Full WWE RAW Results - 12/02/02

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, December 2, 2002 at 11:21 PM EST

WWE Monday Night Raw "Live from Austin, Texas"
Commentators: Jim "JR" Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Recap by: Michael Barrett of WrestleView.com

Flash to last week: RVD and HBK highlights for the World Heavyweight Championship, showing HHH interfering and taking out RVD and HBK.

Match #1
Dudley Boys (Bubba & Devon) taking on 3 Minute Warning with Rico

The match starts out with all wrestlers in the ring and the Dudley's are cleaning house. Double suplex on Rosey. Jamal then takes out the Dudleys with a double clothesline. The Dudleys take control and use their experience to take control of the younger wrestlers. Bubba is keeping the younger Jamal on the mat with an arm bar take down and keeps a close focus on that arm. Bubba tags in Devon and is reversed on a close line. Jamal and Rosey take control and keep Devon from making a tag. Double team on Devon and Rosey is beating down on Devon with a couple lefts. Devon gets out on a pin and tags Bubba and the ref doesn't see the tag. Devon stays in the match and gets the double team by Jamal and Rosey. Devon tags in Bubba and he uses a couple of rights and whips Rosey into the corner into a sidewalk slam. Bubba knocks Rosey down with an elbow and Rico interferes in the match. Spike comes down to beat down Rico. Devon goes up for the head butt and Rosey feels the pain. Jamal and Bubba get into it outside the ring and Bubba takes him into the ring post. Rosey comes in and cleans house and as he goes to the top rope Devon trips him up. The 3-D gets nailed after a failed interference by Rico and takes the 1,2,3.

Winners: The Dudleys

As we go to break we see Triple H coming into the back with Ric Flair.

Commercial Break

During the commercial break 3 Minute Warning and Chris Jericho and Christian beat down all the Dudleys.

Flash to the back with Sean and Eric talking about the interference. Sean wants to be known as Chief Morley. Enter Triple H. He is pissed about having to fight RVD tonight to be the #1 Contender. He says the fact that he has to wrestle RVD is an insult. Eric says he wants TV ratings and he says he wants great TV. Chief Morley says that the #1 Contenders Match is going to get out of hand. Bischoff says that the match needs a special referee.

Commercial Break

Back from Break with a Jericho promo.

Flash back to Spike getting thrown into the announcers booth.

Match #2
Trish Stratus vs. Ivory

Ivory and Trish start out in the collar and elbow lock up. A quick take down and Ivory gains control. Trish gets out of the hold. Ivory then takes control with an arm bar and Trish reverses into a clothesline and gets a two count. Ivory kicks Trish down and then gets a modified power slam. Ivory uses a hand full of hair and throws Trish half way across the ring. Ivory whips Trish into the ropes and Trish ducks under and gets a neck breaker on Ivory. Trish uses her forearms and whips Ivory into the ropes and knocks her down with a kick. Trish gets the spring board bulldog on Ivory for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Trish Stratus

Flash to the back. Victoria is going through Jackie's bags. Jackie calls Victoria a Psycho bitch. Victoria throws Jackie into the lockers. This leads up to a match later tonight with Victoria and Jackie.

Commercial Break

Back to a promo about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
Flash to the back as the World Tag Team Champs say to the Raw talent that if anybody disrespects them they will get beat down.

Match #3
Jeff Hardy / Tommy Dreamer vs. Lance Storm / William Regal

Things break down fast outside the ring as everyone goes at it. Jeff runs around the ring and splashes the Storm/Regal. Tommy whips Storm into the ropes and gets a power slam on the Canadian. Dreamer gets a 2 count and Storm gets out of the pin. Lance gets the upper hand with a super kick right to the injured jaw of Dreamer. Storm tags in Regal and throws some European uppercuts. Dreamer bounces then gets knocked in the jaw by Regal. Two count by Storm on Dreamer and Storm concentrates on a front face lock. Dreamer back drops Storm and makes the tag but the ref doesn't see it. Regal throws Dreamer into an exposed ring post and it knocks Dreamer out. Regal gets the 1,2,3.

Winners: Lance Storm and William Regal

They have Jeff in the sharpshooter and get ready to take Jeff out with a chair. Dreamer saves the day with the Singapore Cane.

Flash to the back. Flair talking with Bautista. Flair is trying to get to know the big man. Flair says go to the ring and show everyone the real Dave Bautista.

Commercial Break

Match #4
Dave Bautista with Ric Flair vs. The Hurricane

Bautista attacks the Hurricane outside the ring and throws him into the ring. Bautista goes to thrown Hurricane into the ring and he reverses the move. Bautista gets Hurricane into a power bomb and gets the 1,2,3. Very quick match.

Winner: Bautista

Kane comes out to keep Bautista from power bombing Hurricane with a clothesline.

Flash to the back showing Booker T getting ready to come out.

Commercial Break

Back to an Interview with Terri Runnels and HBK. Why is HBK here? He wants to see who wins tonight between RVD and Triple H. RVD comes in and says Triple H shows up and saves HBK's title. RVD calls Triple H an asshole. Bischoff comes in and says that they both are right. HBK is announced as the special guest referee. Eric says he better call the match fair or he will strip him of the title in the middle of the ring tonight.

