Full WWE RAW Results - 10/14/02 (New Tag Team Champions)

Reported by Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com
On Monday, October 14, 2002 at 11:14 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 10/14/02
LIVE From: Montreal, Quebec Canada
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

Video package airs from last week with Triple H accusing Kane of being a murderer.

Kane and Hurricane are seen entering the building. Coach tries to get a word with Kane on if he is going to give a response to Triple H's accusations. Kane says, "That is none of your business!"

RAW promo hits, and we are live from Montreal.

Match #1
Tag Team Title Match
(C)Kane & Hurricane vs. Christian & Chris Jericho

Show starts off with the only pyro being Kane's pyro as his theme hits and he and Hurricane come out. Christian makes his entrance followed by Jericho. A video package airs of Jericho attacking Booker T last week. Booker T attacks Jericho on his way to the ring. Referees and officials finally get Booker T backstage. The bell rings and Hurricane and Christian start things off in the ring. Hurricane takes advantage first hitting a flying clothesline and a hurricanrana. Jericho gets in the ring and Kane picks him up over his head and throws him outside. Hurricane then hits a summersault plancha onto both Christian and Jericho on the outside. Hurricane takes Christian back in the ring and gets a near fall. Kane is tagged in. Some punches to Christian in the corner, followed by an irish whip to the other corner, and then a modified chokeslam. Kane misses an elbow drop as Christian moves. Christan bens down to grab Kane, but Kane grabs him by the neck, knocks him into Jericho and then goes for a near fall. Hurricane back in now. Hurricane hits the ropes, and Jericho pulls the top rope down and Hurricane takes a tumble to the outside. Jericho and Christian double team Hurricane back in the ring. Jericho delivers a suplex to Hurricane, and then tags in Christian. Christian gets in some offesne, and Hurrican then hits a neckbreaker on Chris Jericho. Kane gets tagged in and hits a flying clothesline on Jericho from the top. Kane throws Christian to the outside. Christian attempts to jump off the top and hit Kane with the title belt. Kane catches him, but then Christian gets in a low blow. Kane throws Hurricane from the top onto Jericho for a near fall. Kane and Christian fight on the outside. Kane attempts to hit Christian with the steps but misses. Back in the ring Hurricane blocks the lionsault, and then goes for a chokeslam. Jericho reverses the attempt to try for the lion tamer. Hurricane reverses this into a small package, and then Jericho reverses this into a pin and gets the pinfall with his feet on the ropes.
Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: Christian and Chris Jericho


Replay airs of Christian and Jericho winning the tag titles. They show Kane's reaction of losing the match. He's mad.

Backstage Booker T attempts to attack Jericho again, but he is being restrained by Goldust and officials. Bischoff tells them all to settle down. Jericho taunts Booker T with Christian by his side. Bischoff says the tag titles will be defended this Sunday at No Mercy against Booker T and Goldust.

Match #2
Lance Storm (w/ William Regal) vs. Al Snow

Regal joins the King and JR for commentary. Match starts off with Storm taking advantage with some punches and kicks. Storm grabs Snow's head and jumps over the top rope clotheslining his head across the top rope. Storm then jumps off the top, but Snow reverses it into a power slam. Regal gets mad about JR bringing up last week, so he leaves the announce position. Storm takes advantage with some chops in the corner. Snow then takes advantage executing many headbutts to Storm's chest and a few clotheslines and punches. Snow then executes a back body drop on Storm. Snow goes to the outside and attacks Regal. Snow hits a cross body from the top, but Storm rolls through and gets a near fall on Snow. Regal trips Snow when he runs against the ropes. Regal throws some brass knucks to Storm. Storm attempts to use them but Snow hits him first. Regal then gets on the apron and hits snow distracting him. Then Storm hits a superkick and gets the pinfall.

Winner: Lance Storm

Coach interviews Victoria backstage. Victoria says years ago when Trish and her were fitness models, the WWE was interested in both of them. Victoria says Trish acted like her friend, but then didn't stick by her. Says she ended up getting to the WWE by doing anything, Trish ended up getting there by doing anyone. Trish confronts Victoria and slaps her.


Spike Dudley and Jeff Hardy talk backstage. RVD comes into the picture. RVD is looking for Bischoff, so are Spike and Jeff. They were told to meet him there. Bischoff appears and says he's proud of all three of them. To show his appreciation for them three, he's made their own personal highlight real of the TLC match last Monday. The video package airs. Bischoff tells Jeff to get ready for his match with Rico. Jeff leaves. Bischoff tells Spike to take a walk and to tell his brother to get well soon. Spike says, "Bite me." Bischoff annouces RVD will face Flair at No Mercy Sunday. Now for tonight, a "Canadian Lumberjack Match" with RVD taking on Triple H. All the lumberjacks will be equipped with leather straps.

