Full WWE RAW Results - 10/7/02 (RAW Roulette)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, October 7, 2002 at 11:14 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 10/7/02
LIVE From: Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

RAW Roulette Night

Opening Segment

Backstage, Eric Bischoff welcomes us to a very special edition of Monday Night RAW. Every match is going to be determined by the spin of the wheel. HLA match? Kiss my Ass match? Bischoff's choice match? and tons of other match stipulations.

He spins the wheel for the first match, and it's going to be a steel cage match.

RAW promo hits, followed by the pyro, and we are live from Las Vegas.

Match #1
Steel Cage Match
Booker T vs Big Show

Show starts off by throwing Booker T to the corner. Booker tries to fight back, but Show takes him down with a sidewalk slam. Devastating clothesline by the Big Show, and another. Show picks him up and clotheslines him again. Show puts Booker T in the corner and beats on him. Show runs, and attempts to squash him, but Booker T moved out of the way, although that had no effect on him. Show continued to unleash the punishment. Show picks him up and throws him on the cage. Back suplex by Show. Show is totally dominating this match so far. Booker T finally fights back with a spinning kick, but again, Show bounced right up and knocked him down. Big boot to the face by the Big Show. Show spat on Booker T. As Big Show was about to leave the cage, Booker T got up and started fighting back. Scissors kick by Booker T and both men are down. Booker does another scissors kick, but this time off the top rope. Booker T is climbing the cage, but Show grabs his foot and pulls him down to the top rope, then Booker T kicked him in the nuts and Show falls down. Booker T climbs back up and exits the cage.

After the match, Chris Jericho ran out and shoved Booker T on the cage. Jericho hammered away on Booker. Booker T is busted open. Jericho sends him face first into the steel cage.

Winner: Booker T

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is talking to Kane and The Hurricane. Kane tells him that at No Mercy, he will take away the title from HHH. Bischoff says that Kane is all about greed. Then he spins the wheel, and it lands on TLC. Kane and Hurricane will defend their tag team titles tonight in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match against opponents of Bischoff's choosing.

Officials are shown helping Booker T back up.


Terri Runnels asks Chris Jericho why he attacked Booker T. He says that he';s sick of being overlooked. He said that Booker T called him a Sucker last week. Jericho said that the most important thing is, he is NOT a sucker.

Eric Bischoff is with HHH backstage. Eric spins the wheel and it lands on "blindfold match" Triple H flips out. Ric Flair calms him down. Flair tells Bischoff that before he chooses HHH's opponent, he wants to introduce him to two hot ladies that will be in Bischoff's hotel room tonight. It was basically a bribe in order for Bischoff to choose an easy opponent for HHH.

Regal asks Bischoff is he's bloody mad. He said that he is a gentleman and asks for Bischoff to make his match a respectable match. Bischoff disagrees and spins the wheel, and it lands on "Las Vegas Showgirls" Regal was kind of happy. Goldust was standing there too. Bischoff tells Regal that he has to dress like a woman. Goldust says that his country has a Queen, and well Regal can be one too.


They show a promo of Batista working out.

Match #2
Blindfold Match
Triple H vs D-Lo Brown

Yes, D-Lo Brown, Don't bother, don't question, just pretend it didn't happen...

They both put the blindfolds on and the match is on.

They were both walking slowly, not seeing each other. They started swinging punches and stuff. HHH pressures D-Lo in the corner, then D-lo escapes and HHH is still assuming he was in the corner and started pointing his finger and talking. D-Lo connects with a punch, and down goes HHH. HHH fights back and is going for the pedigree, but D-Lo does a back body drop. Sky high by D-Lo. Ric Flair runs in and distracts the referee, this gave HHH time to take off his hood and pedigree D-Lo and get the win.

Winner: Triple H

Eric Bischoff is talking to Bubba, Christian and Jeff Hardy about a TLC match. They disagree with the match. Bischoff orders them to each get a partner because they will be fighting in a TLC match tonight.


Match #3
Las Vegas Showgirls match
Goldust vs William Regal

Goldust was dressed like one. Regal came out, and was it hilarious. He couldn't walk on his heals, so he took them off. Then they cut his song and they played an appropriate music for him. It was really funny.

