Full WWE RAW Results - 11/18/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, November 18, 2002 at 11:08 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 11/18/02
LIVE From: Bridgeport, CT
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com

After years of doing RAW reports, this will be my last, for now. I would like to thank everyone who has read and shared comments and feedback during the past four plus years--I appreciate it. I have been doing this for too long, and it is time to take a break. Filling the different roles of a recapper and fan has become almost unbearable. I don't remember the last time I was able to enjoy a RAW content-wise, or time-wise. That's it for now, enjoy my last report.

Onto RAW.

Eric Bischoff is shown waiting in the parking lot for someone. A limo pulls up, and Ric Flair comes out. Bischoff wasn't waiting for him. Bischoff informs Flair that HHH will be in a #1 contenders match tonight. Flair says that Bischoff doesn't care about HHH. HHH injured himself in one of Bischoff's matches (elimination chamber). Bischoff put Flair in a match against Kane. Ric Flair says that if Kane does anything, he will have to deal with HHH. Flair tells Bischoff that he will see how good RAW would do without HHH, because he's injured.

Opening Segment

RAW starts off with Shawn Michaels coming down to the ring. HBK chants started. Shawn says "You'll never guess what I found last night." HBK says that he won't brag about his title win. He wants to get straight to the point. After SummerSlam, he had one thin gin mind, and that's to get revenge on Triple H. He says that after last night, he thinks he has accomplished his goal. So the million dollar question is, "Where do we go from here?" He basically says that he's not who he used to be. He said that he doesn't want to be one of the guys that hangs around too long. That stays pass his prime. He says that the WWE locker room is full of talent, and there is nothing he'd like more than to face them, but his body can't take it anymore. He says that the smartest thing he can do is leave the belt and go home. He said that it would be best and smart and sensible. But he's never been a that sensible. He says that his last two performances were okay, and he wants to stick around to see how much longer his body can take.

Rob Van Dam's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. They shake hands. RVD chants started. RVD says that just like everybody else, he enjoyed watching HBK while growing up as a kid. If it wasn't RVD walking out of the elimination chamber match as the new champ, he's glad that it was Shawn Michaels. He says "How about the Showstopper goes one on one with the Whole Fn Show?" HBK was ready to response, but was interrupted by Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff enters the ring. Bischoff says "Before you lose your smile again..., I calls the shots around here." A great shoot by Bischoff. Then he says that RVD will earn his shot. Booker T vs Chris Jericho vs RVD tonight, and the winner will face Shawn next week. HBK says that he's not here to represent a show that has necrophilia. Bischoff says "Are you offended from necrophilia as a Christian?" HBK says that he's offended from it just from being a wrestler. HBK then addresses Triple H by saying "How does it feel being the one in the hospital?"


They show highlights of the first ever RAW episode from January 11, 1993. The 10-year RAW anniversary is coming soon.

Match #1
Dudley Boyz & Spike vs 3-Minute Warning & Rico

Match starts on the outside. Bubba and Rico officially start the match. Bubba throws a few punches on Rico. Slapjack by Bubba. Rosie and Jamal attack Bubba while Rico was distracting the referee. Rosie and Jamal double clothesline Bubba. Rosie delivers a belly to belly suplex. Rico gets the tag back in. Moonsault by Rico, but Bubba moved out of the way. Bubba takes him down and tags D-Von. Clothesline by D-Von, followed by a neck breaker, 1,2 but Rico kicked out. Sidewalk slam by D-Von. D-Von throws Rosie over the top rope to the outside. D-Von then clotheslines Jamal to the outside. In the ring, Rico and Bubba are fighting. Bubba throws a few punches, and down goes Rico. The Dudleyz do the whaazzup drop. Jamal drop kicks Bubba. Spike does the Dudley dog on Jamal. The Dudleyz do the 3D on Rico and they get the win.

Winners: Dudley Boyz & Spike

Stacy Keibler is shown backstage talking on the phone about having some "Testicles" shirts made. She had some sample shirts with her that she's going to show later tonight.


An employee informs Eric Bischoff that there is a rumor that HHH is heading to the arena. Bischoff says that he doesn't care and he will give him a real warm welcome.

Highlights of last night's main event were shown.

Bischoff is once again waiting in the parking lot. A limo pulls up, and this time it's Scott Steiner. Bischoff says "My special guest, I can't believe it!" Bischoff says that him and Steiner will run this place. He tells him that anything he wants is his, just like the old days. Steiner just walks towards the arena without saying a word.


