We are excited and pleased to announce that the opening of the WrestleView.com VIP area begins tomorrow on Friday, May 1.

In conjunction with the launch of the VIP area, a special “free” edition of Wrestling News Live will be presented *live* tonight beginning at 11:00 p.m. ET (10:00 p.m. CT) as we count down the remaining hour until the VIP launch. To access the live audio feed visit: wrestleview.com/radio.

How do I sign up?

Sign ups for the VIP area will begin at Midnight Eastern Standard Time on Friday, May 1 (or later tonight) located at wrestleview.com/VIP. You will be contacted in a timely manner once you have signed up.

Pricing for the VIP area has been available for the last few weeks including four pricing options at one year, six months, three months and one month. This can be viewed by visiting the VIP area at this link.

What if I can’t use PayPal to sign up?

If for whatever reason you can’t use PayPal to sign up for the WrestleView VIP area, we will also be accepting check and money orders.

Contact WrestleView.com’s Owner and Webmaster Paul Nemer at webmaster@wrestleview.com and state the following in the email:

* VIP Pricing you want (one year, six months, three months, monthly)
* Your country
* First name
* Last name
* Type of payment (check or money order)
* Billing address
* Email address
* Phone contact (home or cell phone)

What you get during the launch weekend

The graphic above lists the content you will get this Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the launch weekend of the VIP area. This is all bonus content on top of our weekly schedule that you can view at wrestleview.com/VIP.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have encountered some basic questions about the VIP area that we would like to address here.

Does this mean WrestleView.com will now be pay only?
No. Everything you see on WrestleView.com today will remain that way and will never change. You will still get the same newsboard updates, TV results, PPV results, *live* Pay Per View coverage, weekly columns, “Ask WrestleView”, discussion forum access and more all for free.

Why should I sign up to the VIP area?
The VIP area was designed for visitors of WrestleView who want even more bonus content on top of what they are already provided with for free. This includes 13 audio shows a week with some weeks totaling 17 audio shows in all and 8 forms of weekly written content. This totals to around 15 hours of audio content and loads of weekly content for a small fee. Plus, a majority of the audio content will be taking place *live* right after it happens following WWE and TNA TV shows and PPV events. You will not receive this kind of coverage anywhere else for the price offered.

Many years in the making…

We hope everyone takes the opportunity to sign up and take part in our new VIP area starting tomorrow. This is something that has been years in the making. Paul Nemer, Tom Van Stone, Hunter Golden and myself feel this is the perfect time to provide this type of content for our viewers. We would like to thank you – the reader – for making WrestleView.com one of the most successful wrestling websites on the internet and we intend to take things to an even new level with our exclusive VIP area.

Adam Martin
Co-Webmaster, Editor in Chief