-Tough Enough 3 promo airs-


Ric Flair and Triple H are backstage in their locker room. Triple H says, "A canadian lumberjack match? What the hell is that?" Triple H is mad, he was supposed to have the night off. Flair is mad he has to wrestle RVD at No Mercy. Triple H says he will take care of RVD tonight, so Flair won't have to worry about him then. Triple H also says he is going to give Kane until the next match is over to spill the beans about the murder, or he will go out and tell the world about Katie Vick.

Match #3
Jeff Hardy vs. Rico

Both men exchange punches as the match starts. Jeff hits a clotheslines on Rico sending both men outside. Jeff then goes to the other side of the ring and comes running, hitting a cross body off of the railing. Both men back in the ring now. Jeff with an armbar on Rico. Rico takes it to the corner and hits some punches on Jeff, plus a kick. Rico now with some shoulder blocks in the corner after stomping on Jeff. Rico goes for a cover, and gets a 2 count. Rico with a scissers hold on Jeff on the ground (haven't seen one of these in a while). Jeff takes advantage and hits a sit down double legdrop accross Rico's stomach. Jeff then with a twisting moonsault off the top for a near fall. Rico then hits a kick to the kidneys and a drop kick. Rico off the top rope, but Jeff Hardy meets him with a dropkick. Jeff goes up top and hits the Swanton Bomb and gets the pin.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Kane is shown backstage hitting some crates. He's mad. Hurricane tries to console him. Kane tells Hurricane he just wants to be left alone. Terri comes into the picture. She says she is there as a friend, not as an interviewer. She tries to console him. She says he needs to get whatever this is off his chest and tell the people the story, publicly. Kane agrees. He needs to do it now, and he walks out of the picture.


Kane in the ring for his interview when we come back from commercials. Katie Vick was a friend of his, and she is dead, Kane says. He says he did not kill her, it was an accident, and he is not a murderer. Katie and he were friends back when he first started wrestling. She came to his first match. She cared about him, and he cared about her too. One night, Katie and he went to a party and Katie had too much to drink. Kane decided he should drive her home. The car was a stick shift, and Kane wasn't really familiar with driving one. Katie insisted they take her car. The roads were slick, and Kane swerved when an animal jumped out in front of them. Kane broke his arm, but Katie was killed instantly. It was an accident, but it is something he has thought about everyday since. The only thing Kane has left to say is what he said to Katie's parents. "I'm sorry," Kane says. Triple H comes out sarcastically saying Kane has him all choked up. He says why doesn't Kane tell the world the whole truth. When the people from the party were questioned, they said Kane was drinking too. Triple H says there were empty beer cans in the car and all around the scene. Triple H says when doctors did the autopsy on Katie Vick, they found Kane's semen. Triple H says Kane madly loved Katie Vick. The problem was, Katie Vick only "liked" him. She didn't love him or share the attraction. Triple H says who could blame her? Triple H says he knows Kane wasn't charged with murder, but facts are facts. Loud "asshole" chant at Triple H. Triple H says all the facts point at Kane, and "You killed Katie Vick!" Triple H wants to know if on that night, did Kane force Katie Vick to have sex with him when she was still alive, or did he do it when she was already dead?


Kane is backstage extremely mad and leaving the arena. Kane tells Hurricane that if he stays there, he will do something he regrets for the rest of his life.

Match #4
Molly Holly & Victoria vs. Trish Stratus & Jacqueline
Special Referee: Stacy Keibler

Trish and Victoria fight in the ring, until Molly jumps in and were under way. Trish hits that corner head scissors move she does. A few quick tags and punching between all members on both teams. Now we're back to Molly and Trish. Molly gets a near fall on Trish. Molly with the advantage. Molly hits a body slam on Trish. Victoria gets tagged in, and hits a sommersault leg drop over the top rope. Victoria with a modifed back breaker. Molly back in. Molly whips trish into the corner, but Trish dodges the handspring elbow. Jacqueline is in. She hits a side slam on Molly. Near fall. Victoria and Trish fight on the outside. Jacqueline hits a spinning heel kick on Molly and goes for the cover. Should be a 3 count, but Stacy acts like she hurt her shoulder and won't count. Molly goes for a roll up, and Stacy is in-advertantly knocked to the outside. Jacqueline gets a roll up as another referee comes out and counts the pinfall. Jacqueline and Trish brawl after the match..

