Full WWE RAW Results - 9/30/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, September 30, 2002 at 11:09 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 9/30/02
LIVE From: Texas
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

Opening Segment

RAW started with Eric Bischoff and Lita already in the ring. Bischoff says that for those who want to tune in to football, they better think again. Three title matches tonight. At, No Mercy, Intercontinental champion vs World champion, winner take all, one show one champion.

Bichoff addresses Lita. He said that not long ago, someone from WWE.com asked her what was the better show, RAW or Smackdown. They put her quote on the Titon Tron. She basically said it was Smackdown. Bischoff calls her a bitch and says that she's worthless. Lita said that all she's saying, is that if he had some respect towards the wrestlers, they might respect him. He said that he doesn't care about her opinion. Bischoff gives her three minutes, and the Island Boyz along with Rico came out. Jeff Hardy ran out to help, but he was knocked down. Booker T and Goldust came out and cleaned house.

Bischoff was upset. He makes a tag team match to start now. Island Boyz vs Booker T and Goldust.

Island Boyz vs Booker T & Goldust

Booker T and Goldust knock them down. Knock down by Booker T, Booker T makes the tag to Goldust. The Island Boyz fight back and knock down Goldust. Jamal is choking Goldust on the ropes. Rosey gets the tag. Leg drop by Rosey, covers, 1,2 kick out by Goldust. Jamal gets the tag back. He hammers away on Goldust. Rosey gets the tag and gets knocked down, then Jamal gets the tag and so does Booker T. Side kick by Booker T, 1,2 but kick out by Rosey. Jamal comes in and Booker T hits him too. Booker T does the spinaroonie. Scissors kick on Jamal by Booker T, 1,2 but Rosey interrupts. Rosey throws Goldust to the outside, and Rico takes care of him. In the ring, Booker fights back with a double clothesline. Jamal fought back and body slammed Booker T. Rosey delivers the splash and gets the win.

Winners: The Island Boyz


Backstage, The Coach interviewed the Island Boyz and Rico. He asked them "What is your goal?" Rico says that they are the reason he came to RAW and they are after the tag team gold.

Christian blames Storm about their loss last week. They started arguing. Test and Regal walk in and they calm them down. Regal said that he is sick of all of this. Regal tells Storm to concentrate on his match with Randy Orton.

Terri interviews Chris Jericho. She asked him if he is worried about his match with Kane. Chris Jericho laughs and says that he will beat Kane and go to No Mercy and face the World champion. Jericho says that Kane's chances of winning are as real as Terri's chest. Gregory Helms walks in the interview. He says that him beating Kane? "What's up with that?" Jericho said that he isn't intimidated by Kane. Then Kane interrupts. Jericho says "This interview is over!" Terri says that she has something to say about Kane's kiss from last week. She grabs him and kisses him back. Kane tells Helms "What did I tell you, chicks dig masks."


Lance Storm vs Randy Orton

They lock up, Storm hits him. Orton fires back with a flying take down. Neck breaker by Orton. Storm fights back with a devastating knee to the face. He hammers away on Orton in the corner. Arm bar submission hold is applied by Storm. Orton fights back with a flying cross body, 1,2 but Storm kicked out. Small package by Orton, 1,2 and Storm kicks out again. Orton rolls up Storm and pulls the tights and gets the win. (That quick).

Winner: Randy Orton

Christian came out beside JR and Lawler. He took JR's hat. He tells Lance that he doesn't know who looks more stupid, him dropping the ball again or him wearing a cowboy hat. Christian tells Storm to stand back because he wants to show him how to get the job done.

Christian squares off against Randy Orton.

Christian picks him up for a suplex and drops him stomach first on the ropes. Christian throws Randy to the outside and tosses him back in the ring. Christian hammers away on Orton. Christian chokes Randy with his foot. Orton fought back with a back body drop. Powerslam by Orton, 1,2 but Christian kicked out. Orton goes on the top rope, jumps, but Christian moved out of the way. Orton does some kind of famasser reverse move (not sure what they call it) and he pins Christian. Orton takes JR's hat and returns it to him.

