Full WWE RAW Results - 8/26/02 (Kane Returns)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, August 26, 2002 at 11:07 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 8/26/02
LIVE From: Madison Square Garden
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Opening Segment

Eric Bischoff comes out and says "Welcome to Eric Bischoff's Monday Night RAW." He promises us a very historic evening. He will combine two titles into one. Hardcore champion, Tommy Dreamer, faces the new IC champion, RVD. In this ring later tonight, we will honor a WWE hall of famer. Eric Bischoff then introduces the new WWE Undisputed champion, Brock Lesnar.

Brock and Paul Heyman walk to the ring. Heyman says that they stand here tonight on the sacred ground... then people started chanting "Rocky." "We stand here tonight, on the scared ground of the world's most famous arena, MSG." You can take Sammartino, Billy Graham, Hollywood Hulk Hogan, you can combine them all, and they still don't equal Brock Lesnar. He said that he told us that Brock was the next big thing, and none of us would listen. He told us many things and we didn't listen. But it all became true. Brock takes the microphone and says that he's only 25 years old and he is the youngest WWE champion in history. He says that nobody can beat him.

Shawn Michaels' music hits. Triple H comes out and says that it's the last time we'll hear that song again. He said that last night at SummerSlam, he crippled Shawn Michaels. HBK doesn't belong in the same ring as him. Now, HBK will never get in the ring again. As a matter of fact, HBK will probably never walk again.

HHH says 25 years old, just a boy, the undisputed champion of the world. HHH said that Brock wouldn't be champion if it wasn't of him. He softened the Rock for him last week. HHH said last week that when Brock shows up on RAW as WWE champion, that he would be waiting for him. HHH says that Brock owns him. HHH asks Brock if he is man enough to play the game. HHH gets in his face. Undertaker's music hits and he comes out.

Undertaker says that the way he sees it, HHH got it all wrong. Undertaker should get first crack at young blood. As the #1 contender, Undertaker needs to know if Brock is the next big thing, or the next big bitch? HHH and Brock attack the Undertaker. Then HHH looks at Brock. Undertaker fought back. HHH gets clotheslined to the outside. Undertaker delivers a big boot to Brock and Brock goes to the outside. HHH comes in, looks at Taker and leaves. Basically, Undertaker cleaned house in the opening segment. It's still unclear who is the #1 contender.


Eric Bischoff is shown beside Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Eric Bischoff announces RAW's main event. HHH vs Undertaker, and the winner becomes the #1 contender.

Booker T w/Goldust vs Christian w/Storm

Take down by Booker T. Booker hammers away on Christian. Knock down by Booker T. Booker T misses the scissors kick and Christian capitalizes. Reverse chin lock by Christian, but Booker T fights his way back up. Hard right knee in the mid section, Christian covers, 1,2 but Booker kicked out. Christian chokes Booker T in the corner. Booker T fights back and pressures Christian in the corner and beats on him. Spinning heal kick by Booker T. Roll-up, 1,2 but Christian kicked out. Christian rolls up Booker T and he puts his feet on the ropes, 1,2 but Gopldust pushed Christian's feet off the ropes. Storm gets in the ring, and so does Goldust. Goldust takes out Storm. Booker T and Christian are still in the ring. Booker T hits the scissors kick and gets the win.

Winner: Booker T

WWE superstars were shown at the Smackdown your vote constitution tour.


Christian is upset about his loss. Test comes and says not to worry, it's only a match. He has bigger plans that will have the people talking about them.

Chris asks Molly to join him for his tag match later tonight, just to be on his side.

Chris Nowinski & William Regal vs Bubba & Spike

Chris locks up with Bubba. Bubba delivers a few right hands. Neck breaker by Bubba, 1,2, but Chris kicked out. Spike gets the tag. Regal gets involved and hits him. Chris is in control of the match. Regal gets the tag. Bubba gets the tag. Bubba i son a rol, takes down both men. German suplex on Chris. Bubba throws Chris to the outside. Molly goes on the top rope, jumps, but Bubba moves out of the way, she lands on her feet. Bubba slams her and they do the wazzzup. Bubba tells Spike to get the tables. On the outside, Chris is taking care of Spike. In the ring, Bubba does the Bubba bomb on Regal and gets the win. After the match, Bubba brings Molly back in the ring. Bubba sets up a table, and is about to powerbomb her on the table, but Chris saves her. Spike does the Dudley Dog on Regal, but the table doesn't break. Bubba then powerbombs Regal through the table.

