Full WWE Royal Rumble Results - 1/19/03 (Who wins the Royal Rumble?)

Reported by Paul Nemer of WrestleView.com
On Monday, January 20, 2003 at 12:00 AM EST

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- This match took place on WWE Sunday Night Heat prior to the Royal Rumble.

  • Spike Dudley vs. Steven Richards w/ Victoria

    Winner: Spike Dudley (via climbing up back of Victoria & hitting Dudley Dog on Richards for win

    Full WWE Royal Rumble Results - 1/19/03
    LIVE From: Boston, MASS.
    Commentators: Jim Ross/Jerry "The King" Lawler & Michael Cole/Tazz

  • Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show

    Winner: Brock Lesnar (via F-5 on Big Show for clean win)

    - Chris Jericho was interviewed backstage and gave his thoughts on why he would win the Royal Rumble tonight and once again regain the World Heavyweight Championship he once had at WrestleMania 19.

  • William Regal & Lance Storm (c's) vs. Dudley Boyz

    Winners & NEW World Tag Team Champions: Dudley Boyz (via William Regal attempting to use brass knucks but Dudleyz hit 3D on Regal & D-Von steals the brass knucks & hits Lance Storm with them to get the 1, 2, 3)

    - A new promo for Nathan Jones is shown.

  • Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie

    Winner: Torrie Wilson (via spinning neckbreaker)

    - Stephanie McMahon confronts Eric Bischoff backstage and says that she wants to say "goodbye." Bischoff asks where she is going. Stephanie says no where, she wanted to say goodbye to Bischoff since he will be fired in 30 days. Stephanie then brings up Bischoff's big "bombshell" for tomorrow night. Bischoff said it is more like an atomic bomb. Stephanie says she has a big announcement herself this Thursday night on SmackDown.

  • Triple H (c) vs. Scott Steiner

    Winner by DQ: Scott Steiner
    Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H
    (via Triple H using the sledgehammer on Scott Steiner to cause a DQ finish)

    - After the match, Triple H attempted another shot with the sledgehammer but Steiner took it away and hit both Triple H and Ric Flair with it. Steiner locked on the Steiner Recliner on Triple H and it took many referees along with Eric Bischoff to break it up. Steiner posed to the crowd following this and the fans booed loudly.

    - On a side note, the match was very slow paced and not good at all. Steiner pretty much blew up in 5-7 minutes as predicted and ended up botching a double-arm suplex. The fans really started booing at that point and even more towards the end when Steiner was posing for the crowd.

  • Kurt Angle (c) vs. Chris Benoit

    Winner & STILL WWE Champion: Kurt Angle (via Chris Benoit tapping out to the Ankle Lock)

    - After the match, Kurt Angle celebrated with Team Angle and left. They came back to the ring and Chris Benoit was given a standing ovation from the crowd.

    - On a side note, this was a great match between the two. Many, many reversals and just overall a great match.

  • 15 RAW superstars & 15 SmackDown superstars

    1. HBK
    2. Chris Jericho
    3. Christopher Nowinski

    - Chris Jericho eliminates Shawn Michaels

    4. Rey Mysterio
    5. Edge
    6. Christian
    7. Chavo Guerrero

    - Rey Mysterio eliminates Christopher Nowinski
    - Chris Jericho eliminates Rey Mysterio

    8. Tajiri
    9. Bill DeMott
    10. Tommy Dreamer

    - Edge eliminated Bill DeMott
    - Chris Jericho/Christian eliminated Tommy Dreamer
    - Chris Jericho eliminated Tajiri

    11. B-2

    - Edge eliminated B-2
    - Edge eliminated Chavo Guerrero
    - Chris Jericho eliminated Edge & Christian

    12. Rob Van Dam
    13. Matt Hardy
    14. Eddie Guerrero
    15. Jeff Hardy
    16. Rosey
    17. Test
    18. John Cena
    19. Charlie Haas

    - Rob Van Dam eliminated Jeff Hardy

    20. Rikishi (quick note: Has competed in more WWE Royal Rumble's than any other WWE superstar in history)
    21. Jamal
    22. Kane

    - Kane eliminated Rosey

    * Side note, Chris Jericho fell off the ring apron to the ground but the referee helped him back up to make it seem like he never fell out. The camera angle showed it in clear view but the announcers ignored it

    23. Shelton Benjamin
    24. Booker T

    - Booker T eliminated Eddie Guerrero

    25. A-Train

    - Shawn Michaels comes out and attacks Chris Jericho and various other WWE superstars
    - Test eliminated Chris Jericho (HBK attacks Jericho on the outside)

    26. Maven
    27. Goldust

    - Kane eliminated Goldust
    - Team Angle (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) eliminated Booker T

    28. Batista

    - Batista eliminated Test
    - Batista eliminated Rikishi

    29. Brock Lesnar

    - Brock Lesnar eliminated Team Angle (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

    30. The Undertaker - final participant

    - The Undertaker eliminated John Cena
    - The Undertaker eliminated Jamal
    - The Undertaker eliminated Maven
    - Kane & Rob Van Dam eliminated A-Train
    - Kane eliminated Rob Van Dam
    - The Undertaker eliminated Batista
    - The Undertaker eliminated Kane
    - Brock Lesnar eliminated The Undertaker to become the 2003 Royal Rumble Winner