Winner: Randy Orton

Eric Bischoff is yelling at Jeff Hardy. He tells him to never ever put his nose in his business again. Bischoff books Jeff with a rematch against the Big Show.

Flair talks to Bischoff. Bischoff asks Flair about the ex-Smackdown talent, Flair says that he is still working on it. It appears that they have a little deal going on.


Jeff Hardy vs Big Show

Match starts on the outside. Show kicks Jeff. The fights takes its way to the ring. Show was throwing Jeff everywhere. Headbutt by Show, and down goes Jeff. Show walks all over Jeff Hardy. Show chokes him with his foot. Show picks him up and drops him. Jaw breaker by Jeff, but that had no affect on Show. Show took him and threw him to the outside. Show accidently clotheslines the steel post, when Jeff ducked out of the way. Show grabbed a chair, then Jeff kicked it in his face and Big Show fell, while Jeff landed hard after the kick. The referee (Jackie), counted to ten and Jeff made it just in time. Big Show was counted out and Jeff Hardy got the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy by countout


World's Heavyweight Title
Bubba vs Triple H w/ Ric Flair

Bubba comes out and places a table in the corner of the ring and says that this table is reserved for, then he spray paints "HHH" on it. He guarantees HHH that his ass will go through a table, wether it's tonight or somewhere down the road. Bubba says that he's still unhappy with the fact that HHH was handed the title. He mentions something about wrestlers on RAW being "forced" to play the game. It's a worked-shoot.


HHH comes out accompanied by Ric Flair.

They lock up, and HHH pressures Bubba into the corner. HHH delivers a couple of right hands. Bubba fights back with a few shots of his own. Back body drop by Bubba. He clotheslines HHH to the outside. He gets tosses back in. Bubba takes down HHH and hammers away on him. HHH fought back and Bubba goes to the outside. HHH sends Bubba into the steel steps. Flair hammers away on Bubba, while the referee was distracted. HHH chokes Bubba, covers, 1,2 but Bubba kicked out. HHH has Bubba in the corner and is choking him once again. Neck breaker by HHH ,1 2, but Bubba kicks out again. HHH applies the sleeper hold, but Bubba manages to get to the ropes. HHH pulls him back and applies it, but Bubba fought back. Belly to back suplex by Bubba. Samoan drop by Bubba. DDT by Bubba, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. Face buster by HHH. Bubba fought back with a sidewalk slam, 1,2 but HHH kicked out. Flair goes up on the top rope, but Bubba throws him off. Bubba does the Bubba bomb and covers, but the referee was distracted by Flair. Elbow knock down by Bubba on HHH. Bubba tells himself to get the tables. Flair was on the apron and he knocks him off. HHH goes for the pedigree, but Bubba escapes. They continue fighting and shortly after, HHH manages to get the pedigree and gets the win.

This crap won't stop until HHH and Stephanie break up. We use to say that Shawn Michaels wouldn't job, I think this man, Paul Levesque (HHH) has far surpassed that. When was the last time HHH jobbed cleanly besides WM17? If someone has the answer, please e-mail me.

Winner: Still World Champion, Triple H

Victoria attacks Trish backstage and tells her that her title is hers.


WWE Women's Championship
Trish Stratus vs Victoria

Trish attacks Victoria. Slingshot by Trish. Clothesline by Trish, 1,2 but Victoria kicked out. Victoria fought back. Sunset flip by Trish ,1,2 but Victoria kicked out. Victoria regained control right away. Victoria went for the moonsault, but Trish had her knees up. Swinging neck breaker by Trish, 1,2 but Victoria kicked out again. Trish hammers away on Victoria. Huricanrana by Trish, 1,2 and again, Victoria kicked out. Trish sends her to the outside. On the outside, Victoria grabbed a chair and nailed Trish with it. Referee calls for the bell immediately.