Winners: Bubba & Spike Dudley

Eric Bischoff is shown talking to his "Special Guest", who's in the hall of fame. Although we don't see him yet.


Molly thanks Chris for saving her. She says that if there is ANYTHING that she can do to repay him, all he has to do is ask.

Jimmy "SuperFly" Snuka

Eric Bischoff introduces Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka! They show highlights of Snuka's career on the Titon Tron. Nice old school highlights. After the video airs, he receives a standing ovation. Bischoff says that it is with great pleasure that he presents him with a WWE lifetime achievements award. Jimmy was about to talk, but Bischoff cuts him off. Bischoff says that in the last 3 minutes... "Did I just say 3 minutes?" One of the Island Boyz shows up and Snuka takes care of him. The other shows up, then they double team him.


WWE officials are shown helping Jimmy Snuka up.

Jericho comes out and takes down Snuka and applies the Walls of Jericho. Jericho says that when did they change the name of this aeran to Madison Square Has-Been. If anyone deserves an award, it's the King of the world, Chris Jericho. He said that he was suppose to be awarded the match at SummerSlam. He said that he made Flair tap. They show the footage of when Flair grabbed the rope and then tapped out. Jericho asks WHY? WHY, WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY? Jericho says that he will take out his anger on Jeff Hardy. Since Flair rudely interrupted Fozzy last week, he will sing his version of "New York, New York." Jericho starts singing and trashes New York. He was still singing and they go to commercial.


Back from commercial, and Jericho was still singing. Finally, Jeff Hardy's music hits.

Chris Jericho vs Jeff Hardy

Jericho attacks Hardy. Suplex by Jericho. Drop kick by Jericho. Jericho hammers away on Jeff and chokes him. Jeff Hardy fights back. Scissors take down by Jeff. Jericho fights back, and chokes Jeff on the ropes. Right hand by Jericho. Jeff does a slingshot and Jericho flies to the outside. Cross body by Jeff Hardy to the outside. Jeff runs on the security wall, jumps, but Jericho caught him into a powerslam on the floor. Back in the ring, Jericho in control Back breaker by Jericho. Jericho chokes Jeff Hardy. Jericho applies pressure to the back of Jeff Hardy. Drop kick and Jericho covers, 1,2 but Jeff kicked out. Back suplex by Jericho, followed by several elbow drops, 1,2 but Jeff still kicked out. Jericho chokes Jeff on the ropes again. Jericho runs, jumps, but Jeff moves out of the way and he lands on the ropes. Just as soon as Jeff was about to gain control, Jericho fought back. Jericho knocks him down. Abdominal stretch by Jericho. Jeff flips him over. Jericho goes after him. Jericho goes on the second rope, jumps, but Jeff drop kicks him in mid air. Jeff goes on the top rope and jumps on Jericho. Jaw breaker by Jeff. Sunset flip by Jeff, but Jericho reverses it, trying to do the Walls of Jericho, but Jeff escapes and rolls him up ,1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Jericho misses the lionsault. Jeff tries a pinning combination, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out again. Jeff goes on the top rope and hits the swanton bomb. Jeff takes time to cover, 1,2 but Jericho grabbed the rope. Jeff was going for the hurricanrana, but Jericho catches him in the Walls of Jericho. Jeff grabs the ropes. Jericho wouldn't let go. Referee disqualifies Jericho for not letting go of the hold. It took several officials to make Jericho release the hold.

Winner: Jeff Hardy by DQ

Terri asks Heyman and Brock, who he would prefer to face, Undertaker or HHH? Brock says "It doesn't make a difference."

The Un-Americans were shown backstage. Test had the American flag and says that he's going to burn it.


Kane Returns

The Un-Americans come out. Test says that it's about time that the American realize what the rest of the world think of them. Test is ready to burn the flag, then Kane's promo hits, but it was just a regular promo, he didn't come out. Then, Test was about to burn it, but Goldust and Booker T came out. While Storm and Christian were taking care of them, Test was ready to burn the flag again. Then Kane comes out and destroys Test. Christian delivers a chairshot on Kane, but it had no affect. Kane cleans house.

