Full WWE RAW Results - 12/9/02

Reported by Michael Barrett of WrestleView.com
On Monday, December 9, 2002 at 11:10 PM EST

WWE Monday Night Raw "Live from Knoxville, TN"
Commentators: Jim "JR" Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler
Recap by: Michael Barrett of WrestleView.com

In the ring to start off the night Eric Bischoff and Sean Morley. Introducing HBK and the challenger for the title at Armageddon Triple H. Bischoff declares that their match at Armageddon will be 2 out of 3 falls. 1st fall will be a street fight. 2nd fall will be a steel cage match. The 3rd fall will be a ladder match. Bischoff says the issue between the two will end at Armageddon.

1st Match: Booker T/ Goldust vs. Lance Storm/William Regal in tag team action
Booker T and Lance Storm start out in a collar elbow tie up. Booker gets the upper hand working on the right arm. Lance counters with a whip to the ropes and Storm misses a clothesline just to get one by Booker. Goldust and Regal get tagged in and Regal gets the upper hand with a suplex on Goldust. Consistent double team action in the Regal/Storm's corner. Lance Storm works over Goldust in the middle of the ring. Goldust gets back to his feet and Lance Storm gets the hot hand. Booker gets tagged in and he takes out both Storm/Regal. Booker gets a sidewalk slam on Storm and whips him into the corner and gets a flap jack on Storm. Booker goes for the pin after an ax kick and Regal stops the count. Goldust comes in to nail Regal with a right hand. Goldust is setting Regal up for shattered dreams and nails it. Goldust gets a power slam on Storm. Two count only. Booker goes outside the ring with Regal and in the ring Storm gets Goldust in the sharpshooter and Goldust taps out.

Winners: Lance Storm / William Regal

Weird interview at the end of the match. Coach comes in to interview Goldust and Booker. Booker walks away and Goldust says that he is the weak link and that he will ask Eric Bischoff to give Booker and new partner at Armageddon.

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Flash to the back with Trish reading Hulk Hogans' book. Jericho comes in and claim that Hogan taps out to the King of the World. Jericho claims that there is sexual tension. Trish says that vitamin c sounds good but it should be called vitamin wee. We now see RVD talking on the phone as Bischoff comes in with Sean Morley. Morley hangs up the phone that RVD was using. RVD says that since they didn't do anything about Triple H last week hitting him with a chair so he thought that they probably didn't mind him using their chair. RVD says that Morley hung up on Scott Steiner. OOPS! Still in the back as we now have Jackie getting ready to face Steven Richards. Victoria comes in and says to Richards she has something for him for luck. She bites on his ear. OUCH!

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2nd Match: Jackie vs. Steven Richards in an inter-gender match.

Flash to last week with Jackie winning over Victoria.

Collar elbow tie up and Richard forces Jackie into the corner. Jackie turns on Richards with a couple right hands. Richards loses his temper and Jackie almost gets a pin with a suplex into a bridge. Jackie gets thrown into the corner and his followed by Richards with a clothesline. Richards goes to set up Jackie with a suplex off the top rope and she knocks Richards on to the top rope. After a couple of hard moves Richards gets a front slam and the win.

Winner: Steven Richards

After the match Victoria comes out.

Flash to the back with Terri talking with Jeff Hardy. Terri talks about Jeff being compared to HBK. Jeff says it is an honor to be compared HBK. HBK comes out and says that Jeff is talking like HBK is dead and that is further from the truth. Jeff asks for advice against Triple H tonight. HBK says that Jeff will take a whoopin' but Triple H will become to involved with himself and that's when Jeff can get the win. Jeff says that if HBK needs advice for the ladder match this Sunday, come find him.

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Flashback to last week when Triple H nails RVD with a chair last week.

3rd Match: RVD vs. Batista w/ Ric Flair
The match starts with a collar elbow tie up and over powers RVD to the mat. Batista whips RVD into the ropes and front press slams RVD. Batista grounds RVD with a couple of chokes on the rope. A whip into the rope and Batista blocks the first counter by RVD and then whip him to the next rope and RVD gets a heel kick off the top rope. A kick off the top rope has Batista reeling. RVD goes to the top rope and Flair interferes with the move. Batista grabs RVD and throws him into the top rope. Out comes Kane and the match ends with Kane nailing Batista with a few right upper cuts. RVD hits Flair with a heel kick.

Winner by DQ: Batista w/ Ric Flair

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Flashback to Sean Morley chewing out Kane for interfering in the last match. Kane makes fun of Morley. Morley says that Kane will fight Three Minute Warning and asks what Kane thinks of that. Kane says that it really sucks for 3 minute warning.

4th Match: Chris Nowinski & D-Lo Brown vs. Al Snow & Maven
The match starts with Al snow and Maven double teaming D Lo Brown. Al tags in Maven and he goes to work on D Lo's arm. A whip to the rope and a Maven gets a great take down. Nowinski interferes in the match and knocks down Maven from the outside. Nowinski is tagged back in and takes control of Maven. A couple of two counts and Maven doesn't give up. D Lo is tagged back in and tries to embarrass the young Maven talking a bunch of smack. Nowinski is tagged in and goes to the top rope and tries to hit a double ax handle and Maven drop kicks Nowinski. Al Snow gets tagged back in and goes to work with a couple back drops and a suplex. Nowinski tags D Lo back in and Al snow head butts him four or five times. All four guys in the ring and Al Snow clotheslines Nowinski to the outside and when Al turns around he gets a power slam and the pin.

Winners: D-Lo Brown & Chris Nowinski

Flash to the back with Goldust outside the Bischoff's office and Booker T stops him. Booker says that Goldust has been his best partner. Booker says that you can go in there and give up or he can go to Armageddon and help him win the Tag Team Gold. Goldust says he will fight for the gold.