Winners: Trish Stratus & Jacqueline

Goldust, Booker T, Tommy Dreamer, and Spike are show backstage picking up their leather straps for the RVD vs. Triple H match coming up next.


-Batista video package airs.

Bischoff is in the ring. He says no matter what frame of mind Kane may be in, he will compete at No Mercy with Triple H one on one. Since the Intercontinental title will be no more after Sunday, Bischoff introduces the very first Intercontinental Champion. Montreal's own Pat Patterson. Patterson comes out to the ring. He says a few words in French which almost no one understands except for the fans in the arena. Bischoff says this is an English speaking show, so could he please talk in a language the world can understand. Patterson says he doesn't trust Bischoff. Patterson says he doesn't want Bischoff to play any tricks on him tonight. Bischoff says he won't. Video package airs of the legacy of the Intercontinental title. Bischoff announces Patterson again to a loud ovation and leaves the ring. Patterson sees Rosey and Jamal coming and tries to fight them off but is unsuccessful. Brisco comes out to try to help Patterson, but Rosey and Jamal beat him down as well. They do their usual moves, with the big splash off the top. Big Show then comes out with a leather strap and fights Rosey and Jamal off. D-Lo comes out as well with a strap fighting them off. Jeff Hardy is now out as well with a leather strap. Rosey and Jamal finally are run off.

-Commercial airs for the upcoming WWE Anthonly CD set with Bret Hart's music playing and a clip of Bret making an entrance. The video started with just Bret's music and Bret walking out stating "Coming Soon" as kind of a big tease to first make you think Bret Hart was coming back. We then found out it's a commercial for the CD set.


-WWE Slam of the Week commercial airs with Dreamer attacking Nowinski last week.

Nowinski is seen backstage with Al Snow talking to him about old Tough Enough memories. Al says he's proud of him that he finally made it to the WWE. Nowinski says he did no thanks to Al, and "nice job on your loss tonight."

Match #5
Christopher Nowinski vs. Tommy Dreamer

Nowinski takes advantage first as we start with some punches. Dreamer then takes advantage with a couple leg drags. Neckbreaker executed by Dreamer. Near fall. Nowinski with a hard irish whip on Dreamer into the corner. Dreamer reverses another attempt an an irish whip into a spine busterr and a near fall. Another neckbreaker by Dreamer, and another near fall. Nowinski now hits a spine buster on Dreamer. Nowinski goes to the outside and gets a Singapore cane from the outside. Dreamer throws him in the ring. Al snow comes out glaring at Nowinski. Dreamer goes to get the Singapore Cane, but Snow grabs it and won't let Dreamer have it. Then Nowinski hits a full nelson slam for the win. Nowinski and Snow just glare at each other after the match, curiously.

Winner: Christopher Nowinski

Terri interviews Triple H backstage. Triple H says he didn't ask for any of this controversy, he's just reporting the facts. Terri states that it's kind of a convenient time for this story to come out. Triple H says the information was given to him, and all he is doing is reporting the facts. He tells Terri she should watch out for a guy like Kane. He hurts people close to him. Triple H says once again Kane is a murderer, and he will take care of him at No Mercy. As far as his match tonight, he will overcome the odds like he always does and beat RVD.


-Randy Orton video package airs.

Jim Ross introduces Randy Orton. Randy would like to address the fans about his injury. He says he has some terrible news. He hurt his shoulder. Says that most people would take close to 9 months to recover, but with his commitment, he will be back in 3 months. Randy says what keeps him going is the fans can email him wishes to get better. They give the email address (GetWellRandy@wwe.com). He promises to write back to everyone. The fans chant "Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey, Goodbye" VERY loud at him. Randy talks about how Montreal is known for the place Bret Hart got screwed. He says it should be known as the place Randy Orton got screwed. He says, "Unlike Bret Hart, Randy Orton will be back." The fans boo Orton like crazy.


Back from commercials. JR and Lawler advertise Sunday Night Heat for this week, with a new Saliva music video premiering on the show.

