Full WWE RAW Results - 12/23/02 (Ross and Lawler tag team)

Reported by Michael Barrett of WrestleView.com
On Monday, December 23, 2002 at 11:15 PM EST

WWE RAW from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry "the King" Lawler
Reported by: Michael Barrett of Wrestleview.com

Flashback to last week when Scott Steiner signed his contract and faced off against Triple H.

1st Match - RVD/Kane vs. 3 Minute Warning with Rico

Kane and Rosey start out with Rosey taking the upper hand with a couple of right hands. Kane reverses a whip to the ropes and nails Rosey with a clothesline. Rosey tags in Jamal and Kane takes control into the corner with a whip and then big foot right to Jamal's face. Kane tags in RVD and he hits the cross body assisted by Kane. Rosey knocks RVD to the outside with Rico interfering. Jamal tags in Rosey and he takes control of RVD. A cheap shot to Kane and RVD tags in Kane. Kane comes off the top with a right hand. Kane gets the choke slam on Jamal. RVD goes to the top rope and nails the 5 Star Splash for the win.

Winners: Kane / RVD

To the back with Sean Morley and Eric Bischoff talking about Triple H possibly calling out Steiner. Spike Dudley comes in complaining about Regal and his brass knuckles from last week. Spike says he can take a beating as well as give one. Bischoff says good because he will face off against Batista tonight.

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2nd Match - Test with Stacy Keibler vs. D LO Brown

Collar elbow tie up and Test breaks it off. Collar elbow again with Test driving D Lo into the corner. D Lo knocks Test to the outside and runs Test into the steel steps. D Lo charges Test and Test nails him with a couple of right hands and elbows. D Lo has made this into a brawl by using right hands. He whips Test into the corner and nails him with a spine buster. D Lo goes to the tope rope to hit a moonsault and he misses Test. Test recovers with a couple right hands. A whip into the ropes and he gets D Lo into a back drop. He whips D Lo into the corner and nails D Lo with a clothesline. Test hits his finisher the pump handle and only gets a 2 count when D Lo grabs the bottom rope. D Lo goes to pin Test and has his feet on the bottom rope and he is caught by the referee. The referee doesn't count the pin and D Lo gets pissed and nails him.

Winner by DQ: Test with Stacy Keibler

Flashback to November of last year when Vince forces JR to kiss his ass. This happened in JR's home state of Oklahoma.

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Flash to last week on Friday with Jerry "the King" Lawler's book signing.

Out comes Bischoff and Morley. Bischoff let's everyone know the stipulations for the Royal Rumble match. There will be 15 RAW Brand competitors in the match, and 15 SmackDown Brand competitors. Whoever wins will get a shot at their brand's champion at WrestleMania. Therefore, if a RAW wrestler wins, he will face the World Champion (RAW) at WrestleMania. If a SmackDown wrestler wins, he will face the WWE Champion (SmackDown) at WrestleMania. Bischoff also brought Jim Ross into the ring and told him he would be wrestling with Jerry Lawler later in the show against a tag team of his choosing. If either Ross or Lawler refuse to wrestle, they will be fired on the spot. (summary taken from an earlier article by Ryan Droste of Wrestleview)

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Flash to the back with "The Coach" talking about chatting with Triple H after the next match.

3rd Match - Chris Nowinski vs. The Hurricane

Nowinski attacks Hurricane from behind. Gets him into the corner and beats him down to the mat. Nowinski does a pump handle side slam on the hurricane. Nowinski whips the hurricane into the corner and the Hurricane hits a right hand. Hurricane gets a couple of good moves on Nowinski but wastes time and Nowinski hits a right hand to the hurricane. Nowinski goes to the top rope and out comes Maven. Maven distracts Nowinski enough to let the Hurricane knock him off the top rope. Hurricane hits the shining wizard to take Nowinski out for the pin.

Winner: The Hurricane

Flash to the back with Triple H telling The Coach and everybody else that he didn't back down from Steiner last week. He then says if Steiner was in front of him right now he would slap him and Steiner couldn't do anything about it. Triple H says that he will call out Steiner later in the night.

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4th Match - Batista with Ric Flair vs. Spike Dudley

Spike starts out with a right hand to Batista. Batista goes to the outside and Spike tries a baseball slide that is reversed into a power bomb into the guardrail by Batista. Batista is choking Spike in the middle ring. Batista hits a monster sit down power bomb for the pin.

Winner: Batista with Ric Flair

Flash to the back with Morley and Bischoff talking about the tag match later. Regal and Storm walk in to offer their services to the administration. Regal and Storm want the chance to wrestle JR and Lawler later in the night. Bischoff says use any force necessary to win even if they use the brass knuckles.

Flash to the Ladies Locker Room with the Diva getting ready for their match. Great shot of Stacy bending over.

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5th Match - Santa's little helper match with Victoria, Ivory, Molly Holly vs. Jackie, Stacy Keibler, Trish Stratus

Everything breaks down with all the Divas fighting at once. Molly starts out with Stacy and doesn't fare well as Stacy hits a round kick to the head. A tag to Victoria and she hits Stacy with a clothesline and gets a two count. Victoria whips Stacy into the corner and tries to follow her and misses straight into the pole. Jackie gets tagged in and slips to the outside and takes out Molly and Ivory. Victoria recovers and nails Jackie with a right hand. Jackie gets out of the pin. Jackie gets Victoria in to a sling shot into the corner where she nails Ivory who was on the top rope. Trish gets tagged in and nails Victoria with a back drop. Trish and Jackie get pins on Victoria and Ivory at the same time for the win.

