Martin Ward sent this in:

Hi guys just wanted to tell you about the book signing Bret Hart did here in Dublin last week. I’d say there were at least 350 – 400 people there to see him which was good since there was little or no promotion for it.

Anyway he seemed very curtious to everybody he spoke to, unlike the of the staff of the book shop who were trying to rush us through like cattle. My mate Karl got his full size World Heavyweight Title signed, ya know, the one Bret never lost. When I got up Bret signed my copy of his book, and WWE dvd even though it was limited to one item per person. I told him I was a fan since Mania 9, and he asked about my favorite Bret Mania matches, so we discussed Mania 13 (Austin) and Mania 10 (Owen). I asked if he thought he’d ever inducted Owen into the Hall of Fame, he said WWE contacted him a couple of years ago and asked him to induct Owen, he said he would but then they never got back in touch with him. I told him the next time they call, tell them they can go F@*k themselves, which he laughed at. He asked me if I had read the book yet and what I thought, I told him I got it a year ago ordered in from Canada, which impressed him. I let him know how good his book was and that although Jericho’s was good too it wasn’t in the same league as his, I got tons of photo’s with him and shook his hand at least 4 times, he was so polite and genuinely interested in the fans it made a change from the appearances I usually go to involving current WWE performers. Anyway if anybody is planing to go to a Bret signing, get there earlier, but if you don’t he’s well worth the wait.