Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 1/15/03 (Nikita Koloff debuts in TNA, more)

Reported by Adam Martin of WrestleView.com
On Thursday, January 16, 2003 at 12:22 PM EST

Full NWA TNA PPV Results - 1/15/03
LIVE From: Nashville, TN
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Results courtesy of: NWATNA.com

NWA World Tag Team Title Match
America's Most Wanted d. Divine Storm w/ Trinity

AMW wins after hittin the Death Sentence on Storm.

AJ Styles d. Ron Killings
Mortimer Plumtree came down and distracted the referee after Killings hit a second rope gourdbuster, and David Flair ran in from the crowd and hit Killings with a sack filled with something to set up the pin by Styles.

Soon after the match, AJ Styles complained about wanting an NWA World Heavyweight Title shot. Larry Zbyszko then came out and confronted AJ Styles, saying he needed to pay his dues before he ever got a shot at the title. Styles tried to interupt Zbyszko many times but Zbyszko told him to shut up because the "true" Living Legend was speaking. A brawl started between the two which got broken up, setting up a match between Styles/Zbyszko for next week.

Desire d. April Hunter
Sonny Siaki accompanied Desire to the ring, while Athena watched April's back at ringside. Siaki tripped April Hunter on the ropes, and after one botched attempt, Desire hit a top rope hurrarana for the pin.

Jerry Lynn d. Mike Sanders
Lynn landed nasty on his elbow on a suplex spot by Sanders. Lynn had Sanders beat with a flying bodypress, Harris dragged the referee from the ring. Lynn hit a DDT for another cover, but still no referee. Sanders hit a neckbreaker as a second referee came out, but Lynn kicked out at two. Lynn got a sunset flip styles powerbomb from the top on Sanders, but Harris pulled that referee from the ring as well. Dusty Rhodes came out and laid our Harris, and tossed the referee back in. Lynn hit the TKO for the pin

David Young d. Jason Cross
Young pinned Cross after hitting a spinebuster

Sonny Siaki w/ Desire d. Kid Kash w/ Trinity
Siaki hit the the Siakolypse after Desire tripped up Kash.

Vince Russo, Low Ki, Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper d. Dusty Rhodes, Jeff Jarrett & The Road Warriors
Russo took cheap shots at Jarrett from the floor, choking him with a towel, but didn't tag in. Jarrett was kept in for an extended period, unable to tag out. Dusty finally tagged in, and cleaned house with bionic elbows. A brawl broke out, and the masked Mr. Wrestling IV ran in, hit Dusty with a chain, and Elix Skipper got the pin.

Mr. Wrestling IV then unmasked, revealing Nikita Koloff, as the show came to an end.