Former ECW and WWE star Taz is now listing a “Top 7” questions deal where he will answer questions every week over on his official Facebook page at this link. Here are some highlights.

His thoughts on the new ECW belt in WWE:
“I hate it. To compare what I held to that MONSTROUS HUNK OF SILVER they have is comical….but hey, at least its consistent what everything else in comparing the original ECW to WWE version of ECW…..there is NO comparison at all. Just change the name to anything but ECW and it will be a pretty cool 60mins. But at times, I guess some must attempt to re-write history in in their own eyes.”

On who gave him the biggest break in his wrestling career:
“Without question, Paul Heyman. Paul believe in me way before ECW. For a very short time in around 1989’ish Paul was the booker for IWCCW (Salvoldi territory out of N.J.) and Paul wanted to push me and Salvoldis didn’t want that because they were mad at me for me walking out before a show in Upstate NY many months prior to Paul coming in as book. I walked out because the Salvoldis broke there word to me (SHOCKING) on some business stuff and back than I was kind of a “hot head”! So I kept my values & morels and walk and I didnt have a pot to piss in and almost ran out of gas heading back to Brooklyn cause I had no $$! So when Paul took over he wanted me on IWCCW TV and Salvoldis really didn’t want me….so we had TV taping up in Middletown NY area and I was walking in this small arena with Ted Petty & Tommy Norton and I heard someone screaming at Mario Salvoldi and this someone was defending me and putting me over….I looked at Teddy who was a veteran to me and always help me and said Teddy who the hell is that?? Teddy said that’s Paul Heyman….I’ll never forget it I heard,”you don’t take him, I walk!!”….and I had never even met Paul up to that point in my life!”