Winners: Jackie, Stacy Keibler, Trish Stratus

Flash to the back with the Coach and Steiner. Steiner says that Triple H is scared of him and he will give him a reason later to be scared. Flash to the locker room with Goldust and Jericho. Jericho says that Goldust isn't a real champ and that he is failure a wrestler, father, and human being. He says that Goldust's chances are going to run out.

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6th Match - Chris Jericho / Christian vs. Booker T / Goldust for the World Tag Team Titles

Goldust and Christian start out the match with a collar elbow tie up. Christian goes down stairs with a couple of punches and whip Goldust into the ropes. Goldust reverses the move and nails Christian with a right hand. Goldust tags in Booker T. Christian drives Booker into his corner and tags in Jerry. Booker nails Christian and Jericho and takes Christian over to Goldust and tags him in. Goldust take out Christian and then sling shots Jericho over the top rope into Christian. Goldust lets down his guard and Christian and Jericho take over and keep him in their corner. Christian nails Goldust with a back drop and then tags in Jerry. Jerry comes of the middle rope with an elbow to the back of Goldust. Goldust reverses a move and gets to the tag with Booker. Booker cleans house with a back drop on Christian and a side slam to Jericho. He then gets them into a double noggin knocker. Booker hits the spinnaroonie and nails Christian with a heel kick. Booker gets the pin but the match is restarted because Christian's foot was on the ropes.

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Back to the tag match with Booker T and Jericho is beating down on him. Booker gets to the corner to tag and in comes Goldust. The referee does not see the tag and makes Goldust go back to the outside. Christian nails Booker with a drop kick. He goes for the pin and Goldust breaks it up. Jericho tags in and moves Booker to the corner and nails him with a couple of knife edges. Booker reverses the move and gives Jericho knife edges of his own. Booker whips Jericho into the corner and gets a back drop on him. Jericho tags in Christian and he hits Booker with a couple right hands. Booker makes a tag and Goldust comes in and throws Christian into the ropes and nails him with a clothesline. Jericho tries to get the walls of Jericho and Goldust reverses the move into a roll up. Only a two count. Goldust gets a double DDT on Jericho and Christian. Goldust gives Christian the shattered dreams and trips Jericho into Christian's crotch. All hell breaks lose and Jericho almost gets Goldust to tap with the walls of Jericho. Goldust gets nailed with the bulldog and Jericho goes for the moonsault and misses when Goldust lifts his legs. Goldust gets the pin on Jericho.

Winners and Still the World Tag Team Champions - Booker T and Goldust

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Flash to the back with RVD and Kane talking about how good they are. RVD talking about Christmas and Kane says he used to torture little animal with razor blades when he was a kid. RVD gives Kane a present that turns out to be hungry hungry hippo's. Kane gives the gift back to Kane. RVD says he should have gotten Kane shoots and ladders.

Flash to Lawler and JR talking about their match. To the back with Flair talking Triple H and saying that Steiner is a lose cannon. Triple H says screw Steiner. Triple H is going to go to the ring and call out Steiner

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Out comes Triple H with Ric Flair to call out Steiner. Triple H reiterates that he is the best and not afraid of Steiner. Triple H says that Steiner only challenged him last week because he wasn't at 100%. Triple H mentions that Steiner couldn't beat him at 100%. If Steiner is man enough then he should come down to the ring. Out comes Steiner. Things are picking up. Nose to nose, Triple H backs up. Triple H says that there are signed contracts that they have at Royal Rumble. He would rather wait and wrestle and make money. Steiner takes the mic away from Triple H and says that people in Oklahoma didn't come to see him they came to see Steiner kick Triple H's ass. Steiner says let's do this now. Triple H says prove it with an arm wrestling match. Steiner is getting ready to leave and triple asks if he was afraid. Triple H says that Steiner would be embarrassed and Steiner says the same thing.

Arm Wrestling Match Winner is Scott Steiner.

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7th Match - Jerry "the King Lawler" / Jim Ross vs. William Regal / Lance Storm

Commentating this match is Chief Morley and Eric Bischoff

Big Pop for Jerry "the King" Lawler and Jim Ross with the Oklahoma Marching Band doing the open for him.

Lawler starts out with Regal in a collar and elbow tie up. Regal works over the arm and then Lawler reverses it. Regal tags in Storm. Storm gets a headlock on Lawler. Throws him into the ropes and Lawler reverses it into a backdrop. Storm gets into a collar elbow tie up and starts working over Lawler. Continuous tag ins to each other and keeping Lawler in their corner. Storm gains control and gets Lawler into a reverse headlock after a two count. Lawler fights back with a clothesline to both Storm and Regal. Lawler goes to the top rope and hits regal with an elbow off the tope rope. Lawler catches Regal before he hits him with the brass knuckles. JR tags in and tries to hit Regal with the brass knuckles. Storm hits JR from behind and out comes the Dudleys to give a 3 D to Storm. JR recovers in time to nail Regal with the brass knuckles and gets Regal for the pin.

Winners: JR and Jerry "the King" Lawler

End of the show