Full WWE RAW Results - 1/6/03 (NEW World Tag Team Champions)

Reported by Michael Barrett of WrestleView.com
On Monday, January 6, 2003 at 11:17 PM EST

WWE RAW "LIVE" from the America West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry "the King" Lawler
Reported by: Michael Barrett of WrestleView.com

Flashback to two weeks ago when Triple H calls out Scott Steiner. They arm wrestle with Steiner winning.

Here come the Dudley Boyz for the first match for Monday Night Raw 2003. Out comes Eric Bischoff with Chief Morley. Bischoff says there will be changes in Attitude starting tonight.
We flashback to JR knocking out Regal and the Dudley's interfering in the match. Eric says that their stunt is a slap in the face to what he stands for. Eric says that 2003 will be the year of Bischoff. Bischoff is sending in 3-minute Warning to teach the Dudley's a lesson.

1st Match - The Dudley Boyz vs. 3-minute warning with Rico / Batista with Ric Flair in a no DQ and Handicap Match

3-Minute Warning starts out with a double team on both Dudley's and the Dudley's handle them well. Then Rico gets nailed by the Dudley's with the 3-D. Batista comes in and cleans house. Batista beats the hell out of Devon. In comes Bischoff and says to the referee count him out or lose his job. It turns into a 6 on 2 match with Flair and Morley joining in on the destruction of the Dudley Boyz. A power bomb on Devon and the match is over with a final pin count. What can you say about this match? A total setup on the Dudley's.

Winners: 3-Minute Warning with Rico / Batista with Ric Flair

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Back to the show with Regal and Storm chewing out JR and The King about losing to them 2 weeks ago. Now Regal and Storm go to the ring to beat on the Dudley's. Regal nails Devon with the brass knuckles and Storm puts Bubba in the sharpshooter. Bubba is busted wide open and Devon is hurting bad. Flash to the back with Triple H primping in the mirror and talking with Flair about Steiner this and Steiner that. Triple H complains about not getting any respect. In comes Steiner talking about a pose down later in the night with Triple H. Steiner says he will rip off Triple H's head if Flair gets involved with the match.

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2nd Match - Trish Stratus / Jackie vs. Victoria with Steven Richards / Molly Holly

Victoria and Jackie star tout with Jackie throwing Victoria into the ropes and getting a backdrop. Victoria bounces back with a slingshot into the ropes and Molly whacking Jackie in the back of the head and Victoria does the same. Victoria goes for the moonsault on Jackie and misses. Trish gets tagged in and gets right hand on Molly and a round house kick on Victoria, only a two count. Trish is laying it on to Victoria with a couple knees to the midsection. Trish gets a roll up on Victoria and Steven Richards comes in and throws Trish's head into the mat. Victoria gets the pin with a handful of tights.

Winner: Victoria with Steve Richards / Molly Holly

To the back with Terri interviewing Booker T and Goldust. Booker goes off on Chief Morley and Bischoff. Bischoff gets pissed and says that they will not get away with this and that they will defend their titles tonight against Regal and Storm.

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Here comes Chris Jericho out to the ring to spew out all of his words of wisdom. Ever since Wrestle Mania last year he has had the same dream that he will get his title back at Wrestle Mania. It's not about the title it is being declared the best in the world. Chris Jericho is the highlight of the night. Jericho will be in the Royal Rumble according to the boss, Eric Bischoff. HBK's music hits out comes the man, Shawn Michaels. HBK realizes that Jericho needs some informing. That they are a lot alike. HBK says that Jericho needs the whole world to acknowledge him as the best. Jericho needs to volunteer as the #1 person into the Rumble, go to Wrestle Mania and win the title and then and only then will he be consider the best. Jericho doesn't want his patronage. Jericho says that HBK hasn't beaten the two guys that he did for the title. HBK says if Jericho doesn't volunteer to be the #1 guy in the Rumble then he will be. Jericho says why wait till the Rumble, let's do it tonight.

RNN Breaking News - out comes Randy Orton. The real news is that his shoulder has 93% mobility. Orton says that there is a new sexy boy here in town. HBK gives Orton a big right hand. Jericho tries to give HBK the walls of Jericho. RVD comes out to save HBK, out comes Christian to beat down on RVD. Out comes Kane and everybody clears out.

