Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 12/18/02 (Last TNA show of the year, more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, December 19, 2002 at 12:34 AM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 12/18/02
LIVE From: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Dave Meltzer of WrestlingObserver.com

(Remember, this is the last NWA TNA show of the year. NWA TNA will be returning on January 8th, 2002)

Show opened with a very strong video piece on Jeff Jarrett going all over the world as NWA champion, showing clips from the WWA tour in the ring with both Sting and Lex Luger (neither identified, and there names should have been said). Jarrett tried to get over the belt as being world wide and did a good job. They also showed some clips of Jarrett in Japan with Zero-One, but nothing from his match there on Sunday.

Curt Hennig did an interview regarding Vince Russo. He made his obligatory Brock Lesnar reference. He challenged Russo to come out. Russo did, but then Hennig was attacked by The Harris Twins, Low Ki, Elix Skipper, Christopher Daniels and B.G. James. They pounded on him for a while. As this was happening, James did a bad Jim Ross impersonation. This segment wasn't that great because Hennig makes a terrible babyface and James doing the Jim Ross makes the company come across so minor league.

1. Opener was a Royal Rumble X division match. They announced that Russo had pulled Skipper, Daniels and Low Ki out and they were replaced by the Maximos and Ace Steel. It came down to Jason Cross pinning Amazing Red to become the new #1 contender for the X Division Title in 22:09 with his crossfire, which is a shooting star legdrop. Unfortunately he didn't hit the move right. This was probably the best Battle Royal I've seen in years. It was filled with hot moves and near falls, and lots of dives. Cross and Red started and ended, although they didn't do a good enough job of getting across how they were both surviving the entire match. In order of entrance, in were Tony Mamaluke, Jimmy Rave, Shark Boy, Kid Kash, Ace Steel, Jose, Joel and finally David Young. They pushed Young as the power man, doing moves like back suplexing two guys at the same time.

Russo came out again and explained that the reason we haven't seen Low Ki is because the NWA didn't want to use him unless he'd commit to a 52-week schedule (an exaggerated version of reality), that we hadn't seen Daniels because they were too cheap to fly him in from California (that's just what the people at home want to think, they are paying money every week for a promotion so cheap they can't afford to bring in talent) and that they wouldn't pay Skipper. He told Skipper he'd get him laid twice a day. That was a real scary thought. He told Jeff Jarrett to come out. Jarrett told a story about how the boys didn't respect Russo and he had spent years talking people like Shawn Michaels and Bill Goldberg out of killing him. That started a Goldberg chant. After Jarrett said he wasn't joining Russo, Russo said that everybody laughed at Jarrett behind his back because he's a daddy's boy. Jerry Jarrett finally got his name mentioned. Anyway, all the heels beat up on Jarrett, although they gave him a lot of offense and a comeback. Finally the Twins gave him an H-Bomb, Daniels gave him a moonsault and Skipper gave him the play of the day. Usually these type of "shoot comment" segments are annoying, but this built a lot of tension and was very well done. It should be noted that on this segment there was no mention of Roddy Piper's name, and the announcers never mentioned his name either. Curt Hennig did in his earlier interview.

2. In a non-title match, Chris Harris & James Storm defeated Brian Lee & Slash and Ron & Don Harris when the Road Warriors interfered cleaning house on both heel teams, including doing the doomsday device on Slash (thank HHH that Animal got him up and anyone who saw the tag league final in Japan will know what I mean there). Hawk did a splash off the top on Ron Harris and Storm pinned him in 7:33. Storm & Harris had to work for six guys. Goldylocks tried to interview the Warriors, who had nothing to say except some mumbling about Russo and Hawk said they still snack on danger and dine on death. Given Hawk's health these last few years, that last statement is kind of spooky, although no more spooky than another week of bringing in unadvertised stars who only have a one week nostalgia value. Even though Storm & Harris are local favorites, this match had no heat until the Warriors showed up. They can their big pop, which equaled zero money. Athena did a run in giving a low blow to one of the heels, which is only significant because. . .

3. Sonny Siaki defeated E.Z. Money and Jerry Lynn in a three-way match to retain the X Division Title in 7:47. Kim Neilsen, whose name is "Every Man's Desire" (EMD for short) distracted Lynn as he had the match won allowing Siaki to use the Siakalypse on Money. EMD then hugged Russo after the match. Russo gave a big speech to Siaki about being the most talented man at his age in the entire wrestling business. Crowd wasn't into this match either. Money has good moves and Lynn is the best guy in the promotion, but this thing never got untracked. Well, that proves he doesn't know a thing. In the middle of this speech, Lynn did a run-in attacking Siaki but was laid out by EMD are her low blows. Siaki & EMD left with Russo.

4. B.G. James defeated Ron "The Truth" Killings in a falls count anywhere street fight in 4:37 when Low Ki, Daniels and Skipper all interfered and laid out Killings to set up the pin. Your typical B.G. James match, and that isn't good.

5. They set up an impromptu main event where Low Ki, Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper defeated Amazing Red & Maximos in 21:03 when Low Ki pinned Red. Most of the match was Red getting destroyed and kicking out of one near fall after another. As far as building crowd intensity in a match, they did probably the best job of any match in the promotion's history. Some incredible moves and a few sloppy sequences, but crowd was going nuts. Don West was standing on the announcers table shouting "Go Red Go!" which accentuated it, but crowd was going nuts long before that. By the way, that was right out of early 70s L.A. T-Birds Roller Games. Actually Red should have gone over with as many near falls as he was kicking out of and the fact the crowd decided about 12:00 into the match that he was their new favorite. After the match, all of Russo's guys came out to destroy the faces. They teased putting all three through a table when Hennig did a run-in. He was pounded on. Suddenly David Flair did a run-in, but he's with Russo and put Hennig in the figure four. Jarrett saved Hennig and put David in the figure four. A.J. Styles then attacked Jarrett and Daniels and Skipper put Jarrett through a table. Show ended with Styles joining Russo's SEX group and Russo taking an ax and destroying the NWA TNA set.