Full WWE RAW Results - 1/13/03 (Vince makes an announcement)

Reported by Michael Barrett of WrestleView.com
On Monday, January 13, 2003 at 11:08 PM EST

WWE RAW "LIVE" from Mohegan Sun
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry "the King" Lawler
Reported by: Michael Barrett of Wrestleview.com

Start of the show with Chief Morley and Eric Bischoff waiting for Vince. The Ref's are talking strike. Chief Morley takes them to his office. Scott Steiner comes in and wants Triple H tonight. Triple H and Steiner in a bench press contest. Steiner isn't promising to keep his hands off Triple H.

Match #1 - Trish Stratus vs. Jacqueline vs. Victoria in a triple threat hard-core match for the WWE Women's Championship

They girls start out by throwing out all the hard-core stuff. Jackie is working over Victoria after giving Trish a super kick. Jackie knocks Victoria out of the ring. Trish and Jackie go after each other. Trish takes Jackie out and in comes Victoria. Steven Richards throws in the kindo stick and Trish grabs it and nails Victoria with it. Victoria nails Trish with a trash can lid. Now a double team on Victoria. Trish gets nailed by Steven Richards with a trash can lid and Victoria gets the pin. All hell breaks lose at the end of the match as Trish beats down on Victoria and Jackie gets Steven Richards. Steven Richards breaks lose and nails Trish with a front DDT. Hurricane comes out to the rescue of Trish before anymore damage could be done.

Winner and still the WWE Women's Champ - Victoria

To the back with Bischoff talking with the Dudleyz. Dudleyz beat down on Chief Morley to get to Bischoff for feeding Spike to Batista. Bischoff says the Dudleyz are fired. They respond with Stephanie could use a good tag team on Smack down. Bischoff changes his mind and says that the Dudleyz are suspended without pay.

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Match #2 - Test with Stacie Keibler / Maven vs. D Lo Brown / Chris Nowinski

Test and Nowinski start out and Test nails him with an elbow and goes after D Lo. D Lo and Nowinski double team Test until the referee jumps in and stops the double team. Test regains the momentum and tags in Maven. Maven whips Nowinski gets the reversal and nails Maven with a Back breaker. D Lo tags in and gets Maven in a front face breaker. Nowinski tags in and gets Maven tied up in the ropes. Nowinski goes for a pin and Test breaks It up. Double team on Maven again as D Lo gets a clothesline. Full out assault on Maven as it has been about 3 or 4 minutes without a tag. D Lo breaks Maven down to his base with an arm bar. Maven works his way to his feet and gets a tag. Test comes in and gets a side slam on Nowinski and a tilt o whirl on D Lo. Nowinski gets a test drive by Test and Test gets nailed out of the ring by D Lo. D Lo gets Maven in a sit down power bomb. The referee wouldn't count the pin because Maven wasn't the legal man in the ring. Test nails D Lo with the boot for the win.

Winner: Test with Stacie / Maven

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To the back with a limo pulling up. During the break in the limo it was Mean Gene. Jericho comes in and says we have a problem. Jericho says that he needs to go in at number 1. Jericho says he wants to know right now. Bischoff says no. Not right now.

To the back with Regal and Storm talking about the King's new book. Saying how it was rubbish. Talking about the proper planning with him patting his shorts. A shot to Lawler say that Regal was right. The proper planning is the key to the win tonight.

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Match #3 - Jerry "the King" Lawler and William Regal

Regal and Lawler start out with Regal grabbing a microphone and looking at Lawler's book. Regal is mocking the book talking about Lawler's relationship with women. The crowd chats USA, USA. Regal isn't allowed to start the match because referee's come out to check is trunks for the brass knuckles. Now they check Storm for any illegal objects. They nail both guys with brass knuckles. The referee's are ejecting Storm from the ring. Lawler nails Regal with a right hand wrapped in a chain. The referee DQ's Lawler for the illegal chain.

Winner by DQ - William Regal

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Match #4 - Jeff Hardy vs. Raven

The match starts out quick with a almost pin fall by Jeff on Raven. Jeff goes to the top rope and Raven stops him and gets him wrapped around the corner post and nails his knee. Raven gets Jeff in the corner and nails him with a couple right hands. Jeff goes to the top rope and tries a moonsault and misses. Raven starts to work over the left knee as it looked like Jeff hyper extended that knee. Jeff kicks Raven to the corner, Jeff gets a heel kick on Raven then nails him in the chin. Jeff gets the double legged drop to the crotch of Raven. Jeff tries to go to the top rope and misses because that leg gave on him. Raven goes for the DDT and misses and Jeff nails the swan ton bomb for the pin and is in the Royal Rumble match.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

To the back with Vince showing up and here to make an announcement. Vince seems to be in a good mood.

