James Lacerenza sent this in:

The first of the four shirts Flair signed for me last week get auctioned off today on eBay. The current bid as of 3 AM Saturday morning was $51 – come on, we can do a little better than that, even in these tough times – “Jerry’s Kids” are counting on you!

Here’s a “promo” I made for the auction:

The 2nd shirt will be listed immediately after the first one has been sold, and then the 3rd after that and the 4th after that. It will continue all the way to Saturday, May 23rd at about 2 PM Eastern Standard Time.

When the auctions conclude, I hope you will be kind enough to let me tell you how we did.

And if you can’t afford a shirt, but still want to help – I’ll take any denomination securely via Paypal, Visa, American Express, Mastercard or Discover at http://www.mdactkids.org. You would be surprised how many people pledge just $1. Last year, I raised over $30,000 almost entirely from the public; now over $50,000 and 70 kids sent since I began in 2005.

Thanks to Ric Flair and Mike O’Brien of Northeast Wrestling

Remember – To be the MAN, you gotta help Ric’s fans! Woooooooooo!!!!!!!