Booker T grabs the microphone and says that him and Goldust aren't going anywhere, until they deliver the people what they came to see. Booker T does the spinaroonie. Kane grabs the microphone and tells Booker T to wait a second. These people didn't come here tonight to just see the spinaroonie, but also the Kanaroonie. Kane does the kanaroonie.


Last Hardcore match on RAW (Hardcore rules), but it's for the Intercontinental Championship
Rob Van Dam vs Tommy Dreamer

RVD and Dreamer shake hands at first. Take down by RVD. They try several moves but they end up looking at each other. ECW chants. Drop kick by Dreamer. Dreamer nails RVD with the kendo stick. Side Russian leg sweep, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. Dreamer gets a ladder, but RVD kicks it and Dreamer falls down. The fight is on the outside by the way. RVD places the ladder between the ring apron and the security wall. Spine buster by Dreamer on the outside, then he tosses RVD in the ring. Dreamer is on the apron, and RVD tries to suplex him in, but Dreamer fights back. RVD pushes Dreamer on the ladder. RVD gets up on the ladder while it's still positioned between the apron and security wall, he jumps and nails Dreamer with a kick. RVD gets a steel chair and throws it in the ring. He puts it on Dreamer. RVD jumps, flips and lands on Dreamer while the chair was on him. Dreamer DDT's RVD, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. Dreamer brings the ladder in the ring. He sidewalk slams RVD on the ladder. Dreamer goes on the second rope, jumps, but RVD moves and Dreamer lands on the ladder. RVD puts the ladder on Dreamer and does a rolling thunder, 1,2 but Dreamer again kicks out. Spinning leg drop by RVD. RVD goes on the top rope, but Dreamer catches up to him and trips him. Dreamer goes on the second rope while the ladder was placed on the second rop too, RVD pushes him and Dreamer falls on the ladder (his legs between the ladder). RVD delivers a Van daminator, followed by the 5 star frog splash for the win. After the match, RVD and Dreamer hug, Dreamer was crying and left.

Winner: Still WWE Intercontinental Champion, Rob Van Dam


Stacy Keibler comes out. Finkel tells her that it's a nice surprise to see her. She says that she isn't out to support him. She is out here to make sure that Trish doesn't interfere. Finkel says that Stacy is interfering with something in his pants and Stacy said "ewww." It was pretty funny.

Howard Finkel actually introduces Lilian Garcia (properly).

Tuxedo/Evening Gown Match
Howard Finkel vs Lilian Garcia w/Trish Stratus

Howard said that Lilian is wearing a nice dress, but he thought that Hooker were banned from NY. She slapped him and attacked him. Lilian is taking off Finkel's suspenders. He knocks her down. Howard says "That's the way it should be, blondes like you laying down on your back." Stacy, Trish, and Lilian triple team Howard Finkel. They stripped down Howard, to his red underwear.

Winner: Lilian Garcia


Winner becomes #1 Contender
Triple H vs Undertaker

Fight starts on the outside. HHH sends Undertaker into the steel post. HHH delivers a few right hands, and tosses Undertaker back in the ring. Bell rings, and the match officially starts. Taker hammers away on HHH in the corner. Flying clothesline by Undertaker, followed by a leg drop, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. Undertaker twists HHH's arm and does his old school walk on the rope, Taker covers, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. Undertaker whips HHH into the turnbuckle, but HHH fights back. HHH throws Taker to the outside. HHH hammers away on Taker. HHH tosses Taker back in. Swinging neck breaker by HHH, 1,2, but Undertaker kicked out. HHH delivers several right hands to the jaw of the Undertaker. Sleeper hold by HHH. Knee to the face by HHH, 1,2 but Undertaker kicked out. HHH applies the sleeper again. Taker fights back with a back suplex. Undertaker knocks down HHH. Clothesline by Taker. Undertaker throws HHH in the corner, but Earl was there and got squashed. Undertaker chokeslams HHH. Brock comes out and Taker knocks him off the apron. HHH low blows Undertaker and was going for the pedigree, but Undertaker back body drops him. Lesnar goes in and nails Undertaker with the world title. HHH covers the Undertaker for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Triple H

Stephanie McMahon is shown in the building. Eric Bischoff starts talking to her telling her it was a historic night. Brock Lesnar shows up and Stephanie says that she paid Brock a lot of money to stay exclusive for Smackdown, even if he's the world champion. She said that it was the last time we saw the undisputed champion on RAW.

The End.