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Back to the show with Vince coming out to a loud "POP"! He is out tonight for one reason. Out comes the Dudleyz. They apologize for interrupting but they got suspended. His choosing Bischoff, they say he is crap. Vince says hang on. I don't appreciate you coming out interrupting me. Vince is reinstated and they will face Regal and Storm for the Tag Team titles. The Dudleyz leave. Now back to business. Another interruption with Jericho coming out. Jericho says it is so great to see you again. Jericho says he was denied the number #1 spot in the Royal Rumble. Jericho wants to know tonight if he can be number #1 so he can start his legacy. Vince says to shut his mouth. The winner of the over the top match tonight will pick whatever number he wants except #1 because HBK has that number. Vince says that he can leave. Back to business, not yet. Here comes Eric Bischoff. Eric says he doesn't understand, shut up says Vince. Now it is time for a public job evaluation. How many people think Eric has done a good job? The crowd boo's. Vince says he has done a good job but he wanted him to do a great job. Vince is giving him 30 days to turn around RAW. If he doesn't turn it around then he will be fired. No announcement.

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Back to the show, with Bischoff groveling. Bischoff says there is no one on the planet that can replace him. Out of the limo pops Shane McMahon.

Match #5 - Booker T with Goldust vs. Lance Storm with William Regal

Regal gets searched by the referee. Storm and Booker start out with a collar elbow tie up to a head lock by Booker. A whip to the rope by Storm with Booker knocking Storm down. Collar elbow with storm getting a couple of elbows to Booker. Booker body slams Storm and then gets a knee to Storm's chest. Storm recovers and sends Booker to the corner. A whip to the corner with Storm following Booker and getting rolled up. Storm rolls out. Right hands to the chin of Booker by Storm. Storm goes to whip Booker but he reverses into a flap jack. Booker gets an arm bar on Storm. Storm gets Booker into the corner and nails him with a couple knees. Now Storm works over Booker with knees to the side and a side slam. Storm has a knee to Booker's back and keeps him on the mat. Booker works back to his feet and nails Storm with a couple elbows to the mid section. A an Irish whip with a back body drop. Five knife edge shots to the chest. The Dudleyz come out to keep the brass knuckles from being used.

Winner by DQ - William Regal with Lance Storm

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Back with a promo of the Royal Rumble and the hosts of the World, Brock Lesnar and Team Angle.

Match #6 - Hurricane with Trish vs. Steven Richards with Victoria

Richards cheap shots Hurricane with a right hand to the head. Richards is getting a couple of knees in and goes for the DDT. Hurricane reverses it into a suplex. Irish whip to the corner and the Hurricane moves out of the way. On the outside Trish is beating down Victoria and vice versa. The Hurricane gets a quick pin with the Eye of the Hurricane.

Winner with Trish the Hurricane

Commercial Break

Back to the show with a promo for Royal Rumble in Boston. All the matches are announced.

Now it is time for the Bench Press competition with Scott Steiner vs. Triple H

Steiner grabs the mic and says that he has beaten Triple H for the past few weeks. Steiner says he will do it his way tonight. Load the bench with 585.

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Back with Triple H coming out in a suit. Triple H is going to the ring. The mind games continue. Triple H says he doesn't care about bench pressing, pose downs, and arm wrestling. He says that he is the best at wrestling and the belt proves that fact. Triple H says that everyone from Hogan to the ROCK has tried to knock him off the top. Triple H says he will make an example of Steiner. Steiner says why wait till Sunday. Let's do it now. Here we go.

Triple H hits Steiner with a right hand and whipped him to the rope. Steiner reverses the move with a belly to belly. Triple H is getting stripped down to his underwear. Triple H is laying on the ground in his underwear and socks and Steiner says he is just getting started.

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Last Match - Over the top rope challenge with RVD vs. Kane vs. Batista vs. Jericho

Kane starts out beating down Jericho and RVD on Batista. RVD and Kane double team Batista to try and get him over the top rope. Jericho nails RVD with a right hand. Batista is muscling up on Kane and trying to get him over the top. Jericho tries to throw RVD over the top. Double team on Kane now with Jericho and Batista. Now RVD gets Jericho into the corner and whips him across the ring. He gets nailed with a boot to his head by Jericho. Batista is beating down on Kane with right hands and now Kane comes back with right hands of his own. Kane and RVD nail Batista. Kane choke slams Jericho as RVD takes down Batista. They are doubling up on Batista as Jericho comes in and nails RVD in the head. Jericho goes to throw RVD over and it doesn't happen. Batista nails Kane and RVD with a clothesline. Kane goes to choke slam Batista and gets a low blow and then Batista clothesline Kane over the top. Batista nails Jericho with a sot down power slam. RVD nails Batista out of the ring. Batista nails RVD from the outside and Jericho eliminates RVD. Jericho says he picks #2 at Royal Rumble. HBK comes out and throws Jericho over the top.

Winner and #2 in the Royal Rumble - Chris Jericho

End of the Show