Stacy Keibler comes out and says that she has a treat for all the Testicles out there. She brought some t-shirt samples and she wants the fans to vote. "I'm a Testicle, Rub me the right way", "Take a Test Ride" This is her favorite. "I love my Testicles." She gets a cannon and she starts shooting t-shirts in the crowd.

Steven Richards comes out and interrupts her. He said that last week, Stacy set him up. He said that Test isn't here tonight, and Stacy is all alone, and it's time for him to get revenge. She pulls the cannon's trigger and a t-shirt goes flying right in Steven's you know what. Victoria comes out and attacks Stacy. She puts this arm hold on her and starts bitting Stacy's finger.


Stacy complains to Bischoff about Victoria. Bischoff makes a Women's title match between Victoria and Stacy Keibler.

Match #2
Lance Storm & William Regal vs Jeff Hardy & Tommy Dreamer

The match starts on the entrance ramp. Tommy Dreamer beats on Storm and Regal in the ring. Regal takes down Dreamer and tags Storm. Jaw breaker by Storm. Dreamer fights back, then Regal comes running in and hits him. Storm applies pressure to the neck on Dreamer. Dreamer fights back with a death valley driver. Regal kicks Dreamer in the face out of nowhere, while was laying on the apron. Storm covers Dreamer after the kick and gets the win. After the match, Regal places a chair in the ring and they tripped Dreamer and ge goes face first on it.

Winners: Lance Storm & William Regal

Steiner highlights were shown from last night.


Scott Steiner Interview

Steiner says that everyone wants to know where he's been and what took him so long. He says that he's been busy. He has women nation wide to satisfy. He said he use to turn on RAW and it made him puke. He turned on Smackdown and heard people say they are the greatest of all time. He says that he is the greatest of all time. He says that he's not here to make friends.

Chris Jericho interrupts him. Jericho asks him who he thinks he is. Jericho says that he has no idea of who the big dady booty licious is. If he wants to talk about a body, talk about Jericho. Jericho starts flexing and asks if Steiner is jealous. He tells Steiner to think about something. If Steiner signs with RAW, he wouldn't be the best in the world, because Jericho is. He say she has bigger arms than Steiner. Jericho says that after he wins the main event tonight and beats the has-been-kid next week, he will have bigger and better things to worry about. Steiner takes the microphone and flexes and says that his vein is bigger than Jericho's arm. Steiner challenges him, but Jericho says that he has a match to worry about tonight. Steiner says that he's not going anywhere, he wants to observe Jericho in the main event tonight.


Match #3
WWE Women's Title
Stacy Keibler vs Victoria

Victoria kicks Stacy, then pushes her in the corner and beats on her. Snap suplex, 1,2 but Stacy kicked out. Spinning kick by Stacy. Stacy goes all over Victoria. Victoria fights back. Victoria kicks Stacy and does some move wish I don't know how to even describe and she gets the win. (It started like a powerbomb, but ended backwards..hard to explain.) After the match, Victoria attacks Stacy. Trish comes out and beats on her. Steven Richards comes out and does a double arm DDT on Trish.

Winner: Still WWE Women's champion, Victoria


Maven was shown at The World.

Match #4
Christopher Nowinski vs Al Snow

He comes out with "Brain over Brawn" written on a little blackboard he has with him. He says that Maven is at the World tonight. "Looks like the teacher's pet is not at school today." He says that last week, he out-wrestled Al Snow. He wants to prove that brains are always better than brawn.

Snow pushes him and smashed the blackboard on his head. Snow throws Chris to the outside. Snow beats on him. Snow gets a few chairs and throws them in the ring. He also throws a bowling bag. Chris gets erasers and some chalk dust goes in Al's eyes. Chris is now in control. Al Snow hits him with a skeleton, followed by a piece of wood, followed by a steel chair. Snow drop kicks a chair on Chris. Snow puts a dunce cap on Chris and pulls out his bowling ball and bowls. Al Snow places several chairs in the middle of the ring. He makes Chris lay down on them. Snow goes on the top rope, and attempts to do a moonsault, but Nowinski moves out of the way and Snow lands hard on the chairs. Nowinski covers and gets the win.

