Full WWE RAW Results - 11/25/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, November 25, 2002 at 11:24 PM EST

Full WWE RAW Results - 11/25/02
LIVE From: North Charleston, S.C.
Commentators: Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
Report by: Michael Barrett of WrestleView.com

Flashback to Survivor Series with HBK winning the World Heavyweight Championship. The flashback continues into last Monday with RVD defeating Booker T and Chris Jericho for the #1 Contendership for the World Heavyweight Championship. RVD faces HBK tonight on RAW for the Championship.

1st Match: The Dudleys vs. Chris Jericho and Christian for the World Tag Team Titles
The Dudleys back together facing off against the World Tag Team Champions Jericho and Christian. Big "POP" for the Dudleys and the crowd wants the tables. Bubba and Christian start out the match with a lot of fast action. This is not a technical match by no means. Devon gets beat down by the Champs with neck breakers. Devon tags in Bubba. Bubba back drops the Champs. Devon tags back into the match and gets beat down by Jericho. Jericho rolls up Devon for the quick win.

Enter - Eric Bischoff and the Big Valbowski (Sean Morley)

The Big Valbowski (Sean Morley) is named the New Chief of Staff and his first order of business is to restart the tag match because Devon and Jericho had their shoulders on the mat. They restart the match but TNN goes to a commercial break. What happened there? That sucked!
Back to action with Jericho and Bubba in the ring going at it. Buuba and Devon get Christian in a 3-D and pin him for the Championship Gold. Wait, Shawn Morley comes back out. The pin fall does not count because Bubba was the legal man not Devon who covered for the win. They have to restart the match. Bubba and Jericho back in to action. They get Jericho into the head dive off the top rope. Get the tables. No, the referee won't let them do it. Bubba gets hit by a lionsault. Christina uses a tag belt to hit Bubba. Jericho gets Bubba into the walls of Jericho for the tap out.

Winners & STILL Tag Team Champs - Chris Jericho & Christian

-Commercial Break-

Flashback to October of 1998 with Steve Austin beating the Hell out of Vince in the Hospital.

Great memories as they segue into the World and being in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade Thursday.

Interview with Shawn Michaels and Terri talking about the first title defense in 5 years. Shawn gives RVD props about being worthy getting the chance to compete tonight. Shawn says he will tell RVD what he thinks to his face tonight. Here come the tag Champs pouring champagne over themselves. Jericho is going on about Scott Steiner interfering last week. Look out Charlotte, the Champs are going to shower and get gussied up to go out and party. Enter - Bubba and Devon are pissed about their loss. Bubba has a plan?

-Commercial Break-

Flask to Test over seas doing some good PR with his Testicles as the King says.

2nd Match: Test w/ Stacy Kiebler vs. Steven Richards
Flashback to Stacey nailing Richards' with the "wiener slinger" in the Testicles. Richards is trying to power wrestle against Test. Richards slows down by using a chin lock. Not a lot of action going on here. The King says that Stacey's best attributes are her umm puppies, not, her legs. Test over powers Richards' with a front twisting, reverse neck breaker.

Winner: Test

Flash to the Back - Jericho and Christian are calling the guys in the back losers. Someone takes the Champs luggage. The Dudleys have their stuff and they chase after them. OOPS they get locked out of the locker room with nothing but towels on. Funny bit.

-Commercial Break-

Back with Test and Stacy talking about him loving his testicles. They both love his testicles. Victoria grabs Stacy and says if she screams that it would be the last thing she would do. Victoria licks Stacy on the side of the face and says she loves the taste of fear.

3rd Match: Chris Nowinski vs. Maven
Nowinski says that Maven played the sympathy card to win Tough Enough #1. Maven attacks Nowinski. Nowinski recovers to knock Maven out with his book.

Winner: No Match

-Commercial Break-

Flashback to Jericho and Christian looking for their stuff. They find some stuff and make fun or the clothes. Enter the 3 Minute Warning saying drop the gear or they will get dropped.

