Full WWE RAW Results - 9/23/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, September 23, 2002 at 11:10 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 9/23/02
LIVE From: Anaheim, CA
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Triple Threat Match
WWE's Women Championship
Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly vs Victoria

RAW kicks off with the new WWE Women's champion, Trish Stratus.

The match begins with Trish and Victoria fighting. Molly came in. Bodyslam by Molly. Trish fights back and does a roll-up on Victoria, 1,2 but Victoria kicked out. Victoria and Molly, then double teamed Trish. Trish fights back with a double clothesline. Then, Molly throws Trish to the outside. Victoria hits Molly and covers, 1,2 but Molly kicked out. Suplex by Victoria on Molly. Victoria goes for the moonsault, but Molly moved out of the way. Trish comes in, Victoria hits Molly and Trish catches her in a surprising roll-up and gets the win.

Winner: Still WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus

Booker T and Goldust had a tape they wanted to show to the RAW wrestlers backstage. They show them a clip from last night's Unforgiven PPV. They show when Bischoff introduced the fat lady as Stephanie's Lesbian, and when she revealed herself as Rikishi. The entire Rikishi attack on Bischoff was shown. Goldust says something bad about Jericho's band, Fozzy. Goldust shows them a picture of Eric Bischoff, but Rikishi's ass was glued to his head. Rico sees it and tells them that it's disgusting and he will tell Bischoff about it.


Eric Bischoff welcomed a new member to the RAW roster (We didn't see his face). Rico walks in and Bischoff starts yelling at him for not helping him last night when Rikishi attacked him. Rico calms him down and tells him about what Goldust and Booker T did, by showing the footage. Bischoff says that no one laughs at him and he will put a stop to it right now.

Eric Bischoff Segment

Eric Bischoff comes out. He tells the people not to start with him. He is not in the mood! A couple of weeks ago, he made sure Stephanie got what was coming to her, and her Smackdown superstars came out to help. But when Bischoff got attacked last night, no one came out. Eric says that Vince faxed him a letter saying that he can't switch wrestlers from Smackdown to RAW anymore, unless there is an official trade. But Bischoff made a switch before the deadline.

Eric Bischoff calls out Booker T. Booker T comes out. Bischoff says "You think what happened to me last night was funny?" Booker T basically says yea. "Do you know who your dealing with?" Bischoff asks. Booker T says that he's sorry. He has a question, does HLA still stand for Hot Lesbian Action, or Huge Lumpy Ass? Your breath is hanus like a fat man's anus. Bischoff yells at him and tells him to stop laughing. Bischoff demands for respect. Rosey and Jamal come out, and Booker T nails them both. Rico comes out, and Booker T delivers a spinebuster on him. Then, Rosey and Jamal got up and they double teamed him. Goldust comes to the aid of Booker T. Goldust gets his ass kicked too.


Bischoff and his boys were celebrating backstage. Matches were basically made. Rico vs Booker T, and, Jericho vs Goldust for the IC title.

Jeff Hardy vs The Big Show

Jeff attacks Show on the outside. But that had no affect on him. Show hit him and threw him in the ring. Jeff tried to fight back with a suicide dive, but Show picked him up and dropped him. They go in the ring and the match officially starts. Show picks Jeff up in a suplex and drops him on the ropes. Show covers, 1,2 but Jeff kicked out. Jeff fights back and goes on the top rope and does the swanton bomb, 1,2 but Show kicked out. Show gains control right away. Rib breaker by Show. Show hammers away on Jeff in the corner. Back breaker by Jeff, followed by a leg drop. Boot to the face by Show. Chockeslam by Show and he gets the win.

Winner: Big Show

Chris Nowinski is shown in a class room. He said he is waiting for Tommy Dreamer. On his little blackboard, it was written "Don't mess with a Harvard Graduate."

Tommy Dreamer enters Nowinski's class room. Chris attacks him with the stick, then Dreamer fought back and basically destroyed him. Although, Chris did fight back at one point. Then Dreamer gained control of the "match".


Steven Richards vs Randy Orton

Jim Ross was in the ring and introduces the newest member of RAW, Randy Orton. Orton is facing Steven Richards who is already in the ring.

Drop kick by Orton. Richards fights back. Suplex by Richards. Richards pressures Orton in the corner and beats on him. Sidewalk slam by Richards, 1,2 but Orton kicked out. Full Nelson grab with a camel clutch submission hold applied on, but Orton manages to get out. Back suplex by Randy Orton. Clothesline by Randy, followed by a back body drop. Modified back breaker by Orton, 1,2 but Richards kicked out. Flying DDT by Richards, 1,2 but Orton kicked out. Powerslam by Orton, covers, 1,2, but Richards kicked out again. Superkick by Richards, 1,2 and Orton kicked out. Randy Orton finishes the match with a flying cross body to pin Steven Richards.

Winner: Randy Orton


From the Forceable Entry CD, "The Union Underground" perform on RAW! They sing the RAW theme song.

Ric Flair Segment

Ric Flair comes out and says that HHH made him realize something. He told him that he had lost his passion, his guts, and his instincts. He was even told that he was pathetic. He says that HHH was right. HHH grew up wanting to be just like the Nature Boy, he idolized Ric Flair. Flair said that it's his job to take HHH to a whole new level. He will teach HHH how to high style and profile. Flair said that he wants to be side by side with HHH so he can end his career the way he started it, on top. RVD is shown walking backstage and destroying everything in his sight. RVD makes his way to the ring. RVD had his ribs taped up because of the sledgehammer shot from last night. HHH comes out running and attacks RVD from behind. Flair and HHH double team RVD. Bubba Ray Dudley runs out to help, but he gets double teamed by Flair and HHH. Flair and HHH continue to beat on RVD, this allowed Bubba the chance to go get a chair and scare them away.