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3rd Match - Booker T /Goldust the World Tag Team Champions vs. William Regal and Lance Storm

Storm and Booker T start out the match. Booker goes right ti to the right hand. A whip by Storm to the rings with Booker getting an elbow. Booker tags in Goldust and he comes off the top with an elbow to the shoulder. Storm tags in Regal and Goldust gets his right arm rung out. Whip to the rope and Goldust nails Regal with a clothesline. Booker tags in with a couple of knife edges to Regal. Regal gets backed into the corner and Storm interferes to give Regal the upper hand. Storm tags in and gets the upper hand on Booker T. Storm gets a two count and Booker recovers only to get a European upper cut from Regal. Regal gets Booker down. Booker tries to get back to no avail with a couple of right hands and then gets a knee to the gut by Regal. Storm tags in and keeps Booker T down until he gets up and nails Storm with a Round house kick. Goldust kicks in and gets an atomic drop on Regal and now all four guys in the ring and nail storm with a double team kick. Goldust goes for the pin and Regal nails the Referee with a kick.

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Back with Storm and Booker T in the corner. Booker nails Storm and gets a two count. Chief Morley comes out to be the referee. Not for long as Storm nails Morley accidentally with a kick to the chin. No one to count the pin. Out comes another referee and only a two count. A double team on Goldust by Storm and Regal. Regal nails Goldust in the kidneys with a forearm shot. Storm tags and Goldust gets over to tag in Booker T. Booker is taking on both guys as he gives shot after shot to Storm. A spinarooni and Storm gets nailed with a scissors kick. Morley stops the referee from making a pin as Regal nails both guys with the brass knuckles. Regal pulls Storm over to pin Booker T.

Winners and New World Tag Team Champions William Regal and Lance Storm

Back to Raw with Regal and Storm and kissing Bischoff's butt. Flash to Sable and Marc Mero from 1997. Great swimsuit.

4th Match - Test with Stacy Keibler vs. Chris Nowinski with D Lo Brown

Test starts out with beating down on D Lo. Nowinski throws Test right into the steel corner posts twice. He works on that injured shoulder. Test gets out of the move and goes to outside. Nowinski pulls test back into the ring and gets his butt totally wasted by Test. D Lo gets a clothesline . Test nails Nowinski with his finisher.

Winner: Test with Stacy Keibler

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To the back with Jericho with Christian telling him that he has entered the Royal Rumble. Orton says lets concentrate on RVD and Kane. Showing Triple H and Steiner flexing in the back getting ready for the pose down challenge.

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Pose Down Challenge - Triple H with Ric Flair vs. Scott Steiner

The judging will be done by six people in the crowd. Six guys from the crowd. Setup?

The winner by the six judges is Triple H.
A setup all along as the six guys attack Steiner when he was doing push ups against Triple H. He cleans house after that.
5th Match - Chris Jericho / Christian with Randy Orton vs. RVD / Kane with HBK

Kane and RVD double team Jericho and Christian. RVD and Jericho finally in the ring and RVD gives him a couple European Upper cuts. Christian and Orton throw RVD off the top rope into the steel barriers outside the ring. Orton throws RVD back in the ring and Christian works on him. Smearing his face into the mat. Jericho tags in and goes for a quick pin. Only a two count. RVD gets back to his feet but Jericho stops the momentum with throwing RVD down by his hair. RVD and Christian are keeping each other from tagging. Orton gets involved and beats down RVD. Bad news for Orton has he gets a super kick from HBK. HBK gets thrown into the steel steps by Jericho. Kane gets tagged in and is double teamed by Christian and Jericho. A double clothesline and Kane is getting ready for a choke slam. Low blow from behind from Christian on Kane. Jericho and HBK fight on the outside. Kane gets a choke slam and RVD gets the five star splash on Christian for the win.

Winners: Kane and RVD with HBK

To the back with Bischoff bragging about the way 2003 has started. A phone call and Bischoff's attitude changes from happy to somber as he finds out that Vince will be in the house next Monday night.