Goldust tosses him in. Goldust puts him in the corner and was going for the shattered dreams. Then, Lance Storm comes out, Goldust went out and knocked him out. This gave Regal time to grab his brass knuckles and nail Goldust with it. He covers and gets the win.

Winner: William Regal


Terri Runnels asks Christian about who his partner is. Christian said that it's none of the Un-Americans that's for sure. Chris Jericho walks in and says that he wants to be his partner, because he wants to get some revenge on Kane.

Paddle on a Pole match, Stacy vs Trish. Trish wasn't happy, Bischoff wants to make it double or nothing, he spins it again and it lands on Bra and panties. It will be a bra and panties paddle on a pole match, meaning, the first woman who strips the other woman into her bra and panties becomes the women's champion, then she can use the paddle to spank with it.


Match #4
WWE Women's title
Bra and Panties paddle on a pole match
Trish Stratus vs Stacy Keibler

Stacy takes down Trish by the hair. Stacy bounces Trish' head on the women's belt. Stacy chokes Trish. Stacy tries to take Trish' top off, but was unsuccessful. Trish fought back with a few kicks, but Stacy delivered a kick of her own, which took down Trish. Stacy takes off Trish' top. Trish fought back and took off Stacy's top. Chop to the chest of Stacy by Trish. Stacy was about to pull Trish' pants down, but Trish reverses it and pulls her pants down. Trish wins the match. After the match, Stacy kicks Trish and gets the paddle. Trish fought back and eventually ended up spanking Stacy Keibler.

After the match, Victoria came out and they fought on the outside. Victoria tosses Trish in the ring. Victoria slams Trish and goes on the top rope and does a moonsault. Victoria pulls her to the outside and throws Trish into the steel steps.

Winner: Still WWE Women's champion, Trish Stratus

Jeff Hardy reveals Rob Van Dam as his tag team partner.


The Coach asks Victoria about why she keeps attacking Trish. She says that Trish has hurt her in the past an dnow it's her turn to hurt Trish.

Match #5
Las Vegas Street Fight
Test vs Al Snow

Bischoff spins the wheel and it lands on "Las Vegas Street Fight." The match is on. Both wrestlers started to get weapons from under the ring. Garbage cans, street signs, etc... Test nails down Al Snow and tosses him in the ring. Al fought back and nailed Test with a pair of dice (big dice). Test nails him with a street sign, 1,2 but Al kicked out. Test puts a garbage can in between the ropes, but Test ends up receiving it. Test fought back and nailed him with the trash can lid. Test puts Snow on the top rope. But Snow counters and throws Test off, on the trash can. Cross body by Al, 1,2 but Test kicked out. Al hits Test with the trash can lid. Test is down in the corner. All grabs a bag from under the ring. He pulls out a bowling shirt and ball. But Test got up, then Snow nailed him several times with the trash can lid. Finally, Al Snow nails him with the bowling ball and gets the 1,2,3.

Winner: Al Snow

Main event tonight will be a 4-way tag team TLC match for the WWE Tag team titles. Christian & Jericho vs Bubba and Spike vs Kane & Hurricane vs RVD & Jeff Hardy.


Match #6
It's Legal in Nevada Match
Jerry Lawler vs Steven Richards

The Godfather and his hoes came out. Godfather says that since Nevada is his home, he knows what is legal. The winner of this match tonight gets to take a ride on the train. He doesn't mean any train, he needs the Ho Train.

Richards attacks Lawler, covers, 1,2 but Lawler kicked out. Richards clotheslines Lawler to the outside. Back in the ring, Richards delivers a suplex and covers, 1,2 but Lawler kicked out. Richards goes on the ropes, jumps, but Lawler puts his feet up. Lawler delivers a few right hands, followed by a drop kick. Back body drop by Lawler. Richards tries to go for a piledriver, but Lawler counters it into a roll up/sunset flip and gets the win.

Lawler celebrates with the hoes. Huge smile on his face.

Winner: Jerry "The King" Lawler


Randy Orton video clip was shown.

Randy Orton is shown at The World signing autographs.

Terri interviews Kane. She asked him if it's an disadvantage for him to compete in a TLC match, while in 13 days he will be fighting for the World title. Kane said he can do it an dthe Kane a Nights know that he can do it. The Coach came running and informed Kane that Flair and HHH are attacking The Hurricane. Kane went running, but was a little too late.