Match #5
Booker T vs. Chris Jericho

Booker interferes with the music of Jericho. Booker says after last week that Jericho is isn't a big star after all. Booker says that Jericho can star in Stuart Little and Booker says that he can be 8 Mile. Jericho takes control with punches and some knife edge chops. Jericho whips booker and he reverses with a chop to Jericho as he jumps off the top rope. Booker goes for a kick and lands on the tope rope. Jericho drop kicks booker to the outside. Up to the top rope Jericho lands an elbow to Booker and gets a two count. Jericho off the middle rope with a splash and gets a two count. Jericho to the tope rope and Booker stops him. Four right hands and Booker gets Jericho into the superplex. They both get up at the same time and Booker builds momentum with a couple of clotheslines. Booker gets a back drop on Jericho and gets a two count. Jericho gets the Walls of Jericho and Booker gets into the ropes. Booker gets up to the top rope and hits the missile drop kick for the two count. Jericho is catapulted into the tope rope. Jericho gets the bulldog before Booker could get the spinaroony. Christian interferes and beats down on Booker T and Goldust comes out to stop the interference. Chief Morley comes out and says if Christian and Goldust wants to interfere with the match then the match between Jericho and Booker is over and will be restarted as tag match with the World Tag Belts on the line.

No Winner

Commercial Break

Match #6

Back to the Tag Team title match as Goldust and Christian go at it in the ring. Goldust gets a good knee shot and goes for the pin. Only a two count. Christian tags in Jericho and gets double teamed by Booker and Goldust. Great kick to Jericho but Booker only gets a two count. Christian gets Booker with the tope rope to the throat. Jericho gets a slide kick to Booker. Christian is back in and beats down on Booker and Jericho uses the tag rope to choke Booker. Jericho sets up Booker on the middle rope and jumps on him to clothesline him. Christian gets the tag and tries the same thing and misses and sustains some shrinkage. Goldust gets tagged in and gives 5 rights to Jericho and goes for the pin. Only a two count. Goldust sets up Christian and gets the shattered dreams. Booker is tagged in and gets a kick in on Jericho. Jericho cheap shots Booker and almost gets the pin. Booker hits the book end and doesn't get the pin because the referee gets pulled out by Christian. Jericho gets a shot on Booker and hits the moonsault for the 1,2,3.

Winners and still the World tag Team Champs - Jericho and Christian.

Commercial Break

Back with a RAW flashback from October of 1998 with Steve Austin destroying Vince's corvette by pouring concrete in it. Great flashback.

Flash to the back with Test and Stacy making out.

Match #7
Jackie vs. Victoria in a non-title grudge match

Victoria storms down to the ring and attacks Jackie right away. Victoria gets Jackie into a body slam and goes for the pin. Only a two count. Jackie reverses a whip to the ropes and then reverses a kick with a leg sweep. Jackie gets a frankensteiner and gets a two count. Victoria recovers with an elbow shot off the tope rope. Then from the outside gives Jackie a leg drop. Victoria reverses a whip to the ropes and Victoria gets a a shot on her. Jackie gets a spinning heel kick on Victoria and gets the quick pin.

Winner: Jackie

Commercial Break

Back live with Victoria saying Jackie cheated. Big Poppa Pumps music hits and he comes out to the ring. Victoria and Steven Richards stays in the ring with Steiner in the ring. Steiner says why be with Richards when you can be with me. But Victoria has to wait. Victoria says that Steiner doesn't have what it takes. Richards attacks him and Steiner gets a slam on him. Steiner destroys both Richards and Victoria.

Bischoff's music hits. Eric says that Steiner is the man and the best free agent on the market. Eric says that he has a gift for Steiner if he would come to the back with him. They are coming to the back to see what is going on. In the back Bischoff has some ladies from Texas waiting for him. Steiner says that he doesn't need Bischoff's freaks. He has a super freak waiting on him in the limo. They go the back and open the limo door. Out pops Stephanie. She says to Eric that he just doesn't have what it takes to get Steiner. As Steph and Steiner drive away she says Eric, holla if you hear me.

Commercial Break

Back with RNN Breaking News and Randy Orton at the World in Times Square. JR interrupts Randy as they go to the back with Triple H confronting HBK. Triple H says he will finish what he started with HBK after he takes care of RVD. HBK says all Triple H has to do is cross the referee one time and its GAME OVER.

Match #8

Triple H with Ric Flair vs. RVD for the #1 Contender spot for the World Title with special guest referee - HBK

Commercial Break

Flashback to last week when Triple H back dropped HBK on the steel chair.

HBK ejects Flair to the back. RVD starts out fast with a couple of kicks and elbows to Triple H's jaw. A quick count twice and only two counts both times. Triple H gets a cross body off the tope rope by RVD. RVD gets back into the ring and gets chewed out by HBK. RVD hits a baseball slide. RVD is in control then hits a leg drop across Triple H's back on the ring side barriers. RVD gets a two count. Triple H whips RVD into the ropes and gets him down with a clothesline. Triple H reverse a whip to the ropes with a sleeper. RVD reverses the sleeper and gets Triple H to the mat. RVD gets a two count but HBK sees Triple H's leg on the bottom rope. Triple H gets a low blow on RVD and gains control Triple H reverses a whip to the ropes and RVD goes for a cross body and accidentally hits HBK. Triple H gets a chair and goes to hit RVD and HBK blocks it. RVD goes for a spinning heel kick and misses Triple H and hits HBK instead. Triple H hits RVD with the chair. HBK counts the 1,2,3 for Triple H to win.

Winner and #1 Contender - Triple H

Close with HBK and Triple H going at it. All of the officials from the back try to break up HBK and Triple H to no avail. HBK gets an elbow shot to knock Triple H down. HBK gets "The sweet chin music" to Triple H's jaw. HBK stands over Triple H and spits on him.