Winner: Christopher Nowinski


Eric Bischoff is talking to Val Venis backstage. He says that it's great to see him. Bischoff and Val went to finish some paper work. No clue on what's going on, all we know is Val is now with RAW.

Match #5
Ric Flair vs Kane

Flair comes out dressed in a suit, not ready to wrestle at all. Kane comes out. Flair takes the microphone and says that what he said to Bischoff--he was kidding. He says that he respects Kane. Flair warns him that if he puts a finger on him, HHH will get him back. Kane goes after him, and Flair starts running around the ring. Batista comes out of nowhere and knocks down Kane. Then he powerbombs him.

Winner: No Contest (Match never happened)


Jericho is apologizing to Christian about last week. Jericho needs Christian to watch his back tonight, in case Steiner attacks him. Christian says "Now you need my help? You should have thought of that last week."

Match #6
Triple Threat Match No DQ
Winner Faces HBK Next Week
Booker T vs Chris Jericho vs Rob Van Dam

Booker T grabs the microphone and says that all night he's been sitting back just listening, but not one word about him. They talked about HHH, HBK, Y2J, RVD, but no mention of Booker T. he said that it's all good. Because tonight, when it's all over, he will be the #1 contender for the World title. Booker T does the spinaroonie.


Match starts with all three men. RVD and Booker T working on Jericho. RVD throws him to the outside. Booker and RVD go at it. Hurricanrana by Booker T. RVD kicks Booker T. RVD misses a kick, Booker does a sidewalk slam, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. Jericho gets in and starts beating on Booker T. RVD grabbed the belt and was about to hit Jericho, but he ducked and he hits Booker T. RVD and Jericho going at it in the corner. Monkey flip by RVD, 1,2 but Jericho kicked out. Jericho kicks RVD in the back of the head, 1,2 but RVD kicked out. RVD fights back with a modified drop kick. Booker T gets up and Jericho hammers away on him. Booker fights back with a flying take down. Chops to the chest of Jericho by Booker T. Booker T does the Walls of Jericho on Chris Jericho. RVD makes the save. Scissors kick by RVD on Booker T, 1,2 but Booker kicked out. Jericho does a five star frog splash on RVD. It's funny how they each did each other's move. Booker T and Jericho exchange hits. Jericho chokes Booker T in the corner. Drop kick by Jericho. Booker does a side kick. RVD drop kicks him. RVD does a slingshot on Jericho and he goes flying to the outside. They fight on the outside. Jericho does a bulldog on RVD. Scissors kick by Booker on RVD. Back in the ring. Huge spine buster by Booker T, and covers, 1,2 but Jericho managed to kick out. Jericho fights back with a bulldog. Jericho misses the linsault. Booker nails him with a side kick, followed by another kick. Christian comes out and nails Booker T with a steel chair. Jericho covers, 1,2 but Booker T kicked out. Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho on Booker T. Scott Steiner comes out and hits Christian. Goes in the ring and beats on Jericho. Steiner does the military press on Christian. Steiner does a double under-arm powerbomb on Jericho. Steiner left. RVD goes on the top rope and does the five star on Jericho. RVD covers him for the 1,2,3.

After the match, SHawn Michaels comes out congratulates RVD for his win.

Winner: #1 Contender, Rob Van Dam

Random Thoughts

I loved the shoot, or perhaps worked-shoot by Bischoff when he said "Before you lose your smile again".. to Shawn Michaels. For those of you who didn't understand it. Bischoff was making reference from February of 1997, when Shawn was champion and found out that he was scripted to drop the belt to Bret Hart at WM 13 and Shawn claimed to have "Lost his smile" and forfeited the belt..also there was a knee injury along the way, but the real reason he forfeited the title was to avoid jobbing.

I liked Shawn's comments about the necrophilia storyline when Bischoff asked him "Are you offended from necrophilia as a Christian?", and Shawn responded by saying that he's offended from it just from being a wrestler.

No Triple H tonight... and you know what? RAW was actually good! It was a decent show.

Main Event was actually great in my opinion.

Jericho executes a better Five Star Frog Splash than RVD. We saw it! :-) Jerry Lawler called it a "Five 1/2 Star Frog Splash."

RVD vs Shawn Michaels for the World Title, next week on RAW. October of 1997 was the last time Shawn wrestled on RAW.

Well, that's it guys, this was my last report.

Thank you for reading,
Paul Nemer