Match #6
Falls Count Anywhere Match
Booker T vs. Big Show

Match starts off with Booker hitting lots of punches on Show. Show takes advanrtage and whips Booker into the corner. He does it again, but Booker gives him a big boot this time and takes advantage again. Booker tries to whip Show into the ropes, but Show instead throws Booker outside. Show drops Booker across the guard rail and gets a near fall. Show then throws Booker into the railing. Show runs at Booker T, but Booker throws him into the crowd. Booker punches and kicks Show throughout the crowd. Show gains advantage as they near one of the arena entrances to the hallway in the back. Show gets a near fall. Now they are backstage in a hallway. Booker tries to fight back, but Show continues to have advantage. Flair and Triple H are seen in the backround, with Triple H driving a fork lift somewhere. Show continues to punch Booker. Show tries for a big boot, but Booker moves and sprays a fire extinguisher in Show's eyes. Booker goes for the cover, and gets a near fall. Booker throws Show into a metal case. Booker with the scissors kick. Near fall. Show fights back, and throws Booker into a metal case. Show slaps Booker hard sending him into the womens locker room. THey fight into the showers, with the Booker taking advantage and Trish standing there in a towel. Booker gets a near fall. Jericho comes from behind and hits Booker with a chair. Show goes for the cover and gets the pin.

Winner: Big Show

Jericho taunts Booker afterwards, and turns the shower on spraying Booker T. Jericho then briefly tries to hit on Trish, saying, "How YOU doin?"

Coach interviews Triple H backstage. Triple H has the forklift parked in front of one of the locker room doors, so about half of the wrestlers will not be able to get outside to be lumberjacks in the main event.


Another Tough Enough 3 promo airs.

The lumberjacks already have surrounded the ring when we get back from commercials.

Match #7
Canadian Lumberjack Match
Triple H vs. Rob Van Dam

Both men make their entrances and here we go. RVD gets the advantage at first with a heel kick and some clotheslines. He attacks HHH in the corner, and then gives him a monkey flip. RVD with some kicks, and 10 punches in the corner. HHH acts dazed, but then throws RVD to the outside as the lumberjacks attack RVD with the leatherstraps. They throw RVD back in the ring, and HHH floors RVD with a right hand. Both men now on their feet, and both of them exchange punches before HHH takes advantage with a knee to the abdomen. HHH throws RVD outside yet again and he is attacked with the leather straps by the lumberjacks on the outside. Back in the ring, more punches to RVD from HHH. RVD has welts all over his back from the straps. RVD reverses a kick from HHH into a heel kick. HHH is sent to the outside, and none of the lumberjacks do anything to him. All of the lumberjacks are heels if you haven't noticed. RVD with a splash from the top on HHH and the lumberjacks. Now back in the ring for a short time before RVD is thrown to the outside again and he is attacked some more by the lumberjacks, especially Big Show. HHH goes for 3 pins, and all are near falls. HHH with an elbow on RVD's back. Yet another elbow. And a third. Fans chant for RVD as he struggles to his feet. HHH sends RVD to the corner and executes some shoulder blocks on him from the front and back. HHH with a vertical suplex on RVD. HHH mocks RVD doing the RVD pointing taunt. Backbreaker executed on RVD by HHH. Near fall. HHH plants RVD on the top rope. RVD tries to fight back. Fans chant "YOU SCREWED BRET" loudly at Hebner. HHH executes a super-plex for a near fall. Abdominal strectch on RVD by HHH. Rosey or Jamal (I can't tell them apart) helps HHH with the abdominal stretch. Hebner breaks it up. Yet another loud "YOU SCREWED BRET" chant. RVD rolls up HHH for a near fall. Mule kick by RVD. Another kick by RVD, and then the rolling thunder. Near fall. RVD reverses a pedigree attempt into a back body drop. RVD with another heel kick. RVD goes up top. Jericho trips him up on the top ropes, and RVD falls to the outside. RVD getting beat down on the outside yet again. Out comes Booker T and the rest of the babyface locker room. All hell breaks loose on the outside with lumberjacks attacking lumberjacks. RVD up top in the ring. Flying kick on HHH. RVD up top yet again. RVD with the 5 Star Frog Splash. Flair hits RVD with the World title belt. Earl Hebner is still on the outside. HHH covers RVD, Hebner gets back in the ring, and HHH gets the pin fall.

Winner: Triple H

Kane comes out after the match beating down some lumberjacks on his way to the ring. Kane beats down HHH and Ric Flair in the ring. Kane grabs both men by their throats, but Flair hits a low blow. HHH and Flair run away as Nowinksi enters the ring. Choke slam on Nowinski, D-Lo, Rico. Rosey and Jamal attack Kane and gain the advantage. Kane whipped into the corner. Kane comes back. Choke slams on both of them. Kane's pyro explodes as HHH and Flair are at the top of the ramp. Kane and HHH stare down as the show goes off the air.