Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 1/12/03

Reported by Dave Missert of WrestleView.com
Ľ On Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 8:03 PM EST

Full WWE Sunday Night Heat Results - 1/12/03
Commentators: The Coach & Lita
Report by: Dave Missert of WrestleView.com

Welcome everyone to my first official review of Sunday Night Heat, everyoneís favorite WWE ďBĒ show. After a lackluster Raw last week, letís see what Heat has to offer us. Coach and Lita are on the call as usual.


Steven Richards (w/Victoria) vs. Spike Dudley
Steven Richards starts out on the offensive, abusing Spike from the start, until Spike attempts three times to rollup Richards, culminating with Richards getting tossed to the outside. Richards challenges Spike to a test of strength, which results in Spike dropping to his knees and putting his head into Stevieís raisin sack. Action moves to the outside, where Spike runs into a crouching Victoria, as she tosses him back into the ring. Neckbreaker by Spike, followed up with a flying double legdrop. Spike goes for the Acid Drop, but Stevie breaks out and goes on the offensive, hitting his ďStevie-TĒ for the victory.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Aaron Aguilera
The rookie starts off by shoving Tommy. Tommy starts off with a wrist lock, and throws Aguilera to the ground. Sidewalk slam by the rook, followed by the dreaded pulling back of the arms and a bearhug. Tommy Dreamer breaks the hold by biting Aguilera in the face. Aguilera off the second rope, and walks into a clothesline by Dreamer. Reverse whip into the ropes, and the rookie walks into a Death Valley Drive by Dreamer for a Tommy Dreamer win.

Tough Enough 3 Replay
Matt got a solid beat down by Hardcore Holly.

Raw Retro
March 26, 2001, the simulcast of Nitro and Raw, the first time a McMahon ever appeared on Turner Television. Truly a monumental moment.

DíLo Brown vs. Maven
DíLo starts off on the early offensive, and immediately starts in on the young superstar. Bearhug by DíLo, which is broken by a flip from Maven. DíLo locks in a Boston Crab type maneuver, which is broken when Maven grabs the bottom rope. Spinning heel kick from Brown followed by a two count. Neckbreaker from Maven, followed by a series of punches a dropkick and a flying forearm. Whip into the ropes by Maven, reversed by DíLo, and the youngster walks into a Lo-Down for a DíLo victory. Following the match DíLo calls for the mic and gets in the refís face about his slow counts. DíLo accuses the ref of slow counts on account of racism.

Raw Replay
The Triple H posedown challenge is replayed.

Jeff Hardy vs. The Hurricane
Jeff and Helms start out by shaking hands before the match. Fast paced stuff early on, as both guys exchange flips and other mat maneuvers. Spinning heel kick by Hardy, followed by leg scissors. Hurricane breaks the hold and the two get in each others face, exchanging punches, followed by a double clotheline. Neckbreaker by the Hurricane. Hurricane attempts the Eye of the Hurricane, but Jeff reverses that with a Twist of Fate type maneuver. Hurricane tries for his chokeslam, but as usual it fails. Jeff goes up for the Swanton, but Helms moves out of the way. Shining Wizard by Helms for the three count. Hurricane trying to help up Jeff after the match, but Raven tries to take them both down. Jeff counters with a legdrop to the sack oíplenty, followed by a double clothesline by Jeff and Hurricane as the show comes to an end.


Steven Richards (w/Victoria) vs. Spike Dudley

Not a great match, but a decent start to Heat, as both of these guys are fairly established. Too bad Steven Richards is about as over as a lead balloon. And whatís the point of Spike being around if heís going to get beat in every single match. I mean, I know full well heíll never go back to his giant killer gimmick from ECW, but at least make his matches believable. I donít know why they donít ship him over to the cruiser division. He isnít a high flyer, but is Jamie Noble? I really donít understand the relationship with Richards and Victoria. I guess we need a ďcrazyĒ couple

Tommy Dreamer vs. Aaron Aguilera

Aguilera got some good offense in early, as Tommy really sold his moves. But enough was enough as Dreamer got the better of him. I love these B shows, because they showcase some new, developmental talent. Nothing really special in that match to speak of, but they did announce that Tommy Dreamer would be competing in the Royal Rumble. Now we all know he has no chance of winning, but wouldnít it be great if someone that we didnít expect walked out of the Rumble? Someone like Goldust or Tommy Dreamer? Maybe Iím alone on that one.

Tough Enough Replay

Bob Holly sucks. Not because he beat the snot out of Matt, I donít care about that, but he sucks because he has never been over ever since heís entered the WWE. Heís a character that the fans are so indifferent to it isnít even funny. I honestly think the whole thing was a work to give Holly someone to feud with once he comes back. Lucky us if thatís the case. I really canít stand this show either. It seems that all the guys on this show do is whine and cry about nothing.

DíLo Brown vs. Maven

What? DíLo isnít wearing thug gear OR a polo shirt and slacks. DíLo is just a character that is going nowhere. I donít care about one thing that he has to say. Maven is boring too. Maybe someday he can be interesting, but until he gets rid of the generic Tough Enough music, heíll be nothing to me. Both guys got some decent offense in on that one, not that we expect great things out of either of them. DíLoís finisher is one of the lamest powerbombs Iíve ever seen. Following the match, DíLo accused the ref of counting slow because DíLo was black and the ref was white. Iím sick of the racism angle already, especially when it didnít make sense in this case. I mean, isnít Maven also black? The only reason you counted to three was not because you wanted to but because you had to. What the hell does that even mean? Of course he had to count to three, DíLo, itís his job. Ugh.

Raw Replay

The Triple H posedown challenge is the ďhighlightĒ from Raw this week. This was an incredible waste of time. The only funny thing was when Hunter called Steiner ďfreakzillaĒ in a sarcastic tone and used finger quotes. Other than that, this did nothing to make me want to pay money to see this match. The funny thing is, is that Hunter probably would beat Steiner in a real life posedown, because heís more defined than Steiner. Steinerís body is disgusting. I donít credit genetics to the ďGenetic FreakĒ looking the way he does, because he didnít look like that in the early 90ís. Both of these guys aggravate me. Steiner is stupid and incoherent on the mic, and well, Hunter is a worthless pile of manure.

Jeff Hardy vs. the Hurricane

What the hell was Jeff Hardy talking about before the commercial break? He was talking about sliding down a rainbow and a volcano. Maybe he shouldíve talked about how inconsequential heís become in the past two months. The match opens with a handshake between the two men. Lita just mentioned how these two donít have any real history with each other, except they basically grew up together. I canít believe how far Jeff has fallen, as he is now main eventing Heat. And howís that switch to Raw working for the Hurricane? He had a good thing going with Kane, but now heís just been buried. WOW, Raven is fat! What the hell happened to him? Thatís one guy whoís sure gone downhill.

Thatís all for Heat tonight. It was actually a pretty decent show for once. Some bigger names were on, as well as a new wrestler! It looks like weíve got at least three more entrants in the Rumble announced, as it seems that Hurricane, Jeff Hardy and Tommy Dreamer will all be competing. I hope you enjoyed my recap and review. Any thoughts, feel free to e-mail me.