Full WWE RAW Results - 9/16/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, September 16, 2002 at 11:09 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 9/16/02
LIVE From: Denver, Colorado
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Raw starts with highlights of the wedding from Samckdown. Most of the highlights shown were when Bischoff revealed himself as the justice of peace. Then, Jamal and Rosey attacked Chuck, Billy, and Steph.

Eric Bischoff was shown sitting on a chair in the ring. All the lights were out and the camera was just on Eric Bischoff. He said that his guest appearance on Smackdown was a one time deal. The good news is, for each and every one of us, he is back on RAW. He didn't come alone, he brought Rico. Rico was in the ring and said "Hi there!" Bischoff rewards Rico for his hard work by giving him a match with Ric Flair. Rico says "Wooo." Eric says that Flair isn't the only one that knows how to style and profile.

Bischoff says that RVD and Triple H with both defend their respective titles against opponents of his choice, here tonight.

With that in mind, get ready to enjoy the best show in sports entertainment, Monday Night RAW!

RAW promo hits and the pyros go off.

We are LIVE from Denver, Colorado.

Opening Segment

RAW kicks off with the guy that was AWARDED to title, Triple H. HHH says that every place he goes, he gets the same damn thing, "You're going to lose your title to Rob Van Dam." HHH says that he isn't scared of Rob Van Dam, and as much as the fans love him, RVD isn't championship material. HHH says that he is suppose to be scared because RVD got lucky with one frog splash. He says that RVD can't cut the mustard, but he can. HHH says that he's the greatest world champion ever (ya right). He says he's got the talent, the ability and the brains. RVD doesn't stand a chance with him. He says that what pisses him off the most is when fans chant RVD. It's that kind of disrespect that gets under his skin. HHH starts saying he is the champ, he is the game.... Then, RVD comes out.

RVD says that he hears HHH saying that he's not concerned about him. He says that HHH is stressed out. It's coming off as anger. What are you angry for anyways? Because of RVD's cool moves. RVD says that's what he's all about. RVD says that it's the way he is, he's amazing. HHH says "yea, you're amazing." HHH says that he is angry, and that's the reason he is the world champion. That anger is the reason he sells out arenas and headlines PPVs. RVD says that he doesn't want any misunderstandings, HHH is good and all that, and he can spit some what! He can take it to another level by spitting water. RVD makes fun of him. RVD says that spitting water out takes talent. HHH says that RVD is a funny guy and he can see why the people love him. HHH says RVD is like the fans, an under-achiever. The fact is that RVD isn't championship material and that he'll never be world champion. RVD talks back to him and says that he is the next world champion. HHH went to kick RVD, but RVD caught his foot and did a spinning kick.


Ric Flair vs Rico

They lock up, take down by Flair. Headlock by Flair, followed by an arm twist, and a take down. Several take downs by Flair. Reverse kick by Rico. Rico has Flair in the corner and he beats on him. Rico delivers a couple of punches followed by a back body drop. Flair fights back with a couple of chops. Elbow take down by Flair. Flair stomps away on Rico, Rico goes to the outside and gets a chair. Flair suplexes him off the apron, 1,2 but Rico kicked out. Flair was kicking out the chair that Rico had brought in, then Rico surprises him with a spinning martial art kick and gets the win.

Winner: Rico

Terri asks Booker T about his match with Test. He said that ever since he was a little Book, he hated Tests! Booker T then says that his teacher failed him.... then he says he will show up for the Test tonight and pass the Test, can you dig that sucka!


Ladies were shown protesting outside. Chanting IOW. Something about women's rights. Security wouldn't let them in, so they continued protesting outside.

Test vs Booker T

Booker takes the early advantage. Test fights back with several right hands. Sidewalk slam by Test, 1,2 but Booker T kicked out. Test fights back again and hammers away on Booker. Test sends Booker to the turnbuckle and squashes him. Test applies an arm bar submission hold. High impact reverse elbow by Test. Booker fights back with a flying clothesline. Booker misses a side kick, but does another and Test goes down. Spinaroonie by Booker T. Scissors kick by Booker T on the apron. Booker T does a drop kick from the top rope, 1,2 but Test kicked out. Pump Handle slam by Test, 1,2 but Booker T kicked out. Test goes for the big boot, but Booker ducks, and does a sunset flip/roll up for the win.

Winner: Booker T

Terri gets Flair's thoughts on his match with Rico. HHH interrupts and says that Flair is humiliated, embarassed. At one time he was the man and HHH looked up to him. HHH said that Flair held the title 16 times and now lost to a man who can't hold his jock. HHH tells Flair to retire. HHH calls him pathetic. Flair says, PATHETIC? Pathetic is walking around with the World title without earning it.


International Orginazation for Women IOW, are still protesting outside. The Coach gets a word with on eof the ladies. She says that she isn't happy with the way women are being treated on RAW and she wants to talk to Eric Bischoff.

Tag Team championships
Un-Americans vs Bubba and Spike

Headlock by Storm. Suplex by Bubba. Back suplex by Bubba. Bubba puts Storm on the turnbuckle, up side down and beats on him. Spike gets the tag. Bulldog by Spike on Storm, followed by a clothesline, 1,2 but Christian interrupts the count. Storm gets a table and places it on the outside. Powerslam by Storm, 1,2 but Spike kicked out. Christian gets the tag and continues the punishment. Storm gets the tag back. Take down by Spike, and Bubba gets the tag, but the referee didn't see it. Christian and Storm double team Spike. Christian does a neck breaker, 1,2 but Bubba interrupts the count. Take down by Christian, followed by a sleeper hold. Small package by Spike, 1,2 kick out. Storm gets the tag. Spike kicks Storm in the face and makes the tag. Bubba cleans house. Sidewalk slam on Christian. Bubba squashes Christian, and clotheslines Storm to the outside. They do the wazzzup jump on Christian. They call for the tables. Bubba takes down Christian, 1,2 but Storm interrupts. Spike was going for the Dudley dog, but Storm comes in and picks him up with Christian and they threw him through the table. Referee knocked out, Spike knocked out... Christian somehow manages to get a roll up on Bubba and gets the win.