Bubba is furious and says that he can't stand another Ric Flair or HHH speech anymore. RVD tells him he is right. Bischoff makes a tag match tonight, Flair and HHH vs RVD and Bubba.

Intercontinental Championship
Chris Jericho vs Goldust

They lock up. They exchange slaps. Drop toe hold by Goldust. Jericho gets knocked down. Jericho fights back with a few hits. Slingshot by Goldust on Jericho. Jericho fights back with a neck breaker. They exchange right hands. Jericho picks him up and drops him on the ropes. Jericho chokes him on the ropes. Take down by Jericho, 1,2 but Goldust kicked out. Clothesline by Goldust, and another, followed by a modified chokeslam. Powerslam by Goldust, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Goldust positions Jericho for the shattered dreams, but the referee gets in the way and stops him. This allowed Jericho to go on the ropes and deliver a drop kick, followed by the Walls of Jericho. Goldust gave up.

Winner: Still WWE Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho


WWE Tag Team Championships
Kane & The Hurricane vs Lance Storm & Christian

Christian squares off against Helms. Clothesline by Helms. Neck breaker off the second rope by the Hurricane. Kane gets the tag. Sidewalk slam by Kane on Storm. Kane gorilla plexes Christian. Helms goes on the top rope and jumps on Christian and Storm. Regal distracts Helms, which allowed Christian to do a baseball slide. Christian hammers away on Helms. Lance Storm gets the tag, he covers, 1,2 but Helms kicked out. Christian gets the tag back. Back breaker by Christian, followed by a reverse chin lock. Neck breaker by Christian, 1,2 but Helms kicked out. Helms fought back. Kane finally gets the tag, and Christian tags Storm. Clothesline on Storm by Kane, followed by a hard back body drop. Kane double clotheslines Christian and Storm. Kane goes on the top rope and does a flying clothesline on Storm. Regal comes in and nails Kane with a tag title belt, while the referee was being distracted. Storm covers, 1,2 but Kane kicked out. Referee Nick Patrick yells at Regal and Test and tells them to leave ring side. Helms does a hurricanrana on Christian. Storm accidently kicks Christian. Kane and Helms double chokeslam Storm and Christian and Kane covers for the win.

Winners: NEW WWE Tag Team Champions, Kane & The Hurricane


Terri interviews The Hurricane and asks him why Kane chose him. Hurricane says that they both wear masks and they both use the chokeslams. Helms says that he's been looking for a sidekick, then Kane interrupts and says the reason he picked Helms was because he's a freak just like him. Helms asks Kane if he is ready to celebrate, Kane kisses Terri and then he says that he's ready to celebrate.

The Un-Americans said that their titles got stolen from them. Regal says that they shouldn't complain because then they'll sound like the Americans. Regal tells The Coach to piss off.

Booker T vs Rico

Side kick by Booker T. Booker hammers away on Rico. Rico fights back with a few punches. Booker knocks him down. Side kick by Booker T and down goes Rico. Booker T goes for the spinaroonie, followed by a scissors kick and he gets the win, that easy. Rosey and Jamal came out after the match. Booker T hits them both, but Rico got up and kicked Booker T. They triple team Booker T. Goldust comes out and cleans house. Then Goldust does the shattered Dreams on Rico. Goldust turns around and fell into a trap. Rosey and Jamal beat on Goldust.

Winner: Booker T


Backstage, Bischoff asks Booker T if he learned his lesson. Bischoff mentions that next week's RAW will be in Booker T's home town.

Bubba asks RVD if he's ready to go on with the match. RVD said yes. RVD said that they took his IC title, and his World Title shot from him. It doesn't matter if he's hurt or not, he has nothing left to lose.


Ric Flair & Triple H vs Rob Van Dam & Bubba

HHH attacks Bubba from behind. Bubba fights back with a back body drop. Take down by Bubba. HHH tags Flair. They lock up, side head lock by Flair, but Bubba knocks him down. Flair tags HHH. HHH hammers away on Bubba. Flair gets the tag back. Flair delivers a couple of chops on Bubba. Bubba switches things around and delivers some shops on Flair. RVD gets the tag. Spinning kick by RVD. HHH comes in and RVD takes him down and does a rolling thunder. HHH gets the legal tag, and he gets to work on RVD's injured ribs. Bubba gets the tag and so does Flair. Bubba knocks HHH off the apron and works on Flair. Sidewalk slam by Bubba, he covers, 1,2 but HHH breaks up the count. Bubba is fighting both men and knocks them down with a double elbow. Bubba and RVD do the waaazzzap drop. RVD tells Bubba to get the tables. Bubba gets a table. RVD helps him set it up in the ring. Bubba puts Flair on the table, RVD goes on the top rope, but HHH pushes him off and RVD falls on the outside. Flair sneaks up and rolls up Bubba and held the tights while the referee counted to three. After the match, they double teamed RVD, then Bubba comes back in to help RVD. They put HHH on the table and RVD does a double leg drop.

Winners: Ric Flair and Triple H