Match #7
8-man tag team TLC Match
WWE Tag Team Championships
Kane & Hurricane Helms vs Christian & Jericho vs Bubba and Spike vs RVD & Jeff Hardy

Hurricane Helms didn't come out.

The match is on. Kane is knocking down wrestlers lefts and rights. Back body drop on Spike. Sidewalk slam on RVD. Back body drop on Bubba. Everyone is fighting at the same time. Jericho and Christian tried to outsmart everyone by placing a ladder and climbing it quickly, but they were pulled down. Kane delivers a double clothesline on RVD and Jeff Hardy. Kane goes to the outside and bounces Jeff's head on the steel steps. He was about to chokeslam RVD, but Jeff Hardy knocks him down. Bubba goes in the ring and starts spinning with the ladder, knocking down everyone. Then he gets kicked. RVD jumps on Kane. Jericho does a back suplex on Spike. Christian and Jericho place the ladder in the corner between the two ropes. They hammer away on Bubba. Double back body drop by Christian and Jericho. Jericho accidently knocks down Christian. Bubba knocks down Jericho. Kane goes on the top rope and clotheslines Christian. Fights are everywhere, hard to keep up. Bubba hits Kane with the ladder. Kane fought back with a chokeslam. Kane picks up Spike and Gorilla plexes him to the outside. Christian takes down Kane. Kane is on the outside placed on a table by Jericho and Christian. Jericho and Christian were placing a ladder between the ropes, then RVD goes on top and jumps on the ladder, which caused the ladder to bounce in Christian and Jericho's face. Jeff places a ladder on the outside and goes on top and delivers a leg drop from the top of the ladder on Kane (who was still on the table). Bubba is climbing the ladder in the ring, but Christian catches up on time and powerbombs him off.

They cut to commercials.

Back from commercials. Several guys are down in the ring, and two ladders were placed in the middle. RVD and Bubba are going at it. Bubba climbs, and Jericho climbs on the other end, Jericho bulldogs him off. RVD does a neck breaker on Christian off the ladder. Everyone is down at that point. RVD gets up and so does Christian. Christian knocks him down and climbs up, but Kane pushes the ladder and down goes Christian. Kane powerslams Jeff Hardy, followed by the boot to the face. Kane is climbing, but Spike comes in, Kane whips him to the ropes and while Spike was running back, Kane puts the ladder in front of him. Bubba nails Kane with a steel chair. Jericho nails Bubba with a chair. RVD does a spinning kick on Jericho. Hardy jumps on Kane in the corner. RVD does the Van Terminator on Kane. Jericho tries to suplex Jeff on the ladder, but Jeff reverses it and suplexes Jericho. Jeff throws Christian from the top rope onto the ladder. Jeff places the ladder and climbs, then Bubba climbs the other side and suplexed him off the top of the ladder. Everyone was down for about a minute. RVD crawled back up. He is climbing the ladder, then Bubba climbs up too and knocks him off, but Bubba falls too. Jericho climbs up, but Spike tries to stop him and Jericho kept kicking him off. Spike had enough and pushed the ladder, which caused Jericho to go flying over the top rope. Spike is crawling up on the ladder, but Christian pulls him off. Spike tries to go for the Dudley dog on Christian, but Christian throws him to the outside and Spike lands through a table. Christian is climbing the ladder, Bubba puts a ladder beside him and climbs it too and does the Bubba bomb from the top of the ladder. RVD gets up on the top rope and does the 5 star frog splash on Christian. Jeff misses the Swanton Bomb. Jeff Hardy gets back body dropped over the top rope through the table on the outside. RVD places the ladder in the ring and climbs, but Jericho nails him with a steel chair. Jericho climbs, but Kane is back up and climbs on the other side. Kane chokeslams Chris Jericho off the ladder. Kane gets up, climbs the ladder and gets the belts.

Winner: Still WWE Tag Team Champions, Kane & The Hurricane (Although Hurricane never wrestled because he was attacked by HHH and Flair backstage.)

After the match, Ric Flair and HHH came out on the ramp. HHH mentions Katie Vick (No clue who it is) HHH said that 10 years ago Kane killed her and he calls Kane a murderer. No clue on what he was talking about. Kane was standing in disbelief as RAW went off the air.