Winner: by DQ, Still Women's champion, Trish Stratus

Bischoff had a roulette and his picture in the middle of it. Stacy Keibler tells Bischoff about the babe of the year poll. She says that since Trish is the champion, she's getting all the votes. Stacy complain to Bischoff about her lack of air time. Bischoff said that he might just let the "Spin of the RAW roulette" decide the match stipulation. It could be a Kiss my ass match or a HLA match.


A Randy Orton video was shown. They showed highlights of his father and grand father wrestling.

The Un-Americans get into an argument. Regal stops the argument and tells them to watch his tag match with Test.

The Coach walks into HHH's locker room to get a word on his victory. HHH comes out of the shower and he had two women waiting for him. Jericho interrupts and says that he wants to talk to HHH, HHH tells him to wait for him. HHH goes back in the shower.


William Regal & Test vs RVD & Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer and Regal lock up. Regal takes him down. Regal hammers away on Dreamer in the corner. Dreamer fights back with a back body drop. Test gets the tag. Take down by Dreamer. RVD gets the tag. RVD delivers a couple of kicks. Spinning Kick and down goes Test, 1,2 but Test kicked out. Regal gets the tag back. Full Nelson suplex and RVD lands on his head. Test gets the tag. Test applies pressure on RVD's back/neck. RVD manages to get out, but Test knees him in the stomach. Spinning kick by RVD, and this allowed him to make the tag. Dreamer knocks down Regal and Test. Swinging neck breaker by Dreamer on Test. Regal and the referee were arguing, then RVD superkicked Test, and Test falls into a roll up by Dreamer and gets pinned. After the match, the other members of the Un-Americans came out and they all started beating on each other.

Winners: RVD & Tommy Dreamer


WM19 press conference highlights were shown.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Winner faces the World Champion at No Mercy.
Chris Jericho vs Kane

Kane pushes Jericho down. Jericho slaps him and Kane knocks him down. Kane hammers away on Jericho. Ric Flair comes out to ring side. Jericho kicks Kane and takes control of the match. Jericho chokes Kane in the corner. Kane fought back with a slam, 1,2 but Flair puts Jericho's foot on the rope. Kane goes out and chases Flair. Flair goes in the ring, then Jericho sneaks up from behind and hits Kane. Jericho in control once again. Kane fights back again with a Gorilla plex slam. He throws Jericho to the outside. Kane hammers away on Flair. The fight is on the entrance ramp.


RAW returns from commercials. Back bod drop by Kane. Kane goes on the top rope, but Jericho pushes referee, Earl Hebner on the ropes and Kane lost his balance. Jericho does the superplex on Kane from the top rope. Drop kick by Jericho. Jericho works on Kane's legs. The fight goes to the outside once again. Jericho sends Kane into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Jericho drops the elbow on Kane's knee. Kane fought back and sends Jericho to the outside. Jericho trips Kane and hits his knee on the steel post. Jericho does the figure four leg lock around the ring post, (Jim Ross gives Bret Hart credit for it). Jericho tries to suplex Kane in the ring, but he couldn't. Kane suplexed him to the outside. Back in the ring, Jericho delivers a drop kick on Kane's leg. Kane fought back with a back suplex. Right hand knock down by Kane. Kane throws Jericho to the outside. Kane sends Jericho into the steel steps. Kane throws him back in the ring. Kane connects with the flying clothesline. HHH comes out and Kane knocks him down, Jericho does the bulldog and was going for the lionsault, but Kane catches him in a chokeslam, but Jericho manages to get out. HHH pulls Kane to the outside. HHH throws him back in, Jericho does a mistle drop kick. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho, but Kane grabs the rope. Jericho grabs the chair again, but Kane kicked him in the face. Kane does the chokeslam, 1,2,3.

Kane vs HHH at No Mercy, winner take all!

Winner: NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion, Kane