John MacAluso – TNT, Riot, Ark Drummer
Metal Mike – Halford, Sebastian Bach, Pain Museum (Guitarist)

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