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5th Match: Triple H w/ Ric Flair vs. Jeff Hardy
Jeff comes in a tries to do his normal corner to corner entrance and Triple H stops that. Jeff does a couple of crotch shots right off the bat to slow down Triple H. Triple H knocks Jeff to the outside and goes outside and throws Jeff into the steel steps a couple of times. Back into the ring and Triple H takes Jeff into the corner. A whip to the ropes and Tripe H gets a spine buster on Jeff. A two count and triple H goes to stomping on Jeff's head. A back breaker into a front face lock. Triple H gets Jeff into a press slam and Jeff gets out of it and gets a couple of punches in on Triple H. Triple H stops the momentum with a right hand on Jeff and gets the pedigree on Jeff twice. Triple H gets the pin.

Winner: Triple H w/ Ric Flair

To the outside Flair hold Jeff as Triple H beats him down and Flair gives Jeff some punches to the head. Triple H grabs a chair and walks around and HBK walks out. Flair and Triple H wave HBK into the ring. Damn TNN goes to commercial in the middle of a showdown.

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Back to the action with Flair saying he wants a word with HBK. HBK comes down to the ring. Flair says there was a time where when he walked into the airport he knew he was the man. Then when Flair walked into the ring a kid says that Flair isn't the man anymore. HBK was the man. Flair says that he had to look into the mirror and say that HBK was the man. Flair says that HBK was the best wrestler alive. Flair says that there is a new man in town. Flair says that Triple H and HBK tore it up at Survivor Series. Flair says that HBK doesn't have the heart or the mind to continue. Flair says that HBK has to pass the torch. Flair rambles on saying that Triple is the man and HBK will be killed at Armageddon if he doesn't pass the torch. Big Crowd pop for HBK. HBK walks out of the ring. Triple H says go ahead and walk out with your tail between your legs and at Armageddon you will be history. HBK walks on without saying a word.

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Flashback with Mike Tyson with Vince and here comes Stone Cold. Promo for the Tenth Anniversary

6th Match: Kane vs. 3 Minute Warning w/ Rico
Jamal and Rosey attack Kane from behind. Kane whips into the ropes and double clotheslines Jamal and Rosey. Rosey gets a leg shot to Kane across the throat. A double suplex on Kane and a two count. Kane whips Jamal to the ropes and gets power body slam. Then Rosey gets whipped into the ropes and Kane gets a DDT. Jamal and Rosey try and double team Kane and they run into each other. Kane gets a choke slam on Rosey and the pin.

Winner: Kane

After the match they triple team Kane and RVD comes out with a top rope heel kick to Rico. Kane takes the chair to Jamal. RVD goes to the top rope and Kane puts the chair right in front of Jamal's face and RVD drop kicks the chair into Jamal's face.

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Flash to the back with Stacy in a Santa outfit. Stacy makes some funny comments about Tests Christmas balls. Stacy sings a carol called Tests nuts roasting on an open fire, funny bit.

RNN breaking News - Randy Orton in New York celebrating Christmas.

In the back with Christian and Jericho talking about the table match tonight. Jericho says that he can't wait to but Trish through a table. Victoria walks in and says that nobody puts that bitch through a table but me and looks away from Jericho and Christian.

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In the back with HBK finding Flair in the back. HBK tells Flair that his he and his heart will be in the parking lot.

7th Match: Inter-gender Tag Team Tables Match with Dudley Boyz & Trish Stratus vs. Christian/Chris Jericho & Victoria
Devon and Christian starts out with a beat down in the corner. Bubba is tagged in and throws Victoria and Christian into the corner and splashes both of them. Bubba gets Victoria In the middle of the ring and head butts her in the crotch. Then Trish takes her turn with a head butt off the top rope into Victoria's crotch. Bubba tells Devon and Trish to get the tables. Bubbas gets Victoria into a jack knife positon to get slammed into the table and TNN goes to a commercial. Damn them.

-Commercial Break-

Back to the match with Bubba and Jericho. Jericho tags in Victoria and Bubba gets a sidewalk slam. Bubba has gotten his nose busted open on a move by Victoria. Bubba gets double teamed by the Tag Team Champs. Jericho slingshots into the ropes and clotheslines Bubba. Jericho goes for the Moonsault and Bubba moves. Bubba gets a spear on Jericho. Both guys are down. Jericho gets up first and elbows Bubba in the back of the head. Bubba throws Jericho into the corner where a table is waiting and it doesn't break. Bubbas tags in Devon. Action breaks down with Trish and Victoria outside. Bubba bomb and 3D. More interference as Richards comes out and blocks a Victoria into the table jack knife. Spike Dudley comes out and gets Richards down. Then here comes Regal/Storm to take out Bubba and Devon. Here come Goldust and Booker T. Goldust gets Christian in the shattered dreams. Trish gets a frankendteiner on Jericho then gets up and clotheslines Trish to hell. Booker T stops Jericho nailing Trish with a jack knofe. Victoria gets stopped and put into the top rope jack knife with Trish on the giving end through the table.

Winners: Dudley Boyz & Trish Stratus

Flash to the back with HBK and Flair walking to the parking lot. They are yelling out for HBK. Behind the pillar is HBK and nails Triple H with a shovel. HBK is beating down Triple H a garbage can thowing Triple H into a dumpster. HBK goes up tp the top of a semi trailer and flies off the top to nail Triple H in the dumpster. HBK says how dare you confuse my humility with wekness. At Armageddon I will be the showstopper. HBK says he is the man and at Armageddon the end will be near.

End of show.