Full WWE Velocity Results - 8/24/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Sunday, August 25, 2002 at 2:35 AM EST

Full WWE Velocity Results - 8/24/02
Report by: Lee Dismuke of WrestleView.com

Welcome WrestleView fans to another exciting Saturday night of wrestling and entertainment.

Opens to usual pyro, Lita comes out! She's getting a huge pop from the crowd, and she looks beautiful.

Match #1
Mark Henry Vs. Mike Awesome

Mike Awesome comes out and starts attacking Mark with shots to the back. Lita is doing some pretty good commentary. She's no Tazz, but she's pretty good. Bearhug from Mark, Mike with a few shots to break up the hold. Mark Henry hits the powerslam, but only gets a two count. The crowd is absolutely dead! Big leg drop from Mike, pin for only two. Lita is doing commentary like the commentary that is freightengly featured in Smackdown Just Bring It. Big clubs from Mike, Mark blocks one, and slams him down. Mark is too slow! He's slower then Nash ever was. Mike Awesome with a big splash form the top, pin for only two. Mike goes for the Awesome bomb, and doesn't get it. Mark Henry with a running powerslam. Pin for three.

Winner: Mark Henry (Running Powerslam)


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Match #2
Tajiri Vs. Funaki

Lita says she thinks Funaki is cute! lol, cute, he looks like the Abominable Snowman and Bigfoot had a baby and peed on it! Tajiri with a sharp kick to Funaki's chin, and lays him out. Tajiri throws him into the corner. Tajiri with a nice kneedrop to Funaki's forhead, pin for only two. Tajiri has Funaki in a hold that applies a lot of pressure on the lowerback. Tajiri to the top, goes for the moonsault, and he misses. Tarantula, but Funaki blocks into a powerbomb, pin for two. Tajiri rolls Funaki up, pin for two. Funaki was going for his own version of the Tarantula. Tajiri hits the fierce kick and pins for three.

Winner: Tajiri (Sharp Kick)


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Match #3
Chuck Palumbo (With Rico and Billy) Vs. Hardcore Holly

The crowd is booing the match. This match is boring. Palumbo is slow, predictable and not very entertaining. Chuck pins for only two. Palumbo hits a few shots to Hardcore's back. Chuck gets a pin for only two. Reverse Chinlock from Chuck. Hardcore gets up, and Chuck knocks him down again. Chuck with a couple right shots, and Hardcore reverses it. Nice gasmask from Hardcore Holly. Hardcore is outshowing Chuck on all accounts. Hardcore gets a pin for two. Dropkick from Hardcore, pin for two. Chuck with a powerslam, pin for two. This match is dry, and not entertaining. Hardcore went for the Alabamaslam, but Rico held Chuck. Billy gets in the ring and hits the One and Only, and Chuck gets the pin.

Winner: Chuck (One and Only from Billy)

After the match Billy and Chuck attack him, and out comes Norton. Norton challenges the trio. And it's on! Rico gets thrown over the top, and its now just a fight.


Match #4
Orton Vs Billy

Billy is just running around the ring, it's obvious these guys are trying to run out the clock, there's only 3 minutes left of the show. A couple monkey tosses from Orton, and Billy throws Orton to the outside. Billy won the King of The Ring a few years ago, and he still sucks. Everyone except him has had a great career that won the KOTR. Randy Orton gets a roll up and a pic for two. Orton with a big bulldog, pin for two. Randy went to the top, Chuck gets in and takes Randy's body block. Holly gets in the ring and hits the Alabamaslam on Billy, ref doesn't see it. Pin for three.

Winner: Randy Orton (AlabamaSlam from Holly)

End of Show