4th Match: Trish Stratus vs. Victoria for the Women's Championship
Victoria is beating Trish with hard right hands and elbows to the back. Victoria trips Trish into the bottom rope. That looked like it really hurt. Trish rolls up Victoria for a near fall. Got to love the roll ups. Very quick covers by Victoria. No offense from Trish at all as they are making Victoria into a bigger heel. 3 quick roll ups by Trish result in a shot to her throat by Victoria and she gains control again. Victoria is really punishing Trish. Threw her into the steel ring steps. Trish gets the upper hand with a couple of clotheslines. Now the action picks up with Trish giving Victoria the frankensteiner. Only a two count. Victoria gains the upper hand and gives Trish the Widows Peak. Nasty move.

Winner & STILL Women's Champion - Victoria

Flash to the back - Shawn Michaels looking for RVD. Shawn wants something from RVD, RVD wants his belt. Shawn smacks RVD, RVD smacks Shawn. Now you are speaking my language kid, says Shawn.

-Commercial Break-

Back with a short feature on Eric Bischoff

Flask to the back with the Tag Champs looking for their clothes. Christian is worried about "shrinkage." They see the Dudleys on TV with their bags. The Dudleys ask the crowd who wants free clothes. Bubba says that they have more clothes than the Godfather has ho's. The Dudleys are throwing the champs clothes into the crowd. Bubbas gets ass cream out of one of the bags. The Dudleys invite the champs to come get their clothes. Spike walks behind the champs and gets the towels. The champs actually had no clothes on. Funny Bit.

Promo for the World Championship match with RVD and HBK.

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5th Match: Jeff Hardy/Hurricane vs. William Regal/Lance Storm
Double attack by Hardy and Hurricane on Regal/Storm. Hurricane and Storm start out with many moves and reverses. Hurricane actually gets a choke slam on Storm. Storm tags in Regal. Your normal European nastiness comes out with upper cuts and a sling shot into the ropes. Quick tags by the Storm/Regal. King and JR are reporting that Booker T was taken to the hospital earlier in the evening. Storm gets Hurricane into the sharpshooter and he taps out. Yes, you heard me right, the sharpshooter.

Winners: William Regal & Lance Storm

Flashback to the last match HBK had in 1997 with Owen Hart.

-Commercial Break-

Rewind to last week when Batista attacks Kane.

6th Match: Kane vs. Batista
Wait - Ric Flair's music hits. There he is stylin' and profilin'. Flair bragging about his 16 time Championship reign. Kane walks towards Flair. Typical set up as Batista attacks Kane from behind. Back to the ring and Batista is manhandling Kane relatively easy. Batista counters the choke slam with a couple of elbows. Off the top rope and Kane hits the referee and Batista. No referee and Kane goes to get the referee and Flair hits Kane in the head with a chair. Batista hits a power slam and gets the win.

Winner: Batista w/ Ric Flair

-Commercial Break-

Flash to the Back - Eric Bischoff and Sean Morley talking about Big Show and Steiner on Smackdown. RNN - Breaking News, Randy Orton and his breaking news. Injury update. Thank you's to the doctors and nurses.

7th Match: Goldust vs. Rico
Does anyone remember Rico from the Gladiators on NBC and USA? Anyway, the match starts with Goldust taking control of the match with a clothesline. Rico takes Goldust down to the mat with an arm drag take over and slows the action. Goldust takes over with right hands and a quick count. JR reports that Booker T was taken to the hospital due to dehydration. Goldust manhandles Rico and gets a quick pin.

Winner: Goldust

-Commercial Break-

8th Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam for the World Heavyweight Title
RVD comes out first to a loud pop. Shawn comes out to an even louder pop. This will be a fast paced match. Collar elbow tie up to start. A couple of reverses and HBK gets an elbow to the mouth. Backslide and a two count. HBK gets thrown over the top rope. RVD with a moonsault that doen't connect and almost was a bad move as RVD hit the mat hard. Fast paced action. HBK hits a corkscrew knee twister and takes RVD out of action and he then goes to the offensive and stays on that knee. RVD goes higg with a moonsault but only gets a two count. RVD hits the rolling thunder for a two count. HBK reverses a suplex with a ddt. HBK is going to the top rope and hits the elbow. A cover and he gets a two count. RVD hits a back breaker. RVD hits a five star splash.Here comes Triple H and hits the pedigree on RVD.

Winner by DQ: Rob Van Dam
Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Shawn Michaels

HBK and Triple H are fighting. Triple H knocks HBK into a steel chair. Fade away with Triple having destroyed HBK and RVD.

End of show.