Winners: Still WWE Tag Team Champions, The Un-Americans

Eric Bischoff chooses RVD's opponent. Chris Jericho vs RVD for the IC title tonight.

Security tells Bischoff about the ladies protesting outside. Bischoff tells him to let them in "he has a few minutes."


Intercontinental Championship
Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho

They lock up, Jericho applies a side headlock. Take down by Jericho. Spinning kick by RVD. Jericho connects with a forearm. Jericho was jumping off the second rope, and RVD caught him with a drop kick. RVD goes on the top rope, Jericho pushes referee Charles Robinson on the ropes and RVD loses his balance. Double arm suplex off the top rope by Jericho. Back breaker by Jericho. Take down by RVD, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Jericho fights back with a drop kick. RVD drop kicks Jericho in the face. Jericho gets up, and RVD kicks him again. Side kick by RVD, followed by a rolling thunder. Jericho is going for the Walls of Jericho, but RVD counters into a roll up, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Another spinning kick by RVD. RVD goes on the top rope, HHH comes running down, and RVD jumps on HHH on the outside. RVD hammers away on HHH. Jericho goes to the outside, RVD kicks him. Back in the ring, RVD kicks Jericho, moonsault ,1,2 but Jericho kicked out. HHH was on the apron, RVD sends Jericho to the ropes and Jericho bumps into HHH and HHH goes flying in the ring. RVD knocks him out. Jericho catches RVD inthe Walls of Jericho because of his distraction with HHH. RVD taps out to the Walls of Jericho. After the match, HHH pedigrees RVD.

Winner: New WWE Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho


The women protesting were shown in Bischoff's office. Security told them that Bischoff will be with them shortly.

Jericho is celebrating by himself with champagne. Jericho tells Bischoff that he wants Flair at Unforgiven and Bischoff makes the match.

Jeff Hardy music video is shown. (Not Enough by Our Lady Peace)

William Regal is talking to the Un-Americans. He says that he will teach Kane a lesson tonight.


William Regal vs Kane

Regal attacks Kane from behind. Fight goes to the outside. Kane picks up Regal and tosses him back in the ring. Regal fights back and the fight is once again on the outside. Back in the ring, Regal is in control. Regal hammers away on Kane in the corner. Kane fights back with a back body drop. Kane squashes Regal in the corner. Sidewalk slam by Kane. Kane goes on the top rope and delivers a high flying clothesline. Test comes out, and Kane hits him. Referee calls for the bell. The rest of the Un-Americans comes out and beat on Kane. Goldust, Bubba, Booker T came out to help. Kane then chokeslams Lance Storm. Booker T basically makes a match between the Un-Americans and Bubba, Goldust, Kane and himself for this Sunday at Unforgiven.

Winner: by Disqualification, Kane

The security guard tells the women protesting that Eric Bischoff wants to see them in the ring, not in his office.

Women's title match has been postponed.

Eric Bischoff Segment

Bischoff says he is a fair man. He believes that women are just as smart and just as powerful as men, then he laughs. He calls the ladies out. There is like 15 of them that came out. They all had signs "IOW" and other stuff about women's rights . One of the women takes the microphone and starts talking about women's rights in entertainment. She says that Bischoff exploited women on his show with bra and panties matches, mud matches, and Pillow fights. And most recently, two lesbians. Bischoff says that he gets it... he is surrounded by lesbians. HLA chants started. He tells them women to perform, or this this all about their 15 minutes of fame. Bischoff says he doesn't have 15 minutes, as a matter of fact, then one of the ladies reveals herself as Stephanie McMahon. She kicks him in the you know what. She says 3 minutes? Then Billy and Chuck show up and they beat on Bischoff and deliver the devastation device. Superkick by Chuck and Billy does the famasser. They beat up the Island Boyz and left.


Bischoff tells Stephanie that she's going to pay for this. He has an idea. The Island Boyz vs Billy & Chuck this Sunday. If Billy and Chuck win, he will kiss Stephanie's ass in this ring. If the Island Boyz win, Stephanie has to perform some HLA in the ring.

World's Heavyweight Championship
Triple H vs Jeff Hardy

RVD attacks HHH. Referees are out trying to break up the fight.
We still don't know who Triple H's opponent is.


Jeff Hardy comes running out. He's in control. Springboard moonsault, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. HHH sends Jeff to the outside. HHH sends Jeff into the steel steps. Back in the ring. Jeff took control. Huricanrana by Jeff, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. HHH fought back. He puts Jeff on the top rope, but Jeff knocked him off and does a moonsault, 1,2 but HHH kicked out again. Twist of Fate by Jeff Hardy. Jeff goes on the top rope and hits the swanton bomb, he covers, 1,2, but HHH puts his foot on the rope. HHH catches Jeff in a sleeper hold, Jeff passes out and HHH gets the win with the sleeper hold. RVD comes back in the ring and takes down HHH. RVD does the 5 star frog splash on HHH, then he grabs the World Title and does the "RVD" finger pointing thing.

Winner: Still World Champion, Triple H